Discographies - Artists 'B'


  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
  • Collector's Items are shown In Red

 B.B.King: Born during 1925 in Mississippi USA, Riley B. King is acknowledged as one of the elder statesmen of the blues. However, his musical career has often pushed into other areas- jazz, rock, rock'n'roll, and soul. Thus, he is one of few bluesmen to have had a significant number of singles issued in the UK.
HMV POP1101 1962 Tomorrow Night/ Mother's Love
Ember EMBS196 1964 Rock Mr Baby/ I Can't Lose
Sue WI358 1965 The Letter/ You Never Know
HMV POP1568 1966 Don't Answer The Door Pt. 1/ Pt. 2
HMV POP1580 1967 Night Life/ Waitin' On You
HMV POP1594 1967 I Don't Want You Cuttin' Your Hair/ Think It Over
Polydor 56735 1967 Jungle/ Long Gone Baby
Stateside SS2112 1968 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/ Having My Say
Stateside SS2141 1969 Don't Waste My Time/ Get Myself Somebody
Blue Horizon 573144 1968 The Woman I Love/ Blues For Me
Blue Horizon 573161 1969 Everyday I Have The Blues/ Five Long Years

 Baba Brooks: West Indian Ska. Note most flipsides by other artists.
Island WI078  1963 Shock Resistance/ Distant Drums
Island WI096  1963 Bank To Bank Pt 1 & 2
Island WI127  1963 Watermelon Man
Island WI177  1964  Run Joe
Island WI229  1965  Guns Fever
Island WI233  1965  Independence Ska
Island WI234  1965  Greenfields Ska
Island WI235  1965  Duck Soup
Island WI239  1965  Vitamin A
Island WI241  1965  Teenage Ska
Island WI247  1965  Virginia Ska
Black Swan WI412  1964  Jelly Beans
Black Swan WI434  1964  Spider/ Melody Jamboree
Black Swan WI438  1964  Cork Foot
Black Swan WI442  1965  Musical Workshop
Black Swan WI451  1965  Ethiopia
Black Swan WI466  1965  Baby Elephant Walk
Doctor Bird DB1001  1965  First Session
Doctor Bird DB1009  1965  King Size
Doctor Bird DB1026  1966  This Is Thunder
Doctor Bird DB1042  1966  The Clock
Doctor Bird DB1043  1966 Eighth Games
Doctor Bird DB1046  1966 Jam Session
Doctor Bird DB1062  1966  Roll Call
Doctor Bird DB1064  1966  Party Time
Doctor Bird DB1065  1966  Scratch
Doctor Bird DB1067  1966  Open The Door
Doctor Bird DB1081  1967  Faberge
 Ska Beat JB185  1964  Let Me Go
 Ska Beat JB189  1965  Doctor Dekker
 Ska Beat JB191  1965  Don De Lion
 Ska Beat JB192  1965  Pussy Cat
 Ska Beat JB195  1965  Let Me Go
 Ska Beat JB217  1965  Mattie Rag
 Ska Beat JB218  1965  Girls Town Ska
 Ska Beat JB220  1965  One Eyed Giant
 Ska Beat JB268  1967  One Eyed Giant
 R&B JB125  1963  Walter Melon Man
 Rio R061  1965  Shank J. Sheck

 Babbity Blue:  
Decca F12053  1965  Don't Make Me/ I Remembered How To Cry
Decca F12149  1965  Don't Hurt me/ Question

 Baby Bubbly: UK
Oriole CB1714  1962  Wonderful Wonderful Time/ Where Are You?

 Baby Dolls:  US.
Warner Bros. WB16  1960   Hey Baby!/ Quiet!

 Baby Washington:  New York based R&B singer born during 1940. She had several US R&B chart entries and was able to adapt to 'Soul' during the late 1960s.
Sue WI302 1964 That's How Heartaches Are Made/ Doodlin'
Sue WI321  1964 I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby/ Who's Gonna Take Care Of Me
London HLC9987 1965 Only Those In Love/ Ballad Of Bobby Dawn
United Artists UP2247 1968 Get A Hold Of Yourself/ Hurt So Bad
Atlantic 584299 1969 I Don't Know/ I Can't Afford To Lose Him

 Band Of Angels:  UK group who broke up shortly after losing their lead singer Mike D'Abo to more successful rivals Manfred Mann- who further thrived despite the loss of their previous lead singer Paul Jones.
United Artists UP1049  1964 Not True As Yet/ Me
United Artists UP1066 1964 Gonna Make A Woman Of You/ She'll Never Be You
Piccadilly 7N35279 1966 Leave It To Me/ Too Late My Love
Piccadilly 7N35292 1966 Invitation/ Cheat And Lie

 Banjoleers:  US
Capitol CL14887  1958   Whoops-A-Daisy/ Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

 Barbara Acklin: Chicago born songstress whose first UK release was a #15 hit in the USA.
MCA MU1038 1968 Love Makes A Woman/ Come And See Me Baby
MCA MU1071 1969 Am I The Same Girl/ Be By My Side
MCA MU1102 1969 Love Makes A Woman/ Come And See Me Baby
MCA MU1103 1969 Am I The Same Girl/ Be By My Side

