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  • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only.
  • No artist charted in the UK before 1970
  • Artists are listed strictly alphabetically
  • Collector's Items are shown In Red

 Mack Kissoon: Looks suspiciously like 'Young Blood''s first release.
Young Blood YB1001  1969  Get Down With It (Incorporating) Satisfaction/ I Care About You

 Mack Vickery:  Alabama born singer/ songwriter who was most successful at producing material for other artists who included Jerry Lee Lewis and Waylon Jennings.
Top Rank JAR420  1960  Hawaiian Stroll/ Fantasy

 Madelaine Bell: UK resident American, best known for her vocal work in Blue Mink and worked a lot with Dusty Springfield and other artists as a backing singer.
HMV POP1215  1963  I Long For Your Love/ Because You Didn't Care
Columbia DB7257   1964  Don't Cross To My Side/ You Don't Love Me No More
Columbia DB7512  1965  Daytime/ Don't Cry My Heart
Philips BF1448   1965  What The World Needs Now Is Love/ I Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face
Philips BF1501  1966  Don't Come Running To Me/ I Really Got Carried Away
Philips BF1526   1966  One Step At A Time/ You Won't See Me
Philips BF1596  1967  Climb Every Mountain/ It Makes No Difference Now
Philips BF1611  1967  Picture Me Gone/ Go Ahead In
Philips BF1656  1968  I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/ I'm Gonna Leave You
Philips BF1688  1968  Thinkin'/ Don't Give Your Love Away
Philips BF1726  1968  Hold It/ What'm I Supposed To Do
Philips BF1799  1969  We're So Much In Love/ How Much Do I Love You

 Magic Notes:  West Indian Ska
Blue Beat BB9  1960  Album Of Memory/ Why Did You Leave
Blue Beat BB51  1961  Rosabel/ I'm Not Worthy

 Magic Sam:  One of many Mississippi born bluesmen to resettle in Chicago. He was responsible for introducing a 'soul' sound to the blues for which he received much attention and acclaim at the end of the 1960s. However he died in December 1969 at the age of only 32 from a heart attack.
Python PEN701 1969 Twenty One Days In Jail/ Easy Baby

 Magistrates:  US group with two covers. The first was a hit for Pigmeat Markham and the second wasn't a hit for Peter Sellers & The Hollies, but which is a collector's item.
MGM MGM1425  1968  Here Comes The Judge/ Girl
MGM MGM1437  1968  After The Fox/ Tear Down The Walls

 Magna Carta:  UK band brought together by Peter Simpson- had some success with Albums during the 1970s. Still playing today but with some changes of personnel.
Fontana TF1060  1969 Romeo Jack/ 7 O'Clock Hymn
Mercury MF1096  1969 Mid-Winter/ Spinning Wheels Of Time

 Majors: Yet more collector's items from a US R&B outfit on the London label.
London HLP9602  1962 A Wonderful Dream/ Time Will Tell
London HLP9627  1962  She's A Trouble Maker/ A Little Bit Now
London HLP9693  1963  What In The World/ Tra La La
Liberty LBF66009  1964  Ooh Wee Baby/ I'll Be There

 Mamie Van Doren: US 'dumb blonde' actress who worked in some 1950s rock'n'roll movies, including 'High School Confidential'.
Capitol CL14850 1958 Something to Dream About/ I Fell In Love

 Man: Welsh 1970s Rock Band who were largely formed from members of the 'Bystanders' who had a minor hit with a cover of 'Keith's '98.6' during 1967.
Pye 7N17684 1969 Sudden Life/ Love

 Mar-Keys: Memphis instrumental seven piece group. During 1962 the group were joined by Booker T. Jones and Al Jackson. This pair and two of the original group were to start playing as Booker T. & The MGs in addition to their work with the Mar-Keys.
London HLK9399  1961  Last Night/ Never On Sunday
London HLK9449  1961  Morning After/ Diana
London HLK9510  1962  Foxy/ One Degree North
Atlantic AT4079  1966  Philly Dog/ Honey Pot
Atlantic 584074  1967 Last Night/ Night Before 
Stax STAX132  1969  Black/ Jive Man

 Marauders: This group were familiar to clubbers at Liverpool's famous 'Cavern', but they were actually from Stoke-On-Trent.
Decca F11695 1963 That's What I Want/ Hey What'd You Say
Decca F11748 1963 Always On My Mind/ Heart Full Of Tears
Decca F11836 1964 Lucille/ Little Egypt
Fontana TF609 1965 Baby I Wanna Be Loved/ Somebody Told My Girl

