Obscure Artist Discographies

Artists are listed in strict alphabetical order, so for example Chuck Miller will be found under the letter C- not the lettter M. Just click on the letter in the table to be taken to the page which may have your chosen artist listed. The definite article is always ignored, so 'The Four' will be found under the letter F- not the letter T.

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The discographies supplied here are limited to artists who never charted in the UK on 45 rpm before 1970 and whose work is rarely listed elsewhere; the artists may be well known outside the UK, particularly in the USA. It includes only 45 rpm singles published before December 31st 1969. If you need information that you can't find here then you can drop an e-mail and I'll do my best to help.

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I do not claim that the listings are complete, but the great majority of 45 rpm singles recorded by each represented artist are listed. If you are aware of any records that meet the criteria outlined above and are missing, then please inform me so that I can correct the listing. Also let me know of any artist that you feel strongly should be included. Provided that I have the information I shall add it at the next update.

You may also have information that will allow me to add or improve the brief biographical information that I endeavour to include for each artist. Please let me know about it!

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