 Barbara George: New Orleans lady who penned and sang the great R&B classic 'I Know'.
London HLP9513  1962  I Know/ Love
Sue WI316  1964  Send For Me/ Bless You

 Barbara Kay:
Pye 7N15774  1965  That's What Angels Are For/ What's The Good Of Loving
Pye 7N15914  1965  Yes, I'm Ready/ Someone Had To Cry
Pye 7N15997  1965  Chips With Everything
Columbia DB8009  1966  The Power And The Glory/ I Wanna Walk In Your Sun

 Barbara McNair:  Although really an actress, this US soul singer's only solo release in the UK is highly regarded by collector's of 'Northern Soul'
Tamla Mowtown TMG 544 1966 You're Gonna Love My Baby/ The Touch Of Time

 Barbara Randolph:  US Soul
Tamla Mowtown TMG 628  1967 I Got A Feeling/ You Got Me Hurtin' All Over

 Barbara Windsor:  UK Actress
 HMV POP1128  1963  Sparrows Can't Sing/ On Mother Kelly's Doorstep
Parlophone R5629  1967 Don't Dig Twiggy/ Swinging London

 Baron (And His Pounding Piano):  UK Pub-style pianist.
Sue WI398 1965 Is A Bluebird Blue/ In The Mood

 Barons: UK Instrumentalist Group
Oriole CB1608  1961  Cossack/ Summertime
Oriole CB1620  1961  Sumurai/ Whirlwind

 Barons:  US
London HLP8391  1957  Don't Walk Out/ Once In A Lifetime

 Barrett Strong:  US Artist who did the original (and most valuable) version of Janie Bradford and Berry Gordy Jr's much covered and re-made classic.
London HLU9088  1960 Money (That's What I Want)/ Oh I Apologise

 Barry Mason:  Undistinguished UK balladeer, later became successful songwriter.
Decca F12401  1966  Misty Morning Eyes/ Take Your Time
Deram DM104  1966  Over The Hills And Far Away/ A Collection Of Recollections
MGM 1356  1967  Rowbottom Square
Decca F12895  1969  I'm In Love With You, Pom Pom/ Mister D.J. Play Me A Sad Song

 Barry Window:  
BAF BAF7  1969  I Thank You/ End Of Our Road

 Baytown Singers: US
Decca F12160  1965  Walkin' Down The Line/ Let My Feet Fall On The Ground

 Beat Boys: This group came from Wigan and had this one collectable single produced by Joe Meek. Easily confused with the similarly named and popular Beatboys (something I've done!) who backed various of Larry Parnes' stars from time to time. They included bassist Brian Gregg and drummer Clem Cattini, both of whom went on to join Johnny Kidd's 'Pirates'.
Decca F11730  1963  That's My Plan/ Third Time Lucky

 Beatmen:  A five-piece from Liverpool..
Pye 7N15659  1964  You Can't Sit Down/ Come On Pretty Baby
Pye 7N15792  1965  Now The Sun Has Gone/ Please Believe

 Beat Merchants: A five piece band who played some raw R&B and were based in the Horsham area of Sussex. Their only TV appearance was on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' to promote their first single release.
Columbia DB7367  1964  Pretty Face/ Messin' With The Man
Columbia DB7492  1958  So Fine/ She Said Yeah

 Beau Brummel Esquire:  South African Mike Bush.
Columbia DB7447  1965  I Know Know Know/ Shoppin' Around
Columbia DB7538  1965  The Next Kiss/ Come And Get Me
Columbia DB7675  1965  A Better Man Than I/ Teardrops
Columbia DB7878  1966  You Don't Know What You've Got/ Take Me Like I Am

 Beau Brummels: San Francisco group who began by attempting to emulate the British beat sound, particularly the Beatles. However, they developed their own 'west coast' flavoured beat and produced original material although they never achieved chart success.
Pye 7N25293 1965  Laugh, Laugh/ Still In Love With You Baby
Pye 7N25306 1965  Just A Little/ They'll Make You Cry
Pye 7N25318 1965  You Tell Me Why/ I Want You
Pye 7N25333 1965 Don't Talk To Strangers/ In Good Time
Pye 7N25342 1966 Good Time Music

Top Rank JAR377  1960  Clap Your Hands/ Daddy Said

 Bell Notes: New York five piece.
Top Rank JAR102  1959  I've Had It/ Be Mine
Top Rank JAR147  1959  Old Spanish Town/ She Went That-A-Way
Top Rank JAR201  1959  That's Right/ Betty Dear

 Beltones:  Group from Kingston Jamaica whose first UK release was a big hit in the West Indies.
Trojan TR628  1968  No More Heartaches/ I'll Follow You
Duke DU17  1969  Home Without You/ Why Pretend
High Note HS017  1969  Mary Mary/ Going Away
High Note HS023  1969  A Broken Heart
High Note HS024  1969  Wailing Festival