 Marcello Minerbi: All Greek to me.
Durium DRS54001  1965 Zorba's Dance/ L'Isola Del Sole
Durium DRS54003  1965 Holiday In Athens/ Temp Di Sirtaki
Durium DRS54007  1965 El Cordobes/ Take Off Your Old Cloak  
Durium DRS540016   1966 Love Story/ Materling

 Marcie Blane: Her great hit was covered very successfully by a version at least as good by the UK's Susan Maughan, but the original is very sought after.
London HLU9599  1962 Bobby's Girl/ A Time To Dream
London HLU9673  1963 What Does A Girl Do/ How Can I Tell Him
London HLU9744  1963 Little Miss Fool/ Ragtime Sound
London HLU9787  1963 You Gave My Number To Billy/ Told You So

 Margo And The Marvettes: Lady called Margo Burns from County Down in Northern Ireland backed by five males.
Parlophone R5154  1964 Cherry Pie/ Say You Will
Parlophone R5227  1964 Copper Kettle/ So Fine
Piccadilly 7N35387  1967 Seven Letters/ That's How Love Goes 
Pye 7N17423  1967 When Love Slips Away/ I'll Be Home

 Marianne: No lady, but a group of Americans who became resident in the UK.
Columbia DB8420  1968 As For Maronettes/ You Know My Name
Columbia DB8456  1968 You Had Better Change Your Evil Ways/ Like A See Saw 
Vocalion V9218  1964  Go On/ As He Once Was Mine (with Mike)

 Marianne And Mike: I don't know who Mike was, but it's widely believed that Marianne was Friday Brown(e)
Vocalion V9225  1964  Over The Hills And Far Away/ A Collection Of Recollections

 Mark Four: This 'Mod' group evolved into the 'super-group' Creation.
Decca F12205 1965 Hurt Me If You Will/ I'm Leaving
Fontana TF664 1966 Work All Day (Sleep All Night)/ Going Down Fast

 Mark Murphy:  New York Jazz vocalist whose career has spanned 6 decades- so far.
Brunswick 05701  1957  Goodbye Baby Blues/ The Right Kind Of Woman
Capitol CL14962  1958  Belong To Me/ Don't Cry My Love
Capitol CL15117  1960  Send For Me/ Come To Me
Riverside RIF106905  1963  Like Love/ Fly Away My Sadness
Riverside RIF106908  1963  Fly Me To The Moon/ Why Don't You Do Right
Fontana TF572  1965  High On Windy Hill/ Broken Heart
Fontana TF803   1967  (Ain't That) Just Like A Woman/ Do You Wonder If I Love You
Pye 7N17661  1969  Come Back To Me/ Dear Heart

 Mark Peters And The Silhouettes: Six piece from Merseyside. Mark went on later to become a member of the 'Rats'.
Oriole CB1836  1963  Fragile (Handle With Care)/ Janie
Oriole CB1909  1964  Cindy's Gonna Cry/ Show Her
Piccadilly 7N35207  1964  Don't Cry For Me/ I Told You So

 Mark Rogers And The Marksmen: Actually German born Mark Wirtz who probably had more success as a producer .
Parlophone R5045  1963  Hold It!/ Bubble Pop

 Mark Tracey:  John Barry backed singer.
Parlophone R4944  1964  Caravan Of Lonely Men/ Never Ending

 Martin Cure And The Peeps: Coventry quartet who also recorded as the 'Sabres'.
Philips BF1605  1967 It's All Over Now/ I Can Make The Rain Fall Up

 Martin Denny:  Orchestra leader born New York in 1911. His music often included sounds from nature.
London HLU8860  1959  Quiet Village/ Llama Serenade
London HLU8976  1959  The Enchanted Sea/ Martinique

 Marty Hill:
Philips BF1116  1961  Mr Oracle Of Love/ Somebody

 Marylebone Ensemble: Two contrasting sides, from keyboard, strings and drums. A harpsichord driven classical sounding 'Porcelain' backed by the funky blues organ sound of 'Transplant'.
Beacon BEA3-120  1969  Porcelain/ Transplant

