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  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 Raindrops: This group was fundamentally the songwriting team of Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry. Their 'The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget' was a hit in the US, but it is the earlier 'What A Guy' that is now the most sought after in the UK. The Raindrops were short lived because Ellie and Jeff decided to concentrate their time on songwriting.
London HL9718  1963 What A Guy/ It's So Wonderful
London HL9769  1963 The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget/ Even Though You Can't Dance
London HL9825  1964 That Boy/ Hanky Panky
Fontana TF463 1964 The Book Of Love/ I Won't Cry

 Rainy Daze:
CBS 3200 1967 Autumn Leaves/ What Do You Think
Polydor BM56737 1968 Blood Of Oblivion/ Stop Sign

 Ralf Bendix: Ralf born in Germany during 1924, became a singer of many years standing. He topped the chart with this Buzz Clifford pop novelty in continental Europe. However, the other side contrasts dramatically because 'Sag Mir Deine Sorgen' is a very sentimental sounding Ballad ('Tell Me Your Troubles').
Columbia DB774  1965 Baby Sittin' Boogie/ Sag Mir Deine Sorgen

 Rambling Syd Rumpo: Syd's rambling kind of 'folk' music was full of double talk and double entendre. He was actually a character from the BBC radio comedy 'Round The Horne' created and played by the actor and comedian, Kenneth Williams.
Parlophone R5638 1967 The Ballad Of The Woggler's Moulie/ Green Grow My Nadgers Oh!

 Ran-Dells: Although they put out more in the US, 'Martian Hop' was this New Jersey duo's only UK release.
London HLU9760 1963 Martian Hop/ Forgive Me Darling

 Randy And The Rainbows: This New York quintet's original version of 'Denise' became a much more popular item in the wake of the 1980's hit remake by Blondie.
Stateside SS214 1963 Denise/ Come Back

 Randy Starr:
London HL8443 1957 After School/ Heaven High
Felstead AF106  1958 Pink Lemonade/ Count On Me
Top Rank JAR264  1960 Workin' On The Santa Fe/ You're Growing Up

 Ray Bryant:
Pye 7N25052 1960 Little Susie Pt.1/ Pt.2
Philips PB1003 1960 Little Susie Pt.1/ Pt2
Philips PB1014 1960 The Madison Time Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Ray Conniff: Although Ray Conniff, born in Massachusetts during 1916, was one of America's leading musicians during the 1950s and 1960s he didn't manage the UK chart on a 45. Nevertheless his orchestral work was very popular in Britain and he once topped the UK Albums chart.
Philips PB1048  1958 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/ Paradise
Philips PB1065   1959 You Do Something To Me/ The Way You Look Tonight
Philips PB1071   1959 Here Comes Santa Claus/ Winter Wonderland
Philips PB1074  1960 Midnight Lace
CBS AAG111  1962 The Continental/ S'Wonderful
CBS AAG125  1962 Jingle Bells/ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 
CBS AAG140  1963 Popsy/ Scarlet
CBS 201836  1965 Lookin' For Love/ It Takes Two
CBS 202089  1966 Somewhere My Love/ Midsummer In Sweden
CBS 2701  1967 The World Will Smile Again/ Seventeen
CBS 2988  1967 Wonderful Season Of Summer/ Moonlight Brings Melodies 
CBS 3314  1968 Winds Of Change/ One Paddle Two Paddle
CBS 3642  1968 The Sound Of Silence/ It Must Be Him

 Ray Davies: This Ray Davies is a trumpet virtuoso, cast in a similar mould to Eddie Calvert. He was the soloist on the Ken Thorne Orchestra's 'Theme From The Legion's Last Patrol'.
HMV POP1488  1965 Il Mondo/ Umbrellas Of Cherbourg
Fontana H867 1967 Look Of Love/ Do You Love Me

 Ray Dexter & The Layabouts: A Joe Meek creation, sung by Londoner Dexter.
Decca F11538 1962 The Coalman's Lament/ Lonely Weekend