 Ben Richmond:  
Piccadilly 7N.35093  1963  Blue Bird/ Bells All Started Ringing
Piccadilly 7N.35132  1963 You Gotta Have Love/ I Don't Care

 Berkeley Kites:  
Polydor BM56742  1968  Hang Up City/ Mary-Go-Round
Polydor BM56770  1969  Alice In Wonderland/ What Goes Up Must Come Down

 Bernie Leighton:
Pye 7N25177  1963  Theme From Lawrence Of Arabia/ Wonderful World We Live In

 Beryl Marsden: Liverpool R&B Vocalist, she also served as a member of 'Shotgun Express' (alongside Rod Stewart) and the equally short lived 'She Trinity'. She never charted in any of these guises, although it is frequently argued that she had more talent than other successful female contemporaries from Liverpool.
Decca F11707  1963  I Know/ I Only Care About You
Decca F11819  1964  When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes/ Love Is Going..
Columbia DB7718  1965  Who You Gonna Hurt/ Gonna Make Him My Baby
Columbia DB7797  1965  Music Talk/ Break-A-Way
Columbia DB7888  1966  What's She Got/ Let's Go Somewhere

 Betty Miller:
Top Rank JAR115  1959 Pearly Gates/ Old Time Religion
Top Rank JAR127  1959  Jack O'Diamonds/ (It Took) One Kiss

 Betty Smith: UK (Skiffle)
Tempo A162  1957  There's A Blue Ridge Round My Heart/ Double Shuffle
Tempo A163  1957  Sweet Georgia Brown/ Little White Lies
Decca F10986  1958  Hand Jive/ Bewitched
Decca F11031  1958  Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me/ Betty's Blues
Decca F11071  1958  Begin The Beguine/ Song Of The Boulevards
Decca F11124  1959  Song Of India/ Stormy Weather

 Betty Wright: This Miami based vocalist reached the UK chart during the 1970s and 1980s, but had less luck with her original US hit which was recorded while she was in her mid-teens.
Atlantic 584216 1968 Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do/ Sweet Lovin' Daddy

 Bick Ford:  Actually a journalist by the name of Bickford who was with the UK's Daily Mail newspaper. He apparantly cut the record to prove that anyone could be a pop star and even made it onto TV's Top of the Pops, but the experiment failed. [This information supplied by Bruce Rannie]
Parlophone R5018  1963  Sweet And Tender Romance/ Cheat Cheat

 Big Bill Broonzy:  Mississippi born, Broonzy was a versatile musician, but perhaps best known for his folk-country blues singing and acoustic guitar. He was one of the first blues singers to visit the UK which was met with great enthusiasm in 1951. Big Bill died from cancer at the age of 60 in 1958.
Vogue V2351 1958 Guitar Shuffle/ When Did You Leave Heaven
Storyville A44053 1961 Midnight Special / Black Brown And White

 Big Jay McNeeley:  Legendary R&B saxophonist who is still going strong so I believe.
Top Rank JAR169 1959 There's Something On Your Mind/ ..Back...Shac...Track
Sue WI373 1965 There's Something On Your Mind/ ..Back...Shac...Track

 Big Joe Turner: Born in Kansas City during 1911, this legendary bluesman was one of the great pioneers of rock'n'roll. He had a huge repertoire and was influential in a variety of musical spheres. His UK singles releases are among the most collectable of the era.  
London HLE8301 1956 Corrine Corrina/ Morning Noon And Night
London HLE8332 1956 Boogie Woogie Country Girl/ The Chicken And The Hawk
London HLE8357  1957 Lipstick, Powder And Paint/ Rock A While
London HLE9055 1960 Honey Hush/ Tomorrow Night
London HLK9119 1960 My Little Honey Dripper/ Chains Of Love
Atlantic AT4026 1965 Midnight Cannonball/ Baby I Still Want You

 Big Maybelle: R&B Vocalist who started her life in Tennessee and whose real name was Mabel Smith.
London HLC8447  1957  I Don't Want To Cry/ All Of Me
London HLC8854  1959  Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/ Say It Isn't So
London HL9941  1965  Careless Love/ My Mother's Eyes
CBS 2735  1967  Turn The World Around The Other Way/ I Can't Wait Any Longer
CBS 2926  1967  Mama/ Keep That Man
Direction 58-3312  1968  Quittin' Time/ I Can't Wait Any Longer

 Big T Tyler: This magnificent rock and roll disc is the only 45rpm output I'm aware of from this US artist.
Vogue V9079 1957 King Kong/ Sadie Green

 Bill Doggett:  Philadelphia born pianist who worked with some of the most important orchestras in the US. He formed his own R&B band during 1951 and achieved the US #2 spot with 'Honky Tonk' during 1956.
Parlophone R4231 1956 Honky Tonk Pt.1/ Pt.2
Parlophone R4266 1957 Slow Walk/ Peacock Alley
Parlophone R4306 1957 Ram-Bunk-Shush/ Blue Largo
Parlophone R4379 1957 Hot Ginger/ Soft
Parlophone R4413 1958 Leaps And Bounds Pt.1/ Pt.2
Parlophone R4629 1960 Smokie/ Evening Dreams
Warner Bros. WB32 1961 The Hully Gully Twist/ Jackrabbit
Warner Bros. WB46 1961 You Can't Sit Down Pt.1/ Pt.2