 Max Harris:  'Gurney Slade' was a character in a TV series starring Anthony Newley.
Fontana H282  1960  Gurney Slade/ Hat And Cane
Fontana H296 1961 Wheels/ Regency Ride
Fontana H318  1961  Panch/ Jumbo Leap

 Maxine Brown:  Former gospel singer from South Carolina whose popularity as an R&B artist grew during the 1960s and the onset of 'soul'.
London HLU9286 1961 All In My Mind/ Harry, Let's Marry
HMV POP1102 1962 Am I Falling In Love/ Promise Me Anything
Stateside SS188 1963 Ask Me/ Yesterday's Kisses
Pye 7N25272 1964 Oh No Not My Baby/ You Upset My Soul
Pye 7N25299 1965 It's Gonna Be Alright/ You Do Something To Me
Pye 7N25317 1965 One Step At A Time/ Anything For A Laugh
Pye 7N25410 1967 I've Got A Lot Of Love Left In Me/ Hold On
Pye 7N25434  1967 Since I Found You/ Gotta Find A Way

 Maxine Daniels:  Sister and former singing partner of Kenny Lynch. Despite, no doubt, help from her talented kid brother, Maxine never managed to get a big seller.
Oriole CB1366 1957 Coffee Bar Calypso/ Cha Cha Calypso
Oriole CB1372 1958 Why Should I Care/ London Is A Village
Oriole CB1402 1958 I Never Realised/ Moonlight Serenade
Oriole CB1440 1958 You Bought A New Kind Of Love To Me/ Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
Oriole CB1449 1958 When It's Springtime In The Rockies/ My Summer Heart
Oriole CB1462 1958 Passionate Summer/ Lola's Heart

 McKenna Mendelson Mainline:  Group from Toronto led by guitarist Mike McKenna with vocalist/ gutarist Joe Mendelson.
Liberty LBF15235  1969  You Better Watch Out/ She's Alright
Liberty LBF15276  1969  Don't Give Me No Goose For Christmas Grandma/ Beltmaker

 McKinleys:  Jeanette and Sheila McKinley from Edinburgh. Their final release allegedly benefits from Donovan on guitar.
Columbia DB7230  1964  Someone Cares For Me/ Million Miles Away
Columbia DB7310  1964 When He Comes Along/ Then I'll Know It's Love
Parlophone R5211  1964  Sweet And Tender Romance/ That Lonely Feeling
Columbia DB7583  1965  Give Him My Love/ Once More

 Me And Them:  Five piece UK band with George Davies on vocals. I assume that he was 'me', but I don't think 'them' was Them!
Pye 7N15596  1964  Feels So Good/ I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
Pye 7N15631  1964  Everything I Do Is Wrong/ Show You Mean It Too
Pye 7N15683  1964  Get Away/ Tell Me Why

 Measles: Manchester based R&B outfit with Rod Hoffman on vocals.
Columbia DB7531  1965  Casting My Spell/ Bye Birdie Fly
Columbia DB7673  1965  Night People/ Dog Rough Dan
Columbia DB7875  1966  Kicks/ No Baby At All
Columbia DB8029  1966  Walkin' In/ Looking For Love

 Meditators: Unusual, but optimistic label; West Indian Ska
Success RE901  1969  Look Who A Bust Style

Top Rank JAR146  1959 Velvet Waters/ The Merry Piper
Top Rank JAR236  1959  Tootie Flootie/ Whispering Winds

 Mel Gadson:
London HLX9105  1960  Comin' Down With Love/ I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You

 Memphis Slim: Born in Memphis during 1915, John L. Chatman became one of the top Chicago bluesmen after settling there in 1937. After touring Europe during the 1960s blues revivalist period he resettled in Paris where the great pianist died in 1988.
Collector JDN102 1960 Pinetop's Blues/ How Long
Storyville A45055 1962 Big City Girl/ El Capitan

 Meters: New Orleans group led by Art Neville who are renowned for being pioneers of 'funk'.
Stateside SS2140  1969  Sophisticated Cissy/ Sehorn's Farms

 Mia Lewis:  
Decca F12117  1965  Wish I Didn't Love Him/ This Is The End
Decca F12240  1965  It's Goodbye Now/ The Luckiest Girl
Parlophone R5526  1966  Nothing Lasts Forever/ (Baby) I'm Feeling Good
Parlophone R5585  1967  No Time For Lovin'/ Onion
Parlophone R5617  1967  Woman's Love/ You Won't Get Away

