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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
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 Fairies: Forerunners of the 'Pink Fairies', at one time incorporating drummer 'Twink'.
Decca F11943  1964  Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/ Anytime At All
HMV POP1404  1965  Get Yourself Home/ I'll Dance
HMV POP1445  1965  Don't Mind/ Baby Don't

 Fantastic Johnny C: John Corley born in Greenwood, South Carolina during 1943, but moved to the Philadelphia area before starting his singing career.
London HL10169  1967 Boogaloo Down Broadway/ Look What Love Can Make You Do
London HL10212  1968  Hitch It To The Horse/ Cool Broadway
Action ACT4543  1969  Is There Anything Better Than Making Love/ New Love

 Farinas: This outfit were popular in the Leicester area during the mid-1960s. They evolved into the 'Family'.
Fontana TF493 1964 I Like It Like That/ You'd Better Stop

 Faron's Flamingos: Uncharted, but now legendary Liverpool based beat combo whose members included two belated members of the Big Three and a Mojo.
Oriole CB1834 1963 Do You Love Me/ See If She Cares
Oriole CB1867 1963 Shake Sherry/ Give Me Time

 Fats And The Chessmen:
Pye 7N25122  1962 Big Ben Twist/ Old Macdonald Had A Twist

 Fats Waller: Hardly obscure, but never charted in the UK, largely because he died in 1943 at the age of 39. One of the acknowledged all-time greats of jazz. Just a solitary UK 45 single, released as late as 1960.
RCA RCA1189  1960  Dinah/ When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful

 Faye Adams: US Gospel singer who turned to R&B and sang with the Joe Morris band. She has only this, extremely valuable, single to her UK credit.
London HLU8339  1956 I'll Be True/ Happiness To My Soul

 Federals: UK instrumental group from Watford with Tony Kaye on organ; they were reminiscent of the Tornados.
Parlophone R4988  1963  Brazil/ In A Persian Market
Parlophone R5013  1963  Boot Hill/ Keep On Dancing With Me
Parlophone R5100  1964  Dance With A Dolly/ The Climb
Parlophone R5139  1964  Marlena/ Please Believe Me
Parlophone R5193  1964  Twilight Time/ Lost And Alone
Parlophone R5320  1965  Bucketfull Of Love/ Leah

 Fingers: UK group from Southend in Essex. 
Columbia DB8026  1966  I'll Take You Where The Music's Playing/ My Way Of Thinking
Columbia DB8112  1967  All Kinds Of People/ Circus With A Female Clown

 Fireflies: US
Top Rank JAR198  1959  Stella Got A Fella/ You Were Mine
London HLU9057  1960  What Did I Do Wrong/ I Can't Say Goodbye

 Five Keys:  Moderately successful Virginian R&B ensemble led by Rudy West and Maryland Pierce. They were originally formed as the 'Sentimental Four' from two sets of brothers. However it was the five that started the success rolling through the remake of 'Glory Of Love'. They are regarded as the model for much of the R&B that followed and their original UK 45s are all valuable- if you can find any.
Capitol CL14313  1955  The Verdict/ Make Me Um Pow Pow
Capitol CL14325  1955  Doggone It, You Did It/ Take A Deep Breath
Capitol CL14545  1956 Gee Whittakers/ 'Cause You're My Lover
Capitol CL14582 1956 She's The Most/ I Dreamt I Dwelt In Heaven
Capitol CL14639   1956  That's Right/ Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Capitol CL14686  1956  The Wisdom Of A Fool/ Now Don't That Prove I Love You
Capitol CL14736  1957  Four Walls/ Let There Be You
Capitol CL14829   1958  From Me To You/ Whippety Whirl
Capitol CL14967  1958  One Great Love/ Really-O Truly-O

 Five Nite's: US 
 Decca F11963  1964  Let's Try Again/ With A Loving Kiss

 Five Satins:  Definitive Doo-Wop Group from New Haven, Connecticut formed under the leadership of Fred Parris, and originally called the 'Scarlets'. Their greatest single, the classic 'In The Still Of The Night' was not released in the UK. The original US issue was on Ember 1005 (if you can find it).
London HL8501  1957  To The Aisle/ Wish I Had My Baby
Top Rank JAR199  1959  Wonderful Girl/ Weeping Willow
Top Rank JAR239  1959 Shadows/ Toni My Love
MGM MGM1087 1960 Your Memory/ I Didn't Know