 Ray McVay: UK Saxophonist, former leader of the Beat Boys and associate of the Kinks and other vocalists and groups.
Pye 7N15777  1965 Raunchy/ Revenge
Pye 7N15816  1965 Kinda Kinky/ Kinkdom Come
Parlophone R5460 1966 Genesis/ House Of Clowns
Mercury MF1121 1969 Destination Moon/ Mexican Scavenger

 Ray Pereira:
Baf BAF6 1969 On Broadway/ Hey, Chick

 Ray Smith: Just one release and one collector's item attributed to this US artist.
London HL9051 1960 Rockin' Little Angel/ That's All Right

 Raymond Froggatt: Strictly speaking this UK group was called 'The Raymond Froggatt' although they recorded first as 'Monopoly'. They took their name from their leader who was a skilfull composer and arranger, but didn't enjoy chart success as a performer.
Polydor 56249 1968 Callow-La-Vita/ Lost Autumn
Polydor 56274 1968 Just A Little Boit Of Love/ ABC Gold Fish
Polydor 56284 1968 Red Balloon/ Lost Autumn
Polydor 56294 1968 Time Goes By/ Rolly
Polydor 56314 1969 Ring Ting A Ling/ Anything You Want To
Polydor 56334 1969 Movin' Down South/ It's Only Me
Polydor 56358 1969 Lazy Jack/ Hasn't The Lord Blessed You

 Red Tyler:
Top Rank JAR306 1960 Happy Sax/ JunkVillage

 Redcaps: Birmingham all-male group.
Decca F11716  1969 Shout/ Little Things You Do
Decca F11789 1963 Talking 'Bout You/ Come On Girl
Decca F11903 1963 Mighty Fine Girl/ Funny Things

 Reginald Dixon: The resident organist at Blackpool's famous Tower Ballroom. His music was familiar to people who listened to the BBC 'Light Programme' which ultimately became simply 'Radio 2'.
Columbia DB3899 1957 Medley Of Foxtrots/ Medley Of Quicksteps
Columbia DB3946 1957 Happy Holidays Medley Pt1./ Pt2.
Columbia DB3989  1957 Waltz Medley/ Quickstep Medley
Columbia DB4044 1957 Barn Dance Medley Pt1./ Pt2
Columbia DB4045 1957 Foxtrot Medley/ Quickstep Medley

 Reivers: Scottish, I should think.
Top Rank JAR244 1959 Wreck Of The Old John B./ Wee Magic Stane
Top Rank JAR283 1960 Down In The Mines/ Govan Is A Busy Place

 Remo Four: Started at Liverpool Institute in 1959, the Remo Four were to undergo several major changes of personnel before finally recording with Epstein's Tommy Quickly, and cutting these three singles without their lead singer. Despite Quickly's stage presence they never enjoyed chart success, but eventually backed Billy J. Kramer as the 'new' Dakotas.
Piccadilly 7N35175 1964 I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate/ Peter Gunn
Piccadilly 7N35186 1964 Sally Go Round The Roses/ /i Know A Girl
Fontana TF787  1967 Live Like A Lady/ Sing Hallelujah

Top Rank JAR235 1959 Midnight Stroll/ Talking To My Heart

 Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers:
Atlantic 584028 1966 Sock It To 'Em J.B. Pt1./ Pt2.
Atlantic 584097 1967 I Gottao Now/ Believe It Or Not

 Rex Harrison: This actor who was the quintessential Englishman was less successful than his son Noel when it came to the pop chart. Dr. Doolittle didn't do anything.
Stateside SS2072 1967 Talk To The Animals/ When I Look In Your Eyes

 Rey Anton : This group were from Bournemouth on the south coast of England.
Oriole CB1771 1962 Hey Good Looking/ Mary Lou
Oriole CB1811 1963 Peppermint Man/ Can't Say More Than That
Oriole CB1843 1963 How Long Can This Last/ If You Don't Want Me Now
Parlophone R5132 1964 You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover/ It's Cold Outside
Parlophone R5172 1964 Heard It All Before/ I Want You
Parlophone R5245 1965 Wishbone/ Kingsway
Parlophone R5274 1965 Girl You Don't Know Me/ Don't Treat Me Bad
Parlophone R5310 1965 Nothing Comes Easy/ Breakout
Parlophone R5358 1965 Premeditation/ Now That It's Over
Parlophone R5420 1966 Don't You Worry Boy/ Hold It Babe
Parlophone R5487 1966 Things Get Better/ Newsboy