 Michael Bentine: Well loved Anglo-Peruvian comedian.
Parlophone R4927  1957  Football Results/ Astronauts

 Michael Hill:  UK pianist.
Parlophone R4671  1960  Joey's Song/ Juke's Jingle
Parlophone R4700  1960  Ike's Tune/ Beatnik Boogie
Parlophone R4727  1960  Glory Rock/ Blue On Blue
Parlophone R4792  1961  Holiday In Naples/ Frog March
Parlophone R4833  1961  Sloppy Joe/ Who's Chicken
Parlophone R4916  1962  Popsy/ Bubble Bath

 Michael London: Singer who vocalised Acker Bilk's 'Stranger On The Shore'. It didn't succeed even though it was backed by the great man himself.
HMV POP1026  1962  Stranger On The Shore/ Miracles Sometimes Happen
HMV POP1085  1962  For The Very Young/ Mutiny On The Bounty Love Song

 Mick Tinsley: Former lead singer with Hedgehoppers Anonymous with a solo recording- still going strong as a singer at the time of writing.
Decca F12544 1967 Let It Be Me/How're You Gonna Tell Me

 Mickey Katz: U.S. Clarinetist/ comedian who was formerly with the Spike Jones Orchestra and who went on to become known and loved for his 'Yiddish' inspired pieces of musical humour.
Capitol CL14579  1956  The Ballad Of David Crockett/ Keneh Hora
Capitol CL14926  1958  The Poiple Kishka Eater/ Knish Doctor

 Mickey Mozart Quintet:  Group based around the unconventional harp playing of New Yorker, Robert Maxwell (no relation to the disgraced newspaper tycoon.)
Columbia DB4308  1959  Mexican Hop/ Little Dipper

 Micky Dolenz: Two 'single sides' from the Monkee's drummer.
London HLH10117  1967  Don't Do It
London HLH10152  1967  Huff Puff

 Mike And Bernie Winters: Pair of real brothers who were a popular comedy double act and appeared regularly on British TV during the 1950s and 1960s.
Parlophone R4384 1957 How Do You Do/ Does My Baby
Parlophone R4538 1959 For Me And My Gal/ Your Own Home Town

 Mike And The Modifiers: Early Motown performers who are responsible for one of the rarest singles in the UK.
Oriole CB1775 1962 I Found Myself A Brand New Baby/ It's Too Bad

 Mike Clifford: UK singer born in 1943.
Philips BF1102  1961  Stranger/ Poor Little Girl
Philips BF1175  1961  At Last/ Pretty Little Girl In The Yellow Dress
United Artists UP1006  1964  Close To Cathy/ She's Just Another Girl

 Mike Pedicin Quintet: One of many bands making the most of the 'Twist'
HMV POP1001  1962 When Cats Come Twistin' In/ Gotta Twist

 Mike Quinn: DJ and London, Carnaby Street boutique dealer that tried to become a singing star without success.
Fontana TF761  1966  Someone's Slipping Into My Mind/ I Know What You Know
CBS 4506  1969  Apple Pie/ There's A Time
Jay Boy BOY7  1969  Toothbrush Nell/ Fairy Cakes

 Mike Sagar (and the Cresters):  Singer from the Leeds area. His backing group, the Cresters, also recorded singles in their own right (See artists-c ).
HMV POP819  1960 Deep Feeling/ You Know
HMV POP988 1961 The Brothers Three/ Set Me Free

 Mike Felix:  These unsuccessful singles were cut by the drummer and lead singer from the Migil 5 who had found chart success with Mockin' Bird Hill in 1964.
Pye 7N17058 1966 You Belong To Me/ Booga Dee
Decca F12701 1967 Blueberry Hill/ Don't Think You Want Me Anymore

 Mike Sheridan And The Nightriders: Birmingham based 5 piece group. Roy Wood played on their last two singles though none of their discs reached the chart. Mike Sheridan who was a competent vocalist later went solo before helping to form 'Idle Race' with Jeff Lynne.
Columbia DB7141 1963 Tell Me What'cha Gonna Do/ No Other Guy
Columbia DB7183 1963 Please Mr. Postman/ In Love
Columbia DB7302 1964 What A Sweet Thing That Was/ Fabulous
Columbia DB7462 1965 Here I Stand/ Lonely Weekends

