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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
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 G-Clefs: Four brothers, Teddy, Chris, Timmy and Arnold Scott together with their friend Ray Gibson formed this Massachusetts Doo-Wop group. Their version of 'I Understand' drew great success at home, but didn't score on the chart in the UK until the 'Freddie and the Dreamers' remake/cover took it to UK #5 in 1964.
Columbia DB3851  1956  Ka-Ding Dong/ Darla, My Darlin'
London HLU9433  1961  I Understand/ Little Girl
London HLU9530  1962  A Girl Has To Know/ (There Never Was A Dog Like) Dad
London HLU9563  1962  Make Up Your Mind/ Call Me Away

Capitol CL15158  1960 The Big Triangle/ Until The Next Time

 Garry Miles: Garry Miles was a contrived name for Buzz Cason, who had previously been with a US group called the Statues. He appears to have covered not only this Tony Hatch penned song, but almost the original singer's name too! However, in the UK, it was the original version- from the British horror movie "Circus Of Horrors" sung by the confusingly similarly named Garry Mills that charted. Buzz Cason later became a short lived member of the 'Crickets' before turning his attention to production. His greatest UK success was probably as co-writer of the "Love Affair"'s massive #1, 'Everlasting Love' in 1967.
London HLG9155  1960 Look For A Star/ Afraid Of Love

 Gary And The Ariels: The respelt 'Gary' was actually the UK's Garry Mills doubtless trying to redefine himself to take advantage of the mid 60s boom in beat groups.
Fontana TF476  1964  Say You Love Me/ Town Girl

 Gary Benson:
Pye 7N17032  1966  I'm So Tired/ This Man's Got No Luck
Pye 7N17106  1966  Unpredictable Journey/ His Home Coming
Columbia DB8448  1968  Kentucky/ Help Me Catch The Morning Breeze
Bell BLL1071  1969  When The Clock Strikes Twelve/ Back In Love Again

 Gary Edwards Combo:  UK group.
Oriole CB1700  1962  Twist Or Bust/ Franz Liszt Twist
Oriole CB1717  1962  The Method/ Twistful Thinkin'
Oriole CB1733  1962  Africa/ One Fifteen A.M.
Oriole CB1759  1962  Hopscotch/ Theme For A Broken Dream

 Gary Lewis And The Playboys: This US Vocalist/Drummer and group were a great success in the USA, but had to wait until 1975 before the re-issue of 'My Heart's Symphony' scraped to #36 to give them their one solitary UK hit in 1975. Gary was actually the son of comedian Jerry Lewis and still tours with a new edition of the group.
Liberty LIB10187  1965  This Diamond Ring/ Tijuana Wedding
Liberty LIB55778  1965  Count Me In/ Little Miss Go-Go
 Liberty LIB55809  1965  Save Your Heart For Me/ Without A Word Of Warning
 Liberty LIB55818  1965  Everybody Loves A Clown/ Time Stands Still
 Liberty LIB55846  1966  She's Just My Style/ I Won't Make That Mistake Again
 Liberty LIB55865  1966  Sure Gonna Miss Her/ I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight
 Liberty LIB55880  1966  Green Grass/ I Can Read Between The Lines
 Liberty LIB55898  1966  My Heart's Symphony/ Tina
 Liberty LIB55914  1966  Paint Me A Picture/ Looking For The Stars
 Liberty LIB55933  1967  Where Will The Words Come From/ The Best Man
 Liberty LIB55949  1967  Loser/ Ice Melts In The Sun
 Liberty LIB55971  1967  Girls In Love/ Let's Be More Than Friends
 Liberty LBF15025  1967  Needles And Pins/ Jill
 Liberty LBF15131  1968  Sealed With A Kiss/ Pretty Thing

Gemini: Tornados style instrumentalists who later became the basis of the more successful "Quiet Five"
Columbia DB7638 1965 Space Walk/ Goodbye Joe

Gene Allison: Nashville based gospel singer.
London HLU8605 1958 Hey Hey I Love You/ You Can Make It If You Try

 Gene Chandler And Barbara Acklin: Gene who had previously failed chartwise with 'Duke Of Earl' emerged again in the UK as a soul singer later in the sixties and scored his first success in 1968 with 'Nothing Can Stop Me'. However, this team effort yielded nothing.
MCA Soul Bag BAG1  1969  Little Green Apples/