 Bill Forbes:  UK Vocalist, a Londoner- I think.
Columbia DB4232  1958  My Cherie/ God's Little Acre
Columbia DB4269  1959  Once More/ Believe In Me
Columbia DB4386  1959  Too Young/ It's Not The End Of The World
Columbia DB4566  1961  You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful/ Backward Child
Columbia DB4619  1961  That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On/ Big City Boy
Columbia DB4747  1961  Goodbye Cruel World/ Next Time
Columbia DB4855  1962  Laughter Or Tears/ Like A Good Girl Should
Columbia DB945  1962  Poker Face/ Marianne

 Billy And Lillie (Lilly): US R&B Duet; Lilly was Lillie Bryant
London HLU8564  1958  Lah Dee Dah
London HLU8630  1958  Creepin' Crawlin' Cryin'/ Happiness
London HLU8689  1958  Greasy Spoon/ Hangin' On To You
London HLU8795  1959  Lucky Ladybug/ I Promise You
Top Rank JAR157  1959  Bells Bells Bells/ Honeymoonin'

 Billy Butler:  Chicago R&Bist who had some success in the US R&B chart before concentrating on songwriting and producing.
Soul City SC113 1969 The Right Track/ Boston Monkey

 Billy Dolton:  
Parlophone R4733  1961  Winkie Doll/ Girls

 Billy Grammer:  Born to a musical family in Benton, Illinois, he became a session guitarist before getting his big US hit - 'Gotta Travel On' though he never charted again in his own right. Later became a guitar manufacturer.
London HLU8752  1958  Gotta Travel On/ On Chasing A Dream
Felstead AF121  1959  Bonapartes Retreat/ Kissing Tree
Felstead AF128  1959  Willy, Quit Your Playing/ It Takes You
Brunswick 05851  1961  Rainbow Round My Shoulder/ Columbus Stockade Blues

 Billy Joe Royal: US vocalist, born April 3rd, 1942 in Georgia.
Oriole CB1751  1962  Never In A Hundred Years/ We Haven't A Moment To Lose
CBS 201802  1965  Down In The Boondocks/ Oh! What A Night
CBS 201983  1965  I've Got To Be Somebody/ You Make Me Feel Like A Man
CBS 202009  1965  I Knew You When/ Steal Away
CBS 202052  1966  It's A Good Time/ Don't Wait Up For Me Mama
CBS 202087  1966  Heart's Desire/ Everybody's Gotta Cry
CBS 202400  1966  I'm Gonna Get Right Tonight/ High On A Hill Top
Atlantic 584 002  1966  Never In A Hundred Years/ We Haven't A Moment To Lose
CBS 202548  1967  Yo Yo/ We Tried
CBS 2861  1967 Greatest Love/ These Are Not My People
CBS 3044  1967  Hush/ Watching From The Bandstand
CBS 3402  1968  Don't You Be Ashamed/ Don't You Think It's Time
CBS 3644  1968  Storybook Children/ Just Between You And Me
CBS 3858  1969  Gabriel/ Movies In My Mind
CBS 4470  1969  Cherry Hill Park/ Helping Hand

 Billy Preston: Born September 9th, 1946 in Houston, Texas. 'Discovered' by the Beatles while touring with Little Richard. Relocated to UK and signed to Beatles' Apple label. Moved on to A&M.
Sue WI4012  1966  Billy's Bag/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Capitol CL15458  1966  In The Midnight Hour/ Advice
Capitol CL15471  1966  Sunny/ Let The Music Play
President PT263  1969  Billy's Bag/ Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
President PT298  1969  If I Had A Hammer/ Goldfinger
Apple APPLE12  1969  That's The Way God Planned It/ What About You
Apple APPLE19  1969  Everything's Alright/ I Want To Thank You

 Billy Stewart: Born in Washington DC during 1937, he began singing gospel music at an early age. He is noted for vocalising in a blend of Jazz and R&B.
Pye 7N25164  1962 Reap What You Sow/ Fat Boy
Pye 7N25222  1963  Strange Feeling/ Sugar And Spice
Chess CRS 8009  1965  I Do Love You/ Keep Loving
Chess CRS 8017  1965  Sitting In The Park/ Once Again
Chess CRS 8028  1966  Because I Love You/ Mountains Of Love
Chess CRS 8038  1966  Love Me/ Why Am I Lonely
Chess CRS 8040   1966  Summertime/ To Love To Love
Chess CRS 8045  1966  Secret Love/ Look Back And Smile
Chess CRS 8050  1966  Ole Man River/ Every Day I Have The Blues
Chess CRS 8067  1967  Cross My Heart/ Why (Do I Love You So)
Chess CRS 8092  1969  Summertime/ I Do Love You