 Flairs: Group formed in Los Angeles during 1953, whose original line up included the great bass vocalist Richard Berry.
 Oriole CB1392 1957 Swinging Pretty Mama/ I'd Climb The Hills And Mountains

 Flaming Youth: A group that featured two guitarists, a pianist and a long haired drummer called Phil Collins.
Fontana TF1057 1969 Guide Me Orion/ From Now On

 Flip And The Dateliners: Very rare Joe Meek production by a UK young lady singer who also recorded as Vivienne Chering.
HMV POP1359 1964 My Johnny Doesn't Come Around Anymore/ Please Listen To Me

 Flirtations:  US Girl Group who had one solitary hit in the USA. They carried on well in to the 1970s, and probably deserved more chart success than they achieved.
Deram DM195  1968  Someone Out There/ How Can You Tell Me
Deram DM216   1968  Nothing But A Heartache/ Christmas Time Is Here Again
Deram DM252  1969  What's Good About Goodbye My Love/ Once I Had A Love

 Fontane Sisters:  Trio of girls backed by the Billy Vaughn Orchestra were highly successful in the US with a series of records (mostly R&B covers). However despite trying over more than five years they never charted in the UK. Their early 45s are particularly hard to find.
London HL8099  1954  Happy Days And Lonely Nights/ If I Didn't Have You
London HL8113  1955  Hearts Of Stone/ Bless Your Heart
London HL8126  1955  Rock Love/ You're Mine
London HL8177  1955  Seventeen/ If I Could Be With You
London HL8211  1955  Daddy-O/ Rolling Stone
London HL8225  1956  Playmates/ Adorable
London HL8265  1956  Eddie My Love/ Yum Yum
London HL8289  1956  I'm In Love Again/ You Always Hurt The One You Love
London HL8318  1956  Voices (with Pat Boone)/ Willow Weep For Me
London HL8343  1956  Silver Bells/ Nuttin' For Christmas
London HL8378  1957  Banana Boat Song/ Lonesome Lover Blues
London HL8415  1957  Please Don't Leave Me/ Still
London HL8488  1957  Fool Around/ Which Way To Your Heart
London HL8621  1958  Chanson D'Amour/ Cocanut Grove
London HL8861  1959  Billy Boy/ Encore D'Amour
London HL9037  1960  Listen To Your Heart/ Please Be Kind
London HL9078  1960  Theme From 'A Summer Place'/ Darling It's Wonderful

 Forrie Cairns And The Clansmen:  UK Traditional Jazz band.
Fontana 267240  1962  Salty Dog/ Cockles And Mussels

 Forum: Black vocal group from Los Angeles
London HLM10120  1967  The River Is Wide/ I Fall In Love Again

 (The) Four: 
Decca F11999 1964 It's Alright/ There's Nothing Like It

 Four Coins: Original members were George Mantalis, Jim Gregorakis, Michael & George James
Fontana H101 1958 My One Sin/ Broken Promise
Fontana H168  1958 The World Outside/ Be Still My Heart

 Four Freshmen: Four part male harmony group from Indianapolis. Probably influenced other later harmony groups, especially the Beach Boys.
Capitol CL14196  1954  Love Turns Winter To Spring/ Mood Indigo
Capitol CL14338  1955  How Can I Tell Her/ Day By Day
Capitol CL14580  1956  Love Is Just Around The Corner/ Angel Eyes
Capitol CL14610  1956  Graduation Day/ Lonely Night In Paris
Capitol CL14633  1956  You're So Far Above Me/ He Who Loves And Runs Away
Capitol CL14699  1957  What's It Gonna Be/ That's The Way I Feel
Capitol CL14731  1957  Charmaine/ Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
Capitol CL14780  1957  Julie Is Her Name/ Sometime I'm Happy
Capitol CL14855  1958  Whistle Me Some Blues/ Nights Are Longer
Capitol CL15244  1962  Teach Me Tonight/ Shangri La
Capitol CL15336  1964  Charade/ Funny How Time Slips Away