 Geoff Love Orchestra: Geoff Love's best success under his own name was probably his cover of Perez Prado's organ hit 'Patricia', however he never charted until he took the pseudonym 'Manuel and His Music Of The Mountains'.
 Columbia DB3977  1957  You Are My Heart's Delight/ Me Belle
 Columbia DB4065  1958  Story Of Ireland/Wherever You Are
 Columbia DB4122  1958  The Rain In Spain/ Washington Concerto
 Columbia DB4169  1958  Patricia/ Brazil
 Columbia DB4202  1958  Song Of Alassio/ Giorgio
 Columbia DB4316  1959  String Of Trumpets/ Brigadier Of Wellington Bull
 Columbia DB4352 1959   The Sabre Dance/ Mambo Jambo
 Columbia DB4627  1961  Coronation Street/ Sophia
 Columbia DB4801  1962  Niana/ White Rose Of Athens
 Columbia DB4881  1962  Steptoe And Son/ Over The Backyard Fence
 Columbia DB7082  1963  The Trapeze Waltz/ Chile Con Carne
 Columbia DB7216  1964  Hellelujah Gathering/ Lonely In A Crowd
 Columbia DB7844  1966  The Big Country/ The Eyes Of Those Who Love
 Columbia DB7966  1966  Mazeltov/ Some Other Day

 George Chakiris: US Actor. His biggest claim to fame on record is that he was once produced by Joe Meek. 
Saga 45-2905 1959 Cool/ I Got Rhythm
Triumph RGM1010  1960  I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/ Heart Of A Teenage Girl
Capitol CL12584  1963  Colouring Book/ Lot Of Living To Do
Capitol CL15353  1964  Not For Me/ Invisible Tears

 George Jones:  George Jones was born 1931in Saratoga, Texas, and became one of the most successful country singers of all time. The UK singles were released at the peak of his career, but these would have no greater success than his stormy marriage to Tammy Wynette that began in 1969.
Mercury AMT1021  1959  Treasure Of Love/ If I Don't Love You
Mercury AMT1036  1959  White Lightning/ Long Time To Forget
Mercury AMT1058  1959  Who Shot Sam/ Into My Arms Again
Mercury AMT1078  1959  Big Harlaan Taylor/ Money To Burn
Mercury AMT1100  1960  Sparkling Brown Eyes/ Accidentally On Purpose
Mercury AMT1124  1961  Candy Hearts/ The Window Up Above
United Artists POP1037  1962  Geronimo/ She Thinks I Still Care
United Artists UP1015  1963  I Saw Me/ Not What I Had In Mind
United Artists UP1080 1965 The Race Is On/ She's So Lonesome Again
Stateside SS2145  1969 If My Heart Had Windows/ Taggin' Along

 Georgettes:  Their first UK single features the guitar playing of Eddie Cochran as well as session man, Joe Maphis.
London HL8548  1958  Love Like A Fool/ Oh Tonight
Pye 7N25058  1955  Down By The River/ A Pair Of Eyes

 Georgie's Varsity Five:  
Vogue V9189  1961  Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue/ When My Sugar Walks Down The Street

 Gerry Beckles:
Oriole CB1606  1961  No Love For Johnnie/ Come Back running

 Gerry Reno:
Decca F11477 1962 Don't Ever Change/ What Would You Do
Decca F11516  1962 Who's Fooling You/ Three Deadly Sins
Decca F11774   1963  It Only Happens In The Movies/ One Lonely Guy

CBS 202015  1965  Any Time That You're Lonely/ Born To Be Free
CBS 202063  1965  Come Summertime/ Summer Affair
Deram DM103  1966  Two Kinds Of Lovers/ Hey Girl
Deram DM119  1967  Magic Book/ You Know I Need Your Loving
Major Minor MM524  1967  Night And Day/ City life
Major Minor MM547  1967  Only When You're Lonely/ Ode To A Doll's House

 Girl Satchmo: West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB227  1964  Blue Beat Chariot/ Rhythm Of The New Beat

 Gladiolas: This version of 'Little Darlin' ', recorded in a Nashville record shop, was the original version- not the better known one by the Canadian group, 'The Diamonds'. The Gladiolas never had any subsequent success either, but soon evolved into 'Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs'.
London HLO8435  1957 Little Darlin'/ Sweetheart, Please Don't Go

 Glenda Collins: Glenda was 'discovered' by Carroll Levis who put her on TV. She was a popular singer in many ways, sadly this success didn't extend to her records. However most of these are now collectors items, many were produced by Joe Meek and some featured the guitarwork of future Rainbow star Ritchie Blackmore.
Decca F11280  1960  Crazy Guy/ Take A Chance
Decca F11321  1961  Oh How I Miss You Tonight/ Age For Love
Decca F11417  1961  Head Over Heels In Love/ Find Another Fool
HMV POP1163  1963  I Lost My Heart In The Fairground/ I Feel So Good
HMV POP1233  1963  If You've Got To Pick A Baby/ In The First Place
HMV POP1283  1964  Baby It Hurts/ Nice Wasn't It
HMV POP1323  1964  Lollipop/ Everybody's Got To Fall In Love
HMV POP1439  1965  Johnny Loves Me/ Paradise For Two
HMV POP1475  1965  Thou Shalt Not Steal/ Been Invited To A Party
Pye 7N17044  1966  Something I've Got To Tell You/ My Heart Didn't Lie
Pye 7N17150  1966  It's Hard To Believe It/ Don't Let It Rain On Sunday

