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 Abrahamm & Strauss: There's a department store of the same name in New York. Probably not connected at all, but I thought you'd like to know that.
United Artists UP35028  1969 Lay A Little Love On Me/ Oh What A Wonderful Day (Hey Pierre)

 Adamo:  Salvatore Adamo was a Sicilian who made his home in Brussels. He became a huge star in the French speaking world.
Columbia DB7273 1964 Another Love Affair/ Make Tonite Last Forever
Columbia DB7329 1964 She Was An Angel/ The Stars Will Shine
HMV POP1499 1966 Nobody Ever Told Sandy/ Tears Come
HMV POP1601 1967 Inch Allah/ The Tramp With A Beard
HMV POP1609  1967 Let's Stop The World From Turning/ Hitch Hiker

 Ad-Libs:  American east coast group variously described as 'Doo Wop' or 'Girl Group'. Lead Singer was Mary Ann Thomas with backing from four men.
Red Bird RB10102  1965  The Boy From New York City/ Kicked Around
Deep Soul DS9102  1969  Giving Up/ Appreciation

 AdLibs: UK group
Fontana H584  1965  Neighbour Neighbour/ Lovely Ladies

 Adam Mike & Tim: Although this British trio, from Liverpool, had singles released in the USA as part of the 'British Invasion' they didn't chart on either side of the Atlantic. They were actually Adam & Mike Sedgewick with Tim Saunders. Mike Sedgewick also had a solo recording career.
Decca F12040  1964  Little Baby/ You're The Reason Why
Decca F12112  1965  That's How I Feel/ It's All Too True
Decca F12221  1965  Little Pictures/ Summer's Here Again
Columbia DB7836  1966  Flowers On The Wall/ Give That Girl A Break
Columbia DB7902  1966  A Most Peculiar Man/ Wedding Day

 Al Brown's Tunetoppers:  US band with a new dance. The caller was Cookie Brown.
Top Rank JAR374  1960   The Madison/ Mo' Madison

 Al Casey And The K.C.Ettes:  Born in Long Beach, California during 1936, Al became an accomplished guitarist at an early age. He had a long association with Lee Hazlewood and Sanford Clark and played the guitar on the latter's 'The Fool'. He became a top session man on the West Coast, but never had much success in his own name. Although he is- officially- attributed with only one UK release, it is Al Casey- not his friend Duane Eddy on the only Parlophone single credited to Duane, 'Caravan'.
Parlophone R4826  1961 Caravan Pt. 1/ Pt. 2 (Wrongly credited to Duane Eddy)
Pye 7N25215 1963 Surfin' Hootenanny/ Easy Picking

 Al 'TNT' Braggs:  US
Vocalion V9278  1966  Earthquake/ How Long (Do You Hold On)
Action ACT4506  1968  Earthquake/ How Long (Do You Hold On)
Action AVT4526  1969  I'm A Good Man/ I Like What You Do To Me

 Al Wilson:  Mississippi born Soul singer who charted in the UK during 1975 with 'The Snake'. He was previously a member of the 'Rollers' whose solitary US hit 'Continental Walk' was ignored in the UK.
Liberty LBF15044 1968 Do What You Gotta Do/ Now I Know What Love Is
Liberty LBF15121 1968 The Snake/ Who Could Be Lovin' You
Liberty LBF15236 1969 Shake Me Wake Me/ I Stand Accused
Liberty LBF15257 1969 Lodi/ By The Time I Get To Phoenix

 Alan Bown Set:  UK (London based) Blues Group led by trumpeter Bown. Unsuccessful on record, but very influential. The group ceased recording in the 1970s and Alan Bown became A&R man for CBS.
Pye 7N15934  1965  Can't Let Her Go/ I'm The One
Pye 7N17084  1966  Baby Don't Push Me/ Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Pye 7N17148  1966  Headline News/ Mister Pleasure
Pye 7N17192  1966  Emergency 999/ Settle Down
Pye 7N17256  1967  Gonna Fix You Good/ I Really Really Care
MGM 1355  1967  Toyland/ Technicolour Dream
Music Factory CUB1  1968  We Can Help You/ Magic Handkerchief
MGM 1387  1968  Story Book/ Little Lesley
Deram DM259  1969  Still As Stone/ Wrong Idea
Deram DM278  1969  Gypsy Girl/ All I Can