Richard Barrett: US manager/ arranger/ producer/ songwriter/ singer.
HMV POP609 1959 Come Softly To Me/ Walking Through Dreamland (with Chantels)
London HLK9552 1962 Some Other Guy/ Tricky Dicky (As Richie Barrett)

 Richard Harding: Skilled guitarist from Yorkshire who cut this instrumental, but later played lead with the Cresters (Crestas) who issued further singles (see artists-c ).
HMV POP887 1961 Jezebel/ Temptation

 Richard Kent Style: A 'Mod' influenced band that played the London club circuit and can claim a full fistful of collectable singles.
Columbia DB7964 1966 No Matter What You Do/ Go Go Children
Columbia DB8051 1966 You Can't Put Me Down/ All Good Things
Columbia DB8182 1967 Marching Off To War/ I'm Out
MCA MU1032 1968 Love Will Shake The World Awake/ Crocodile Tears
Mercury MF1090 1969 A Little Bit O' Soul/ Don't Tell Lies

 Richard Lyon: The son in BBC Radio's 'Life With The Lyons' and real son of Ben and Bebe Lyon; he made fewer attempts on the chart than his sister Barbara- but then, she could sing.
Fontana H.206 1959 All My Own/ Private Eye

 Rick And Sandy:
Decca F12311 1965 Creation/ In A Hundred Years From Now

 Ricky Ford & The Tennesseans: UK singer whose backing group were three members of the 'Marauders' from Stoke. No connection with 'Bick Ford' who cut 'Sweet And Tender Romance/ Cheat Cheat' on the same label- as far as I know.
Parlophone R5230  1964 You Are My Love/ Long Way From Love

 Riot Squad: This London based group are frequently confused with a Liverpool outfit of the same name. These guys recorded at Joe Meek's legendary Holloway Road Studio and all their singles are collector's items. Their lead singer was, the Basildon born, Graham Bonney who charted as a soloist with 'Supergirl' and their drummer was 'Mitch' Mitchell who also found later success with Georgie Fame's Blue Flames and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. David Bowie is also said to have had a very short association with the group during 1966 though I'm not sure which, if any singles, he contributed to.
Pye 7N15752 1965 Any Time/ Jump
Pye 7N15817 1965 I Wanna Talk About My Baby/ Gonna Make
Pye 7N15869  1965 Nevertheless/ Not A Great Talker 
Pye 7N17041 1966  Cry, Cry, Cry / How Is It Done 
Pye 7N17092  1966  I Take It We're Through/ Working Man
Pye 7N17130 1966 It's Never Too Late To Forgive/ Try To Realise
Pye 7N17237  1967 Gotta Be A First Time/ Bitter Sweet Love

 Rita: Despite the lurid titles, this number didn't give MM the success they'd enjoyed with 'Je T'Aime'.
Major Minor MM653 1969 Erotica/ Sexologie

 Rivieras: Originally calling themselves the 'Playmates' they changed to avoid confusion with the successful pop group of the same name. From South Bend, Indiana Their rendition of the oldie 'California Sun', with Bill Dobslaw leading the six-piece group, was their only hit.
Pye 7N25237 1964 California Sun/ H B Goose Step

 Roaring Sixties: This was really the first release of 'The Family'. Their attempt to give themselves a 'roaring twenties' look made them look like gangsters- hence the subsequent name change.
Marmalade 598001 1966 We Love The Pirates/ I'm Leaving Town

 Robert Chauvigny:
Top Rank JAR142 1959 The Bottle Theme/ French Rockin' Waltz

 Robert Goulet: US actor/ singer.
CBS AAG232 1964 My Love Forgive Me/ I'd Rather Be Rich
CBS 201742 1965 Begin To Love/ I Never Got To Paris
CBS 202034 1966 On A Clear Day You Can See Forever/ Come Back To Me
CBS 202504 1967 Sunrise, Sunset/ Fortissimo
CBS 202845 1967 My Love Forgive Me/ World Of Clowns