 Billy Sproud:  Early UK Rock & Roller whose band sounded as close to Bill Haley as anybody from Britain ever managed.
Columbia DB3893 1957 Rock Mr. Piper/ If You're So Smart (How Come You Ain't Rich)

 Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs:  Australian band who were based in Sydney during the mid-1960s but who enjoyed only a brief period of popularity.
Parlophone R5381 1965 Twilight Time/ Over The Rainbow

  Billy Walker: UK Boxer
Philips PB1001  1960  Forever/ Changed My Mind
Decca F11917  1964  My Heart Cries For You/ Little On The Lonely Side
Columbia DB7724  1965  A Certain Girl/ I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

  Billy Walker: US country singer Born in Ralls, Texas, during 1929.
London HLU10060  1966  Million And One/ Close To Linda

  Black Dyke Mills Band: UK Brass
Apple APPLE4  1968  Thingumybob/ Yellow Submarine

  Blackjacks: A Devonshire group who based themselves in Plymouth. They included Dan Callard on guitar, Robbie Williams on rhythm with Robert Wilkinson on bass and drummer Peter James. They usually backed vocalist Pat Harris, but cut this one instrumental.
Pye 7N15586 1963 Red Dragon/ Woo Hoo

 Blackwells: UK
Columbia DB7442  1966  Why Don't You Love Me/ All I Want Is Your Love

 Blackwells: US
London HLW9135  1960  Unchained Melody/ Mansion On The Hill
London HLW9334  1961  Love Or Money/ Big Daddy And The Cat

 Blitz Kids: UK from the Musical 'Blitz'
HMV POP1033  1962  Mums And Dads/ We're Going To The Country

 Blossom Dearie: US pianist and singer, born April 28th, 1928 in East Durham, New York.
Fontana TF719  1966  I'm Hip/ Wallflower Lonely, Cornflower Blue
Fontana TF788  1967  Sweet Georgie Fame/ One Note Samba
Fontana TF813  1967  Moonlight Saving Time
Fontana TF886  1967  Sunny
Fontana TF934  1968  The Music Played
Fontana TF986  1968  Hey John/ 59th Bridge Street Song

 Blossoms: Formed during 1957 with lead singer Darlene Love. Worked as backing singers for various US artists and Darlene also produced successful material with Phil Spector but the group never did much chart-wise on either side of the Atlantic.
Capitol CL14833 1958 Move On/ He Promised Me
Capitol CL14856 1958 Little Louie/ Have Faith In Me
Capitol CL14947 1958 No Other Love/ Baby Daddy-O

 Blue Diamonds:
Decca F21292  1960  Ramona/ All Of Me
Decca F21346  1961  I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
Decca F21715  1963  Sukiyaki

 Bluesology: Unsuccessful UK R&B band that happened to have one 'Reg Dwight' on keyboards!
Fontana TF594 1965 Come Back Baby/ Time's Getting Tougher Than Tough
Fontana TF668 1966 Mister Frantic/ Everyday (I Have The Blues)

 Bo Street Runners: This UK group were from Harrow, north west of London. Mick Fleetwood and Mike Patto were group members for a while, but none of their singles hit.
Decca F11986 1964 Bo Street Runner/ Tell Me
Columbia DB7488  1965 Tell Me What You're Gonna Do/ And I Do Just What I Want
Columbia DB7640 1965 Baby Never Say Goodbye/ Get Out Of My Way
Columbia DB7901 1966 Drive My Car/ So Very Woman

 Bob Braun: US
Brunswick 05875  1962  Till Death Do Us Part/ So It Goes

 Bob Conrad: US
Warner Bros WB54  1961  Love You/ Bye Bye Baby

 Bobbettes: Their career was largely based on 'Mr. Lee'. He was a teacher at their Harlem, N.Y. school who gave rise to a number of songs. It's never been entirely clear to me if they liked the guy or not.
London HLE8477 1957 Mr. Lee/ Look At The Stars
London HLE8597 1958 Come-A Come-A/ Speedy
London HLE9173 1960 I Shot Mr. Lee/ Untrue Love
London HLE9248 1960 Have Mercy Baby/ Dance With Me Georgie
Pye 7N25060 1960 I Shot Mr. Lee/ Billy

 Bobby Bland: Memphis based singer whose gospel influenced R&B enjoyed chart success in the USA during the early to mid-1960s.
Vogue V9178 1961 Cry Cry Cry/ I've Been Wrong So Long
Vogue V9182 1961 Lead Me On/ Hold Me Tenderly
Vogue V9188 1961 Don't Cry No More/ St. James Infirmary
Vogue V9190 1962 You're The One (That I Need)/ Turn On Your Love Light
Vogue V9192 1962 Blue Moon/ Who Will The Next Fool Be
Vocalion V9222 1964 Ain't Nothing You Can Do/ Honey Child
Vocalion V9229 1964 After It's Too Late/ Share Your Love With Me
Vocalion V9232 1965 Yield Not To Temptation/ How Does A Cheating Woman Feel
Vocalion V9251 1965 These Hands (Small But Not Mighty)/ Today
Vocalion V9262 1966 I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)/ If You Could Read My Mind
Vocalion V9273 1966 Good Time Charlie/ Good Time Charlie
Sue WI4044 1968 That Did It/ A Touch Of The Blues
Action ACT4524 1969 Rockin' In The Same Old Boat/ Wouldn't You Rather Have Me
Action ACT4538 1969 Gotta Get To Know You/ Baby I'm On My Way
Action ACT4548 1969 Share Your Love With Me/ Honey Child
Action ACT4553 1969 Chains Of Love/ Ask Me 'bout Nothing But The Blues