 Alan David:  UK artiste from Bognor Regis in Sussex. He appeared in the Pop movie, 'Gonks Go Pop'.
Decca F11956  1964 I Want So Much To Know You/ I Can't Go Wrong
Decca F12084  1965 Hurt/ I Found Out Too Late
Decca F12130  1965 Crazy 'Bout My Baby/ A Thousand Years Ago
Decca F12227 1965 Walking On Air/ Aware Of Love
Polydor BM56201  1967 Flower Power/ Completely Free
Page One POF 23116  1969 Oh What A Naughty Man/ I've Got To Know

 Alan Randall:  UK artist- George Formby 'sound-alike'
Electratone 1968 Meditating Hindoo Man
Page One 098  1968 'ee But It's A Grand And Healthy Life/ Here We Go Again
Domino DO0110  1969  Chocolate Moon/ Ukelele Man
Page One 145 1969  Down The Old Coal Hole
Page One POF23157  1969  The Coventry City Song

 Albert King:  Mississippi born during 1923, King physically dwarfed his guitar, but played it with originality and economy of style. His moderate success in the 1950s was replaced by more, playing with Booker T. and his group and recording for Stax, in the 1960s. It is this period that is known to have inspired other guitarists like Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Gallagher and Moore. The 'Lucy' referred to in his final UK single of the 1960s was a reference to the name he used for his guitar.
Atlantic 584099 1967 Crosscut Saw/ Down Don't Bother Me
Stax 601015 1967 Born Under A Bad Sign/ Personal Manager
Stax 601029  1968 Cold Feet/ You Sure Drive A Hard Bargain
Stax 601042 1968 (I Love) Lucy/ You're Gonna Need Me

 Alex Murray:  UK artist who had previously recorded unsuccessfully with Mickie Most as the 'Most Brothers'. He later went on to produce the Moody Blues.
Decca F11203  1960  Teen Angel/ Paper Doll
Decca F11225  1960  All OnMy Own/ String Along
Decca F11345  1961  When You Walked Out/ Send For Me

 Alfred Lynch:  UK singer. I believe that this is a failed attempt at a musical career by the film actor who featured in 'The Hill' and 'Look Back In Anger' among others.
Decca F11171  1959 I'll Stay Single/ Little Of What You Fancy
Decca F11228  1960 Right Around The Corner From The Blues/ The Love I Share With You

 Allan Jeffers:
Philips BF1670  1968 Turn Back The Time/ Look Away
Philips BF1729  1968 Let The Music Play/ The Hawk Moth And The Flame

 Alley Cats: US west coast R&B group who worked briefly with Phil Spector.
Vogue V9155 1959 Last Night/ Snap Crackle And Pop

 Alvin Cash:  US artist who with his brothers, Robert and George called themselves by the somewhat doubtful name of 'The Crawlers'- the name credited on their first UK release; they then called themselves 'Alvin Cash & The Registers'. But the last two listed here are just credited to Alvin himself.
Stateside SS386  1965  Twine Time/ The Bump
Stateside SS543  1966  Philly Freeze/ No Deposits, No Returns
 President PT115  1966  Philly Freeze/ No Deposits, No Returns
 President PT119  1966  Alvin's Boo-Ga-Loo/ Let's Do Some Good Timing
 President PT129  1967  Doin' The Ali Shuffle/ Feel So Good
 President PT147  1967  Charge/ Diff'rent Stroke For Diff'rent Folks

 Alvin Robinson: New Orleans guitarist/ singer who had the nickname 'Shine' and was a sought after backing musician.
Pye 7N25248 1964 Something You Got/ Searchin'
Red Bird RB10010  1964 Down Home Girl/ Fever
Strike JH307 1966 You Brought My Heart Right Down To My Knees/ Whatever You Had

 Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra:  UK Orchestra. Alyn Ainsworth born 1924 in Bolton Lancs. Musical Director and arranger for BBC and ITV. Backed and collaborated with many Stars (mostly M.O.R) of 1950s, 60s and 70s.
Parlophone R4419  1958 The Green Beret/ When The Guards Are On Parade
Parlophone R4506  1958 Lily Of Laguna Cha Cha/ The Flagwavers
Parlophone R4533   1959 Bedtime For Drums/ Cobbler's Song
Parlophone R4568  1959 Marchambo/ The Buckingham Brownies
Parlophone R4594  1959 18th Century Rock/ Hell
Parlophone R4719  1960 Theme from Gurney Slade/ Puerto Rico
Parlophone R4882  1962 The Niagara Theme/ On The Seine
Parlophone R5217  1964 Bedtime for Drums/ The Cobbler's Song
Parlophone R5231  1964 Now/ Theme From La Ronde
Major Minor MM595  1969 A Man, A Horse And A Gun/ Misty