 Mike Sheridan's Lot: This Birminghan 5-piece outfit grew out of Mike Sheridan's Nightriders. They had no more record success with this name than they'd enjoyed before. The group carried on as 'The Nightriders' after Sheridan split to find fortune elsewhere.
Columbia DB7677 1965 Take My Hand/ Make Them Understand
Columbia DB7798 1966 Don't Turn Your Back On Me Babe/ Stop, Look, Listen

 Mike Stuart Span: Band led by Stuart Hobday who evolved to become 'Leviathan' at the end of the 1960s.
Columbia DB8066  1966 Come On Over To Our Place/ Still Nights
Columbia DB8206  1967 Dear/ Invitation
Fontana TF959  1968 You Can Understand Me/ Baubles And Bangles
Jewel JL01  1968 Children Of Tomorrow/ Concerto Of Thoughts

 Millicent Martin: UK singer was better known for TV and live stage appearances than vinyl.
Columbia DB4171  1958  Our Language Of Love/ Seriously
Columbia DB4466  1960  Tinterella Di Luna/ I Can Dream Can't I
Parlophone R4498  1963  That Was The Week That Was/ Gotta Lotta Lovin'
Parlophone R5033  1963  Gravy Waltz/ Get Lost My Love
Parlophone R5120 1964 Suspicion/ Nothing But The Best
Parlophone R5244  1965  Little Darlin'/ INever Looked For You

 Miriam Makeba: South African lady. She sang 'Mbube' to President Kennedy just before Marilyn Monroe did the same with "Happy Birthday."
London HL9747  1963  The Click Song/ Mbube

 Miss White And Mr. Green:
Toast TT515  1969  Don't You Know It's Just A Game, Love?

 Mister Murray: This is Mitch Murray who was a successful songwriter, but not singer. He wrote several great songs including Gerry & The Pacemakers' 'How Do You Do It?' and Cliff Richard's 'Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha'.
Fontana TF623  1965  Down Came The Rain/ Whatever Happened To Music
Fontana TF674  1966  I Drink To Your Memory/ I Was A Good Song

 Mitch Murray Clan: UK songwriter Mitch Murray in another unsuccessful guise, see 'Mister Murray' above.
Clan 597001  1966  Skyliner/ Cherokee

 Mitzi Gaynor: Born in Chicago during 1930, Mitzi became a versatile dancer/ singer, actress whose best known performance is probably in the musical movie 'South Pacific'.
Top Rank JAR258  1959  Happy Anniversary/ Play For Keeps
Top Rank JAR289  1960 I Don't Regret A Thing/ The Touch Of Time

 Mo And Steve: Manchester duo.
Pye 7N17175  1966  Oh What A Day It's Going To Be/ Reach Out For Your Lovin' Touch

 Moby Grape: A 5-piece from San Francisco whose star rose with the summer of love and fell when the flower people had gone.
CBS 2953  1967 Omaha/ Hey Grandma
 CBS 3555  1968  Can't Be So Bad/ Murder In My Heart For The Judge
 CBS 3945  1969  Trucking Me/ Ooh Mama Ooh

 Mohawks: Afro-funkists led by former Emile Ford Checkmate, Alan Hawkshaw.
Pama PM719  1968  The Champ/ Sound Of The Witchdoctors
Pama PM739  1968  Baby Hold On Pt1/ Pt2.
Pama PM751  1968  Sweet Soul Music/ Hip Jigger
Pama PM757  1968  Mony Mony/ Pepsi
Pama PM758  1969 Ride Your Pony/ Western Promise

 Monarchs: Rock and Rollers from Louisville, Kentucky who had this solitary UK release.
London HLU9862  1964  Look Homeward Angel/ What's Made You Change Your Mind

 Mongo Santamaria: Artist renowned for his Latin rhythms born June 13th, 1940 in San Francisco.
Riverside RIF106909  1963  Watermelon Man/ Don't Bother Me No More
CBS 201766  1965 El Pussycat/ Black Eyed Peas And Rice
Direction 584086  1969  Cloud Nine/ Son Of A Preacher Man
Direction 584430  1969  Twenty Five Miles/ El Tres

 Monopoly: UK band under the leadership of Raymond Froggatt before they took his name as theirs.
Polydor 56164 1967 House Of Lords/ Magic Carpet
Polydor 56188 1967 We're All Going To The Seaside/ It isn't Easy