 Robert Horton: The actor who played the 'scout' on TV's 'Wagon Train'. The character was called 'Flint McCullough'. He later went on to star in a series of his own 'A Man Called Shenandoah' but, like his singles, that didn't do so well.
Pye 7N15285 1960 Wagon Train/ Sail Ho!
Pye 7N15357  1961 The Girl That I Marry/ Time After Time
Pye 7N17031 1966 Shenandoah/ Maria

 Robert John:
CBS 3436 1968 If You Don't Want My Love/ Don't
CBS 3630 1968 Don't Leave Me/ Children

 Robins: West coast 5-piece R&B group who evolved to become the Coasters.
Vogue V9168 1960 Cherry Lips/ Out Of The Picture
 Vogue V9173 1960 Just Like That/ Whole Lot Imagination 

Columbia DB4361 1959 Woo-Hoo/ Untrue

 Rockin' Rebels: A New York four piece instrumental group whose recording of 'Wild Weekend', written by DJ/ Producer, Tom Shannon grew to a national hit from its initial local release. The second release was actually recorded earlier by a different group originally called the 'Hot Toddys'.
Stateside SS162 1963 Wild Weekend/ Wild Weekend Cha Cha
Stateside SS187 1963 Rockin' Crickets/ Hully Gully Rock

 Rockin' Vickers: Coming from Blackpool, they were originally called the Rev. Black & The Rocking Vicars and attired themselves ecclesiasticaly. They eventually modified their name when they started recording for Decca. Although they enjoyed more success in Finland and Ireland than at home, their next single "It's Alright" was penned by the Who's Pete Townshend and became the inspiration for the Who's "The Kids Are Alright". They had associations with the Who and with the Kinks and made a Ray Davies composition, Dandy, their final full release. It's also possible that another single, ' Little Rosy'/'I Just Stand There'- also by Ray Davies- came later but this is not confirmed. Their line-up included Lemmy who later became a member of Motorhead.
 {Thanks go to Nigel Smith for most of the above info.}
Decca F11993 1964 I Go Ape/ Someone Like You
CBS 202051 1966 It's Alright/ Stay By Me
CBS 202241 1966 Dandy/ I Don't Need Your Kind

 Rocky Fellers:
Stateside SS175 1963 Killer Joe/ Lonely Teardrops
Stateside SS212 1963 Great Big World/ Like The Big Guys
Pye 7N25225 1963 Ching A Ling Baby/ Hey Little Donkey

 Rod Bernard: Louisiana 'Swamp Pop' artist who had formerly been a DJ with a local radio station. His 'This Should Go On Forever' was adopted by Chess and became a national hit. However this record and a further release a few months later did nothing in the UK.
London HLM8849 1959 This Should Go On Forever/ Pardon, Mr. Gordon
Mercury AMT1070 1959 One More Chance/ Shedding Teardrops Over You

 Rodd- Ken And The Cavaliers: Joe Meek one-off as far as I know. Almost anything on his Triumph label is a collector's item.
Triumph RGM1001 1960 Magic Wheel/ Happy Valley

 Rodger Collins:
Vocalion VF9285 1967 She's Looking Good/ I'm Serving Time

 Roger James Cooke: Half the partnership of 'David And Jonathan' after their break up.
Columbia DB8510 1969 Not That It Matters Anymore/ Paper Chase
Columbia DB8556 1969 Stop/ Someday
Columbia DB8596 1969 Smiling Through My Tears/ Ain't That A Wonderful Thing

 Roger Young:
Columbia DB7869 1966 Sweet Sweet Morning/ Whatcha Gonna Give Me
Columbia DB8092  1966 Lady Be Good/ It's Been Nice

 Rollers: Four-piece from San Bernardino who featured Al Wilson. He later became a successful Soul singer and even charted in the UK during the 1970s with 'The Snake'.
London HLG9340 1961 Continental Walk/ I Want You So