 Amboy Dukes: US Group from Michigan led by Ted Nugent.  
Fontana TF971  1968  Let's Go Get Stoned/ It's Not True

 Amboy Dukes: UK Group from Nottingham. 
Polydor BM56149  1966  Turn Back To Me/ I Never Complain About You
Polydor BM56172  1967  All I Need/ Doing The Best I Can
Polydor BM56190  1967  High life In Whitley Wood Pt1 and 2
Polydor BM56228  1968  Judy In Disguise/ Who's Foolin' Who
Polydor BM56243  1968  Simon Says/ The Marquis
Polydor BM56281  1968  He Came To Me Yesterday/ Easy Going Me

 Amos Milburn:  Major US Blues artist born April 1st 1927 in Houston, Texas. Extremely successful with his own band in US R&B chart. Less successful in 1960s, but recorded an Album with Motown.
Vogue V9064  1957  Every Day Of The Week/ Girl Of My Dreams
Vogue V9069  1957  Rum And Coca Cola/ Soft Pillow
Vogue V9080  1957  Thinking Of You Baby/ If I Could Be With You
Vogue V9163  1968  One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/ Bad, Bad, Whiskey

 Andre Brasseur:  Belgian keyboard player whose first UK release hit the number one spot in Belgium and remained in the chart for four months.
Pye 7N25332  1965  Early Bird Satellite/ Special 230
CBS 202557  1967  Holiday/ The Kid

 Andy Cole:  
Oriole CB1535  1960  When In Rome/ When You're In Love

 Angela And The Fans:  This was actually Alma Cogan using her middle name as a moniker. This obvious cash-in on TV's 'Man From Uncle' series just missed out.
Pye 7N17108  1966  Love Yo Illya/ I Know You

 Anita O'Day:  Jazz vocalist who sang with Stan Kenton's band.
HMV POP245  1956 You're The Top/ Honeysuckle Rose
HMV POP821  1960 Sweet Georgia Brown/ Tea For Two

 Anita Woods: US vocalist and one time girlfriend of Elvis Presley. Believe it or not her second UK single release was a female cover of the Roy Orbison classic.
London HLS9585 1962 I'll Wait Forever/ I Can't Show You How I Feel
Sue WI328 1964 Dream Baby/ This Has Happened Before

 Ann Henry:  
Top Rank JAR292  1965  Like Young/ Sugar Blues

 Ann Sidney: UK Former Miss World  
HMV POP1411  1965  The Boy In The Woolly Sweater/ A Lonely Doll

 Annette:  Annette Funicello began her career in entertainment as a hostess on Disney's TV programme 'Mickey Mouse Club'. She made several 'beach' movies and cut a lot of singles, but didn't enjoy a lot of success in Britain. Some of her singles are associated with her movies and, appropriately enough, her last UK release was made in the company of the Beach Boys.
Top Rank JAR137 1959 Wild Willie/ Lonely Guitar
Top Rank JAR233 1959 First Name Initial/ My Heart Became Of Age
Top Rank JAR343 1960 It Took Dreams/ O Dio Mio
Pye 7N25061 1960 Pineapple Princess/ Luan Cha Cha Cha
HMV POP1270 1964 Muscle Beach Party/ I Dream About Frankie
HMV POP1322 1964 Scrambled Egghead/ Merlin Jones
HMV POP1447 1965 The Monkey's Uncle/ How Will I Know My Love

 Annisteen Allen: US vocalist born during 1920 from Ohio. Started her singing career during the 1940s on tour with various big bands, but made most of her recordings during the 1950s before disappearing to obscurity.  
Capitol CL14264 1955 Fujiyama Mama/ Wheels Of Love
Brunswick 05639  1957 Don't Nobody Move/ The Money Tree