 Monotones: US six piece Doo-Wop group from Newark, New Jersey. 'Book Of Love' was originally cut in 1957 on the Mascot label, but was later leased to Chess to become a national hit.
London HLM8625  1958  Book Of Love/ You Never Loved Me

 Monotones: Group from Southend in Essex.
Pye 7N15608  1964  What Would I Do/ Is It Right
Pye 7N15640  1964  It's Great/ Anymore
Pye 7N15761  1965  No Waiting/ Like A Lover Should
Pye 7N15814  1965  Something's Hurting Me/ A Girl Like That

 Monty Babson: A man who seems to have eventually run out of Record companies. Very prolific, but didn't manage a hit on either side of the Atlantic. He was much more successful as a producer.
London HLJ8877  1959  All Night Long/ The Things Money Cannot Buy
Palette PG9010  1961  Utopia/ Brand New Feeling
Palette PG9016  1961  My Faith/ The Moon Will Weep
Palette PG9028  1961  It All Began With You/ Mama Darling
Columbia DB7376  1964  Who Am I/ You'd Better Love Me
Columbia DB7497  1965  I've Often Wondered/ Lonesome Road
Columbia DB7730  1965  The Best Thing To Be/ Waltz For Debbie
CBS 2996  1967  Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/ If My Friends Could See Me Now
CBS 3313  1968  Get Out Of My Heart/ I Smoke Too Much, I Drink Too Much
CBS 3449  1968  Sonia/ Sweet September
Morgan MR15  1969  Your Smile Of Love/ Laurie Wants Me To Say He's Sorry

 Moonglows: Doo-Wop group best known for their association with Harvey Fuqua. They eventually evolved into the 'Spinners' and transferred to Motown.
London HLN8374  1957 I Knew From The Start/ Over And Over Again

 Morecambe And Wise: Popular TV comedy duo who started their record career with an answer.
HMV POP957  1961  We're The Guys/ Me And My Shadow
HMV POP1240  1963  Boom Oo Yatta Ta Ta/ Why Did I Let You Go
HMV POP1373  1964  The Happiest Christmas Of All/ Was Sailing
HMV POP1518  1966  Now That You're Here/ That Riviera Touch
Pye 7N17436  1967  Twelve Days Of Christmas/ Bingle Jells
Columbia DB8646  1969  Bring Me Sunshine/ Just Around The Corner

 Morgan Brothers:
MGM MGM1007  1959  Nola/ Guiding Star
MGM MGM1026  1959  Kissin' On The Red Light/ Milk From The Coconut

 Morgan James Duo:
Philips BF1391  1965  Michelle/ Lot Of Livin' To Do
Philips BF1431  1965  Andorra/ Green Fields
Philips BF1462  1965  Sweet Pussy Cat/ Bye Bye Brown Eyes
Philips BF1489  1966  Put Your Tears Away/ Ring A Ding Dong
Philips BF1535  1966  I'll See You Again/ Till You're Mine
Philips BF1630  1967  If It Comes To That/ Tell Me Where Our Love Went Wrong
Philips BF1675  1968  The Dreamer/ Out Of My Mind
Philips BF1707  1968  Let's Ride/ After The Storm

 Morty Palitz Orchestra: From the U.S., Morty was a popular musician and producer.
London HLJ8778  1959  The Grocer's Cha Cha Cha/ Eso Es El Amor

 Most Brothers: This was one of Mickie Most's attempts to make it as a singer himself; this time in the company of Alex Murray. He had much more success as a producer/ manager and probably became best known for his association with the Animals a few years later.
Decca F10968 1957 Whistle Bait/ I'm Comin' Home
Decca F10998 1958 Whole Lotta Woman/ Teen Angel
Decca F11040 1958 Don't Go Home/ Dottie

 Mr. Pollard:
Piccadilly 7N35049  1962 April In Paris/ 'S Wonderful

 Muddy Waters: Although Chicago blues was given a real boost following the British beat revival during the mid 1960s and several of the 'greats' reached the UK chart, Muddy Waters didn't quite make it.
Chess CRS8001  1965 My John The Conquer Root/ Short Dress Woman
Chess CRS8019  1965 I Got A Rich Man's Woman/ My Dog Can't Bark
Chess CRS8083  1969 Let's Spend The Night Together/ I'm A Man
Python P04  1969 Country Boy/ All Night Long

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