 Bobby Comstock: US
Top Rank JAR223  1959  Tennessee Waltz/ Sweet Talk
London HLE9080  1960  Jambalaya/ Let's Talk It Over
Stateside SS163  1963  Let's Stomp/ I Want To Do It
Stateside SS221  1963  Susie Baby/ Take A Walk
United Artists UP1086  1965 I'm A Man/ I'll Make You Glad 

 Bobby Deacon:
Pye 7N15270  1960  Fool Was I/ Where's My Love
Pye 7N15299  1960  Your Kisses Are Fine/ I Love You So

 Bobby Freeman: US Rock and Roller, born June 13th, 1940 in San Francisco.
London HLJ8644  1958  Do You Want To Dance/ Big Fat Woman
London HLJ8721  1958  Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes/ Starlight
London HLJ8782  1959  Need Your Love/ Shame On You Miss Johnson
London HLJ8898  1959  Mary Ann Thomas/ Love Me
London HLJ9031  1960  Sinbad/ Ebb Tide
Parlophone R4684  1960  Shimmy Shimmy/ You Don't Understand Me
Pye 7N25260  1964  C'Mon And Swim Pts 1 & 2
Pye 7N25280  1964  S-W-I-M/ That Little Old Heartbreaker Me
Pye 7N25347  1966  The Duck/ Cross My Heart or The Duck/ The Devil

 Bobby Lewis: UK
Parlophone R4794  1961  Tossin' And Turnin'/ Oh Yes I Love You
Parlophone R4831  1961  One Track Mind/ Are You Ready
Stateside SS126  1962  I'm Tossin' And Turnin' Again/ Nothin' But The Blues

 Bobby Lord: US vocalist
Hickory 45-1232  1964  Life Can Have Meaning/ Pickin' White Gold
Hickory 45-1259  1964  Take The Bucket To The Well/ A Man Needs A Woman
Hickory 45-1310  1965  That Room In The Corner Of The House/ I'm Going Home Next Summer

 Bobby Patterson: US vocalist
Sue SR346  1965  Piano Rock
Pama PM735  1968  Broadway Ain't Funky No More/ I Met My Match
Pama PM743  1968  The Good Ol' Days/ Don't Be So Mean
Pama PM754  1968  Busy Busy Bee/ Sweet Taste Of Love
Pama PM763  1969  T.C.B. Or T.Y.A./ What A Wonderful Night For Love
Pama PM773  1969  My Thing Is Your Thing/ Keep It In The Family

 Bobby Parker: US master R&Bist whose work inspired many British beat groups including the Beatles.
London HLU9393 1961 Watch Your Step/ Steal Your Heart Away
Sue WI340 1964 Watch Your Step/ Steal Your Heart Away
Blue Horizon 573151 1969 It's Hard But It's Fair/ I Couldn't Quit My Baby

 Bobby Womack: US performer who was born in Cleveland, Ohio during 1944. He began singing gospel songs in a group called the 'Womack Brothers'. Sam Cooke discovered the group and moved them into R&B and they became the Valentinos whose greatest claim to fame is that they performed the original version of the Stones' hit 'It's All Over Now'. Bobby went solo in the mid 60s and joined the Minit label. He is one of the most versatile of the soul singers to emerge at that time.
Minit MLF11001  1968  Broadway Walk/ Somebody Special
Minit MLF11005  1968  What Is This/ What You Gonna Do
Minit MLF11010  1968  Fly Me To The Moon/ Take Me
Minit MLF11012  1968  California Dreamin'/ Baby You Oughta Think It Over

 Boots Brown: US
RCA RCA1078  1958  Cerveza/ Juicy
RCA RCA1102  1959  Jim Twangy/ Trollin'

 Boots Randolph: US Saxophonist born June 3rd 1925 in Kentucky.
London HLU9567  1962  Bluebird Of Happiness/ Keep A Light In Your Window Tonight
London HLU9685  1963  Yakety Sax/ I Really Don't Want To Know
London HLU9798  1963  Windy And Warm/ Lonely Street
London HLU9891  1964  Hey, Mr Sax Man/ Baby Go To Sleep
London HLU10017  1966  Theme From A Dream/ King Of The Road
London HLU10028  1966  These Boots Are Made For Walking/ Honey In Your Heart
Monumental MON1001  1967  The Shadow Of Your Smile/ I'll Just Walk Away
Monumental MON1011  1967  Big Daddy/ Love Letters
Monumental MON1028  1969  Games People Play/ By The Time I Get To Phoenix