Parlophone R5082  1963  Christmas Star/ Wandering

 Aquarian Age: This short lived studio band included Twink Alder and Clem Cattini. This one psychodelic single is their total output as far as I know.
Parlophone R5700 1968 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box/ Good Wizard Meets Naughty Wizard

 Aquatones: Their well known US DooWop Classic, is not so familiar in the UK. They were formed when vocalist, Lynn Dixon joined the previously all male instrumental group the 'Teen Kings'. Although immensley popular, 'You' proved to be their only US hit success.
London HLO8631  1958  You/ She's The One For Me

 Arthur Alexander:  US R&B artist whose work inspired Rolling Stones who covered his songs. Born May 10th 1940 in Florence, Alabama.
London HLD9523  1962  You Better Move On/ A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
London HLD9566  1963  Where Have You Been/ Soldier Of Love
London HLD9641  1963  Anna/ I Hang My Head And Cry
London HLD9667  1963  Go Home Girl/ You're The Reason
London HLD9899  1964  Black Knight/ Ole John Amos
London HLD10023  1966  Baby For You/ The Other Woman

 Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup: Mississippi born in 1905, Crudup did much to develop Chicago blues from its southern origins. He was also responsible for writing several songs that have long since been associated with Elvis Presely including 'That's Alright', 'My Baby Left Me' and 'So Glad You're Mine'. Sadly, Arthur Crudup died almost penniless in 1974.
RCA RCA1401 1964 My Baby Left Me/ I Don't Know It

 Arthur Tracy: Arthur was known as 'The Street Singer' and had success selling records before the second world war. This sole 45 was hardly typical of the style of most of Decca's late 60s singles.
Decca F12656  1967  Marta/ Wanderer

 Artistics:  Chicago based group who were formed during 1958. They had developed their Soul sound by the time these singles were released. Although these became US chart hits, the group survived only until the early 1970s.
Coral Q72488  1966  I'm Gonna Miss You/ Hope We Have
Coral Q72492  1967  Girl I Need You/ I'm Glad I Met You

 Artwoods:  UK R&B group founded by Art Wood, brother of Ron Wood of Rolling Stones and Faces fame. Formed after Art's spell with Alexis Korner's 'Blues Incorporated', the Artwoods became a popular part of the London R&B scene. Although they had their moments in the media, the Artwoods never had a hit.
Decca F12015 1964 Sweet Mary/ If I Ever Get My Hands On You
Decca F12091 1965 Oh My Love/ Big City
Decca F12206  1965 Goodbye Sisters/ She Knows What To Do
Decca F12384 1966 I Take What I Want/ I'm Looking For A Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots
Decca F12465 1966 I Feel Good/ Molly Anderson's Cookery Book
Parlophone R5590 1967 What Shall I Do/ In The Deep End

 Astors:  R&B four piece vocal group from Memphis. They originally called themselves the 'Duntinos" and also recorded as the 'Chips'.
Atlantic AT4037  1965  Candy/ I Found Out
Atlantic 584245  1969  Candy/ I Found Out

 At Last The 1958 Rock & Roll Show: They made only this solitary single. Ian Hunter, who later became a member of 'Mott The Hoople', participated.
CBS 3349  1968  I Can't Drive/ Working On The Railroad

 Athenians: Scottish beat group on rare labels.  
ESC ESC1 1964 You Tell Me/ Little Queenie
Waverley SLP532 1964 I've Got Love If You Want It/ I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
Waverley SLP533 1965 Thinking Of Your Love/ Mercy

 Attack:  UK band whose guitarist, Davey O'List, left to join 'The Nice'.
Decca F12550  1967  Try It/ We Don't Know
Decca F12578  1967  Hi-Ho Silver Lining/ Any More Than I Do
Decca F12631  1967  Created By Clive/ Colour Of My Mind
Decca F12725  1968  Neville Thumbcatch/ Lady Orange Peel

 Austin Brown: Although this young ballad singer retired from music shortly after the issue of this- his only record release- he gradually drifted back into the business he loved so much and enjoyed success on the cabaret circuit during the 1970s. He is still in good voice and can be heard in his role as resident vocalist/ compere at The Lakeside Country Club in Surrey- a well known venue which among other things also hosts TV's 'Embassy World Darts'.
Philips BF1703  1968  She Looked Just The Same/ Revenge Is Sweet

Thanks are due to Julian Barker for the help he provided in compiling the above listings.

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