Quiet Five

  • John Howell (organ/vocals)
  • Kris Ife (guitar/vocals)
  • Richard Barnes (bass guitar/vocals)
  • Roger McKew (lead guitar)
  • Ray Hailey (drums)
  • John "Satch" Goswell (sax).

The Quiet Five were formed in 1964 from The Vikings and a Tornado-style group called Gemini, see Obscure artists-g. Despite their name they were actually a six piece. Like many others they spent their early existence as a support act for better known outfits, until they came to the notice of Hollies producer Ron Richards. He liked Kris Ife's composition "When the Morning Sun Dries the Dew" and was convinced that it was a possible hit. Unfortunately, this first single, produced at the now legendary Abbey Road studio, managed only a minor placing. Their immediate follow-up- an old Fats Waller number failed to enter the chart, but the group's popularity as a live act never faltered.

Great hopes were held for their third single based on a new Paul Simon song, Homeward Bound. Unfortunately, this was the same song that Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel were about to launch their own ultra-successful UK careers with. Nevertheless this disc brought the group a further consolation placing and has become a sought after item by collectors looking for interesting and competently crafted cover versions. After a final release from EMI of a Jagger-Richards composition failed, the band switched labels. Ray Hailey had been replaced by Roger "Tex" Marsh by the time they cut their last and only single for CBS, another Kris Ife song- which sadly did no better chartwise and marked the end of the group's recording career. Despite this, the group can claim to have provided the inspiration for two Mickie Most hits; "I Understand" by Freddie and The Dreamers, and "Sillhouettes" by Herman's Hermits were two songs contained on a demo that The Quiet Five had produced during 1964 and subsequently heard by the famous producer.

The Quiet Five carried on as a live act, adding parodies of better known groups like The Rolling Stones and the Byrds to their stage performances. Although Richard Barnes and Chris Ife had further recording careers as solo artists, the Quiet Five had to be content with the five UK issues listed below.

 Thanks go to Nigel Smith who provided most of the information for the above notes.

1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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  • See lower list for EP releases
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Parlophone R5273 1965 When Morning Sun Dries The Dew/ Tomorrow I'll Be Gone #45
Parlophone R5302 1965 Honeysuckle Rose/ Let's Talk It Over  
Parlophone R5421 1966 Homeward Bound/ Ain't It Funny What Some Lovin' Can Do #44
Parlophone R5470 1966 I Am Waiting/ What About The Time For Me  
CBS 202586 1967 Goodnight Sleep Tight/ Just For Tonight  

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