 Ronnie Hawkins: Known as 'Mr. Dynamo', the cousin of Dale (Suzie-Q) Hawkins, he was well known for his lively versions of Bo Diddley songs and was one of the first US rock'n'rollers to visit the UK. He was born in Arkanas during 1935, but married a Canadian beauty queen and made Canada his home. He became a firm rock and roll favourite in that country.
Columbia DB4319 1959 Forty Days/ One Of These Days
Columbia DB4345 1959 Mary Lou/ Need Your Lovin'
Columbia DB4412 1960 Southern Love/ Love Me Like You Can
Columbia DB4442 1960 Clara/ Lonely Hours
Columbia DB7036 1963 Bo Diddley/ Who Do You Love
Roulette RO512 1969 Bo Diddley/ Who Do You Love 

 Ronnie Ronalde: A British star of the Music Halls whose popularity peaked in the immediate post-war years. His style was known as much for its whistling and bird calls as his singing. Although he had considerable stage success on both sides of the Atlantic he never made any impression on the record charts and slowly faded along with the Music Halls.
Columbia SCM5006 1953 Song Of The Mountains/ If I Were A Blackbird
Columbia SCM5007 1953 In A Monastery Garden/ Bells Across The Meadow
Columbia SCM5214 1956 The Ballad Of Davy Crockett/ Hair Of Gold
Columbia SCM5241 1956 Robin Hood/ Happy Trails
Columbia SCM5262 1956 Yarmouth Song/ Macnamara's Band
Columbia DB3892 1957 The Mountain Climber/ The Buccaneers
Columbia DB4003 1957 Bird Song/ The Alpine Polka
Columbia DB4020 1957 Christmas At Home Medley
Columbia DB4036 1957 Party Rhymes
Columbia DB4092 1958 Sweetwater Mountains/ Innocent Sinners
Columbia DB4320 1959 When It's Springtime In The Rockies
Columbia DB4367 1959 Christmas Lullaby/ Morning Star
Columbia DB4644 1961 Edelweiss/ The Lonely Goatherd
Columbia DB4734 1961 Little White Berry/ Good Old Christmas Day

 Room 10: An early Simon Napier Bell project.
Decca F12249 1965 Going Back/ I Love My Love

 Roosevelt Sykes: This St. Louis pianist was born in Arkanas during 1906. He had a wide repertoire but is best loved for his blues.
Vogue V2389 1956 Fine And Brown/ Too Hot To Hold
Vogue V2393  1956 Walkin' This Boogie/ Security Blues

 Rory Storm And The Hurricanes: One of the best loved groups on Merseyside during the 1960s. Their lead singer was Alan Caldwell, and their drummer was Ringo Starr until August 1962. Despite being briefly under the wing of Brian Epstein (for the second single) their records didn't sell well enough outside of Liverpool to chart.
Oriole CB1858 1963 Dr. Feelgood/ I Can Tell
Parlophone R5197 1964 America/ Since You Broke My Heart

 Rosco Gordon: Rosco was typical of the US R&B artists that had records released in the UK, but received almost no airplay. Despite this he was one of the most prolific blues artists to come out of Sam Phillips' Sun studio. However, he had moved to Chicago like many other bluesmen before these tracks were issued.
Top Rank JAR332 1960 Just A Little Bit/ Goin' Home
Stateside SS204 1963 Just A Little Bit/ What I Wouldn't Do
Vogue V9245 1965 Keep On Doggin'/Bad Dream

 Rose Garden: It's a vocal group, not a lady- in case you were wondering.
Atlantic 584163 1967 Next Plane To London/ Flower Town

 Rosie And The Originals: The very young Rosie Hamlin and some male friends.
London HLU9266 1961 Angel Baby/ Give Me Love
Coral Q72426 1961 Lonely Blue Nights/ We'll Have A Chance

 Ross Hannaman: Female vocalist who was discovered and briefly managed and produce by Tim Rice in his days at EMI. Her two, largely ignored, singles are among the first fruits of the Lloyd-Webber/ Rice partnership.
Columbia DB8217 1967 Down Thru Summer/ I'll Give My Love To Southend
Columbia DB8288 1967 1969/ Probably On Thursday