 Gloria Lynne: Although really a Jazz singer, this New Yorker enjoyed a little success with the single 'I Wish You Love' in the USA.
London HLY9846  1964  I Wish You Love/ Through A Long And Sleeping Night
London HLY9888  1964  I Should Care/ Indian Love Call
Fontana H1017  1969  Problem Child/ I've Got To Be Someone

 Glyn Johns:
Decca F11478  1962 January Blues/ Sioux Indian
Decca F11753   1963  Old Deceiver Time/ Dancing With You
Immediate IM013  1965  Mary Anne/ Like Grains Of Yellow Sand
Pye 7N15818  1965  I'll Follow The Sun/ I'll Take You Dancing

 Good Ship Lollipop: A North Devon group composed of - Andrew Butler from Bideford, Mike Oram from Braunton, Terry Tildersley from Torrington and Mike Warburton from Berrynarbor. They were managed by Mike Deakin from Barnstaple and their sole single release was produced by Mike Berry (no relation to Mike Berry the singer/ actor). [Biographical info supplied by their former roadie, 'Martin'.]
Ember EMBS276   1969  Maxwell's Silver Hammer/ How Does It Feel

 Googie Rene: US bandleader who also spent time as A&R man, producer and director. He was responsible for starting Bobby Day's career.
London HLY9056  1960  Forever/ Ez-zee
Atlantic AT4076  1966  Smokey Joe's La La/ Needing You
Atlantic 584 015  1966  Chica-Boo/ Mercy Mercy

 Gordon Franks Players: This UK orchestra are one of a small list of artists that started their recording career with Embassy. This was the budget label used by Woolworth's to market cheaper cover versions of current hits. Despite transferring to full publication on other labels the band never charted.
Embassy 294  1958  Patricia/ Torero
Embassy 310  1958 Tea For Two Cha Cha/ Guaglione
Embassy 312  1958  Hoots Mon/ Tom Dooley
Embassy 363  1959 Makin Love/ Red River Rock
Embassy 583   1963  Theme From Lost Patrol/ Theme From Anthony And Cleopatra
Oriole CB1541  1960  Inn For Trouble/ Twinkle Toes
Parlophone R4910  1962  Rag Trade Rag/ Sid's Tune
Parlophone R4929  1962  Johnny's Tune/ Outbreak Of Murder
Decca F11587  1963 Sam Benedict/ Sweet And Sour
CBS 20204  1966 Music Through Midnight/ Newsboy

 Graham Bond Organisation: Graham Bond played organ with 'Blues Incorporated' before leaving this Alexis Korner group to form his own trio with Jack Bruce (bass) and Ginger Baker (drums). Shortly afterwards this was extended to a quartet through the addition of a guitarist and finally became the 'Organisation' when Sax player Richard Heckstall-Smith joined them. Although never gaining great commercial success on record the Graham Bond Organisation was one of the most important influences in the development of UK blues. Some of the most important musicians of the British scene passed through the group including former rock and roller Duffy Power. Sadly, keyboard player Bond died in a tragic accident on the London Underground in 1974.
Decca F11909  1964  Long Tall Shorty/ Long Legged Baby
Columbia DB7471  1965 Wade In The Water/ Tammy
Columbia DB7528  1965  Tell Me (I'm Gonna Love Again)/ Love Come Shining Through
Columbia DB7647   1965  Lease On Love/ My Heart's In Little Pieces
Columbia DB7838  1966 St. James Infirmary/ Soul Tango
Page One POF014  1967  You've Gotta Have Love Babe/ I Love You

 Grandpa Jones:  US Country singer with a 'rustic' image. Never did any good in the UK with singles, but I seem to come across a lot of his EPs.
Brunswick 5676  1957  Eight More Miles To Louisville/ Dark As A Dungeon

 Grethe And Jorgen Ingman:  Danish winners of Eurovision in 1963.
Columbia DB7013 1963 Dansevise (I Loved You)/ My Little Boy

 Group X:  A gathering of session men hoping for a chart breakthrough that never happened. Interesting and different instrumentals though.
Fontana 267 274  1963 There Are 8 Million Cossack Melodies- And This Is One Of Them/ Teneriffe
Fontana TF417  1963 Rohi Calliope (Pronounced Kal-Ee-O-Pee)/ Cross Beat

 Guitar Red:  US musician who recorded with Checker; his real name was Paul Johnson.
Pye 7N25219  1963  Just You And I/ (Give Me That) Old Fashioned Love

United Artists UP1160 1966  Blue Snow Night/ Come Girl

Tepee TPR SP1001 1969  You Go Your Way/ Little Girl

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