 Brenda And The Tabulations: Philadelphia singing group whose lead singer was Brenda Payton. Their only US hit during the 1960s was their first UK release, but they scored again during 1971.
London HL10127 1967 Dry Your Eyes/ The Wash
London HL10174 1967 When You're Gone/ Hey Baby
Direction 58-3678 1968 Baby You're So Right For Me/ To The One I Love
Action ACT4541 1969 That's In The Past/ I Can't Get Over You

 Brenda Jo Harris:
Roulette RO503  1969  I Can Remember/ Play With Fire

 Brian Fahey Orchestra: Although they never charted their second UK release will be very familiar to many of us in the UK as the theme chosen by Alan Freeman for BBC radio's 'Pick Of The Pops' chart show. It ultimately became 'Fluff' Freeman's own personal signature tune.
Parlophone R4655 1959 Street Of A Thousand Bongos/ Waltz For Beatniks
Parlophone R4686 1960 At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal/ The Clanger
Parlophone R4909 1962 At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal/ The Clanger
Parlophone R5195  1964 Our Man At The Bullfight/ Waltz Of The Broads
Parlophone R5262 1965 Gidian's Way/ Love Theme From 'In Harm's Way'
United Artists UP1115 1965 Twang/ You Can't Catch Me
Parlophone R5615 1967 The Plank/ Stay On The Island
Parlophone R5639 1967 With A Song In My Heart
Columbia DB8447 1968 Late Night Extra/ Oh The Pity Of It All
Major Minor MM656 1969 Open House/ Countdown

 Brooklyn Bridge: New York group led by Johnny Maestro, formerly of the Crests (16 Candles). 'The Worst That Could Happen' hit #3 in the US but the British were still not ready for Doo Wop apparently.
Pye 7N25473 1968 From My Window I Can See/ Little Red Boat By The River
Buddah 201029 1969 The Worst That Could Happen/ Your Kite My Kite

 Brumbeats: Five-piece group, unsurprisingly from Brirmingham.
Decca F11834 1964 Cry Little Girl, Cry/ I Don't Understand

 Bryan Blackburn & Peter Reeves: Writer/ Performers who came to fame in a number of London's West-E nd musicals.
Philips BF1171  1961  Li-Chee Fair/ Eggheads

 Buck Owens: Country singer, born August 12th, 1929 in Sherman, Texas. After success as a backing guitarist for other singers he went on to cutting his own recordings and became a leading country singer of his era.
Capitol CL15009  1959  Everlasting Love/ Second Fiddle
Capitol CL15123  1960  Above And Beyond/ Til These Dreams Come True
Capitol CL15162  1960  Excuse Me/ I've Got A Right To Know
Capitol CL15187  1961  Foolin' Around/ High As The Mountain
Capitol CL15321  1963  Love's Gonna Live Here/ Getting Used To Losing You
Capitol CL15364  1964  Together Again/ Ain't It Amazin' Gracie
Capitol CL15379  1965  I've Got A Tiger By The Tail/ Cryin' Time
Capitol CL15402  1965  Before You Go/ No One But You
Capitol CL15437  1966  Waitin' In Your Welfare Line/ In The Palm Of Your Hand
Capitol CL15452  1966  Think Of Me/ Heart Of Glass
Capitol CL15501  1967  Sam's Place/ Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye
Capitol CL15582  1969  There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made/ Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
Capitol CL15593  1969  Johnny B. Goode/ Maybe If I Close My Eyes

 Buckinghams: UK beat group from Islington in North London.
Pye 7N15848  1965 I'll Never Hurt You No More/ She Lied
Pye 7N15921   1965  To Be Or Not To Be/ I Was Your First Guy

 Buckinghams: US Quintet from Chicago.
Stateside SS529  1966 I Call Your Name/ Makin' Up And Breakin' Up
Stateside SS588  1967 Kind Of A Drag/ You Make Me Feel So Good
Stateside SS2011  1967  Makin' Up And Breakin' Up/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy
CBS 2640  1967  Don't You Care/ Why Don't You Love Me
CBS 2859  1967  Mercy Mercy Mercy/ You Are Gone
CBS 3195  1967  Susan/ Foreign Policy
CBS 3559  1968  Back In Love Again/ You Misunderstand Me

 Bud Flanagan: Born October 14th, 1896 in Whitechapel, London. Teamed with Chesney Allen to become one of the best loved comedy and musical duos of the 1930s, and 1940s, though they appeared together occasionally in the 1950s. Both were members of the legendary 'Crazy Gang' in the 1930s, but Flanagan went solo in 1946 because of Allen's poor health. He retired himself in 1962, but cut a final single in 1968, 'Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler?', which was used to introduce the programme "Dad's Army".
Columbia DB4265  1959 Strollin' /Home Is Where The Heart Is
Columbia DB4565  1961 Friendly Street/ Just For Laughs
Pye 7N17854  1969 Who Do You Think You're Kidding Mr. Hitler