 Roy Hall: His rockabilly 'alligator' was released at the same time as the Bill Haley's version, which was also on Brunswick (05530), but is now much more valuable. However, it is the Bobby Charles original that attracts the really big spenders though!
Brunswick 05531 1956 See You Later Alligator/ Don't Stop Now
Brunswick 05555 1956 Blue Suede Shoes/ Luscious
Brunswick 05627 1956 Diggin' The Boogie/ Three Alley Cats

 Roy Hastings:
Decca F11678 1963 My One And Only One/ Caroline
Decca F11728 1966 Because I Love You/ Learning The Game

 Roy Richards: West Indian
Doctor Bird DB1012 1966 Contact/ Maureen
Island WI283 1966 Double Trouble
Island WI299 1966 Western Standard Time
Island WI3000 1966 South Vietnam/ You Must Be Sorry
Island WI3027 1967 Rub-A-Dub
Island WI3037 1967 Hopeful Village Ska

 Roy Tierney:
Philips BF1159 1961 Cupid/ The Lonely One
Philips BF1194 1961 Just Out Of Reach/ Cassanova

 Roy Young: A popular and evergreen performer, Roy started out as a performer on UK TV's 'Drumbeat'.
Fontana H200 1959 Just Keep It Up/ Big Fat Mama
Fontana H215 1959 Hey Little Girl/ Just Ask Your Heart
Fontana H237 1960 I Hardly Know/ Gilee
Fontana H247 1960 Taboo/ I'm In Love
Fontana H290  1961 Plenty Of Love/ You Were Meant For Me
Ember EMBS128 1961 Four And Twenty Thousand Kisses/ Late Last Evening 

 Royaltones: US
London HLJ8744 1958 Poor Boy/ Wail
London HLU9296  1961 Flamingo Express/ Tacos
Stateside SS309 1964 Our Faded Love/ Holy Smokes

 Rudies: West Indian Ska
Blue Cat BS107 1968 The 7-11 Go To The Go Go Club Pt1./ Pt2.
Blue Cat BS109 1968 Cupid
Nu Beat NB001 1968 Train To Vietnam/ Skaville To Rainbow City
Nu Beat NB005 1968 Engine 59/ My Girl
Fab FAB46 1968 I Wanna Go Home/ La Mer
Fab FAB70 1968 Give Me The Rights/ I Do Love You
Fab FAB71 1968 Mighty Meaty/ Go
Fab FAB104 1969 Brixton Market/ Rudie's Joy
Down Town DT419B 1969 Blues
Doctor Bird DB1302 1969 Boss Sound

 Rudy & Sketto: West Indian Ska
Dice CC5 1962 Summer Is Just Around The Corner/ Nothing Like Time
Dice CC7 1962 Little Schoolgirl/ Hush Baby
Dice CC10 1962 Mr. Postman/ Christmas Blues
Dice CC16 1962 Hold The Fire/ Good Morning Mr Jones
Dice CC19 1963 Never Set You Free/ Brothers And Sisters
Blue Beat BB198 1963 Was It Me/ Minna Don't Deceive Me
Blue Beat BB208 1964 Show Me The Way To Go Home/ Let Me Dream
Blue Beat BB230 1964 Ten Thousand Miles Away/ I Need Someone
Blue Beat BB252 1964 Minna I Love You So/ If Only Tomorrow
Blue Beat BB297 1965 See What You Done/ Heart's Desire
Blue Beat BB310  1965 Oh Dolly/ You're Mine

 Russell Byrd: Actually record producer Bert Berns who also co-wrote the 1960s beat classic 'Twist And Shout'.
Sue WI305 1964 Hitch Hike Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Russell Morris: This solitary 1960s UK single from Russell Morris went to #1on his home ground, Australia, but made no impact in the UK at all. It is now a highly collectable example of late psychodelia.
Decca F22964 1969 The Real Thing (Parts 1 & 2)/ It's Only A Matter Of Time

 Rustiks: A mainly instrumental outfit from Torquay who were briefly managed by Brian Epstein
Decca F11960 1964 What A Memory Can Do/ Hello Anne
Decca F12059  1965 I'm Not The Loving Kind/ Can't You See

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