 Four Jacks:
Decca F10984  1958  Hey! Baby/ Prayer Of Love

 Four Jacks And A Jill: A South African quintet, who are apparently still going strong.
RCA RCA1669  1968  Master Jack/ I Looked Back

 Four Sights:
Columbia DB7227  1964  But I Can Tell/ And I Cry

 Four Spices:
MGM MGM944  1957 Fire Engine Boogie/ Armen's Theme

 France Gall: Luxembourg winner of Eurovision in 1965
Philips BF1408 1965 Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son/ Le Coeur Qui Jazze

 Frank Cherval:
MGM MGM1183  1962  How Come/ Tag Along

 Frank Holder:
Decca F10880  1957  The Caterpillar Bush/ Red Beans And Rice
Decca F10908  1957  Battle Of The Century/ Chines Cricket Match
Decca F10919  1957  Champion Calypso/ Sweetie Charlie
Parlophone R4459  1958  Nor The Moon By Night/ Bechuanaland

 Frank Kelly And The Hunters: The Hunters, a similar sounding outfit to the Shadows, had only one chart entry which was as backing group on Dave Sampson's self penned 'Sweet Dreams'.
Fontana 267242  1962  Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/ 'Cept Me
Fontana 267261  1963  I Saw Linda Yesterday/ Good And True
Fontana 267277  1963  What Do You Wanna Do/ She Loves Me So
Fontana TF454  1964  Some Other Time/ Why Baby Why

 Frankie Miller: US
Melodisc MEL1519  1959  True Blue/ Black Land Farmer
Melodisc MEL1529  1959 Poppin' Johnnie/ Family Man
Melodisc MEL1552  1960  Baby Rocked Her Dolly/ Rain Rain

 Frankie Townsend:  
Fontana H375  1962  I'm The Greatest/ At The End Of A String

 Frankie Valli:  The lead singer of the Four Seasons had no luck as solo artist in the UK until the 1970s.
Philips BF1467  1966  (You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself
Philips BF1512  1966  You're Ready Now/ Cry For Me
Philips BF1529  1966  The Proud One/ Ivy
Philips BF1556  1967  Beggin'/ Dody
Philips BF1580  1967  Can't Take My Eyes Off You/ The Trouble With Me
Philips BF1603   1967  I Make A Fool Of Myself/ September Rain
Philips BF1634  1968  To Give/ Watch Where You Walk
Philips BF1795  1969  The Girl I'll Never Know/ A Face Without A Name

 Fred Walking Stick:  
Pye 7N15390  1961  Well I Ask Yew!/ Ain't She Sweet

 Freddie Starr & The Midnighters:  Freddie Starr's career in entertainment began as a singer not a comedian though the comedy was allegedly already there. As he made his three singles at Joe Meek's studio his discs are all very collectable. The Midnighters, a Liverpool group, were originally fronted by Gus Travis who moved on when Freddie arrived.
Decca F11663  1963  Who Told You/ Peter Gunn Locomotion
Decca F11786   1963  Baby Blue/ It's Shaking Time
Decca F12009  1964  Never Cry On Someone's Shoulder/ Just Keep On Dreaming

 Freddy Davies:  
Major Minor MM536 1967  Sentimental Songs/ Cynthia Crisp

 Freddy Quinn:  
Polydor 56213  1967  Lonesome/ Only A Fool Like Me

 Frida Boccara: French entry to the 1969 Eurovision song contest. It shared joint victory with three other songs including Britain's Lulu with 'Boom Bang A Bang'
Philips BF1765  1967  Through The Eyes Of A Child/ So Fair

 Fugs:  This US group developed from a simple hippie 'Jug band' to a radical rock group. They began in New York City around the beginning of 1965 with Ed Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg, Ken Weaver, Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber. With an idiosyncratic blend of beatnik poetry and Yiddish melody the Fugs found a following on both sides of the Atlantic, but were just a little too far from the mainstream for significant singles sales.
Big T BIG115 1968 Crystal Liaison/ When The Mode Of The Music Changes

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