 Buddy Brennan Quartet: US
London HL9049  1960 Big River/ The Chase

 Buddy Britten And The Regents: West London based group
Piccadilly 7N35075 1962 My Pride, My Joy/ Long Gone Baby
Decca F11435 1962 Don't Spread It Around/ The Beat Of My Heart
Oriole CB1827 1963 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/ Money
Oriole CB1839 1963 Hey There/ I'll Cry No More
Oriole CB1859 1963 My Resistance Is Low/ When I See You Smile
Oriole CB1889 1963 Money/ Sorrow Tomorrow
Oriole CB1911 1964 I Guess I'm In The Way/ Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Piccadilly 7N35421 1965 She's About A Mover/ Since You've Gone
Piccadilly 7N35257 1965 Right Now/ Jailer Bring Me Water

 Buddy Clinton: US
Top Rank JAR287  1960 Across The Street From Your House/ How My Prayers Have Changed

 Buddy Guy: Buddy was born too late to be one of Chicago Blues original 'greats', but he is old enough to have played alongside all of them. He is arguably the blues greatest living guitarist despite having only two UK singles issued during the 1960s.
Chess CRS8004 1965 Let Me Love You Baby/ Ten Years Ago
Fontana TF951  1968 Mary Had A Little Lamb/ Sweet Little Angel

 Buffalo Springfield: Although this group enjoys legendary status on both sides of the Atlantic and charted in the U.S., they never had UK chart presence. They began through the coming together of Canadian, Neil Young and Texan, Stephen Stills. These were joined by Richie Furay from Ohio, Dewey Martin and Bruce Palmer- both Canadians and Jim Messina the only real Californian- despite the fact that the band is widely regarded as a Californian group.
Atlantic 584077 1967 For What It's Worth/ Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It
Atlantic 584145 1967 Rock'n'Roll Woman/ A Child's Claim To Fame
Atlantic 584165 1968 Expecting To Fly/ Everydays
Atlantic 584189 1968 Uno Mundo/ Merry-Go-Round
Atco 226 006 1969 Pretty Girl Why/ Questions

 Buffy Sainte-Marie: born February 20th, 1941 in Saskatchewan, Canada. She had success as a songwriter and singer of 'campaigning' material, particularly for native-American (Indian) rights. She had no success in the UK, but her 'Universal Soldier' was covered successfully in the UK by Donovan.
Fontana TF574  1965 Until It's Time For You To Go/ The Flower And The Apple Tree
Fontana TF614 1965   Universal Soldier/ Cripple Creek
Fontana TF695  1965  Timeless Love/ Lady Margret

 Bunnies: UK
Decca F12350  1966 Ja Da/ Thumper

 Bunny Sigler: US songwriter from Philadelphia.
Cameo Parkway P153  1962 ILet The Good Times Roll/ There's No Love Left

 Buster Brown: Harmonica player who started life during 1911 in Georgia, but spent a lot of his later years in New York singing and playing the blues.
Melodisc 1559 1960 Fannie Mae/ Lost In A Dream
Sue SR368 1965 Fannie Mae/ Lost In A Dream
Island WI3031 1967 My Blue Heaven/ Two Women
Blue Horizon 57-3147 1969 Sugar Babe/ I'm Going But I'll Be Back

 Buster's Group: West Indian Ska (with various artists)
 See also Prince Buster, Derek Morgan, Bobby Atkin, R Gabbidon
Blue Beat BB82  1962 Hully Gully Miss Molly/ Don't You Know Little Girl
Blue Beat BB91 1962  Headache/ Millie Girl
Blue Beat BB93  1962 Never Never/ Isabella

 Butlinaires: UK Holiday Camp Entertainers
Fontana H126  1958 I Stand On Guard/ The Key

 Buzzy King: US
Top Rank JAR278  1960 Schoolboy Blues/ Your Picture

 Byron Lee: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB2  1960 Dumplin's
Blue Beat BB28 1961   Mash Mr. Lee
Starlite ST45 045  1961  Joy Ride/ Over The Rainbow
Parlophone R5124  1964  River Bank/ Musical Communion
Parlophone R5125  1964  Sour Apples/ Hanging Up My Heart
Parlophone R5140  1964  Sammy Dead/ Say Bye Bye
Parlophone R5177  1964  Beautiful Garden/ Too Late
Parlophone R5182  1964  Come Back/ Jamaica Ska
MGM MGM1256  1964  Night Train From Jamaica
Island WI222  1965  Dan Is The Man
Doctor Bird 1003  1966  Sloopy/ Goldfinger
Pyramid PYR6015   1967  Sloopy/ Goldfinger
Trojan TR624  1968  Soul Limbo/ Whistling Song
Trojan TR631  1968  Mr Walker/ Sunset Jump Up
Major Minor MM615 1969   Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday/ Oh What A Feeling
Duke DU39  1969  Elizabethan Reggae/ Soul Serenade

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