Brian Poole And The Tremeloes

  • Real Name: Brian Poole
  • Birth Date: 2nd November 1941
  • Birth Place: Dagenham, London
  • Rick Westwood
  • 7th May 1942
  • Dagenham
  • Dave Munden
  • 2nd December 1943
  • Dagenham
  • Alan Howard
  • 17th October 1941
  • Bromley, Kent
  • Alan Blakley
  • 1st April 1942
  • Dagenham
  • Originally the band called themselves the Tremilos, and had no lead vocalist. They came together while all still pupils at Park Modern School in Barking, Essex. Somewhat arbitrarily, Brian Poole was selected for the role of lead singer- as he wore suitable glasses he most closely resembled the group's idol, Buddy Holly, who they'd seen perform live at the East Ham Granada in 1958.

    They had to wait until 1962 for the opportunity to record for the first time under their own name at Decca- although they had previously recorded for the studios as backing musicians for other artistes. Stories that the group had been chosen at audition in preference to the Beatles- who were indeed turned down by Decca at that time- are apocryphal. To further complicate the relationship with the Beatles, Brian and the Tremeloes' first hit big with "Twist And Shout"- a song first recorded by the Isley Brothers, but now associated with the fab four because they took the song to #2 in the US chart. However, in the UK the title appeared only on a Beatles EP and it was Brian Poole and the Tremeloes who took the chart honours.

    A series of hits followed this success including their splendid #1, "Do You Love Me". The link with Buddy Holly was then further strengthened with the release of 'Someone, Someone' in 1964. This was a song presented to them by Holly's former manager Norman Petty who also played the piano on the disc.

    Although the EP illustrated here isn't a UK issue at all- and my copy is even a bit smudgy- I could not resist including it. It has the rare treat of showing a great picture of the group in the recording studio. It's actually an Australian issue that I obtained from folks "down under" and has the tracks: Do You Love Me/Keep On Dancing/Twist And Shout/I Can Dance- so quite unrelated to any UK issued EP. As for what new 45 they were recording- your guess is as good as mine.

    Despite the group's success, Poole decided to break away to start a solo career and, perhaps unexpectedly, the group continued to be successful chartwise into the 1970s without him, even chalking up a further #1 and #2. Poole eventually retired for a while and returned to run the family butcher's shop as well as his own record company, Outlook Records. However, he returned regularly on the 1960s revivalist circuit with a new set of musicians calling themselves 'Brian Poole and his Tremeloes'.

    One of Brian Poole's later recording projects also had great success. Having recruited four other "Stars of the Sixties" - Reg Presley (Troggs); Mike Pender (Ex-Searchers); Tony Crane (Merseybeats) and Clem Curtis (Foundations), they became The Corporation (or more affectionately known as The Travelling Wrinklies). Their first single was the old Showstoppers hit, "It Ain't Nothin' but a Houseparty".

    Brian Poole has become increasingly involved musically in recent years and at the time of writing regularly tours worldwide with Gerry Marsden (Gerry and the Pacemakers) Mike Pender (Searchers), Mike D'Abo (Manfred Mann) and Dave Berry as the stars of 'ReelinandaRockin'.

    Finally, Brian Poole has declared that there may be some really good news in store for Brian Poole & The Tremeloes fans- "In January 2005 many stars performed at the Stables in Wavenden for the Tsunami Disaster Appeal and both Brian and the Tremeloes were asked to appear. During the first half of the show, Pete Langford from the Barron Knights, went on stage and explained the story of the Tremeloes and me getting back together on stage for this show after 38 years. The band performed "Twist & Shout" and "Do You Love Me" to great acclaim. Watch this space…….."

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Lower List for EP releases

    Decca F11455 1962 Twist Little Sister/ Lost Love  
    Decca F11515 1962 That Ain't Right/ Blue  
    Decca F11567 1963 A Very Good Year For Girls/ Meet Me Where We Used To Meet  
    Decca F11616 1963 Keep On Dancing/ Run Back Home  
    Decca F11694 1963 Twist And Shout/ We Know #4
    Decca F11739 1963 Do You Love Me/ Why Can't You Love Me #1
    Decca F11771 1963 I Can Dance/ Are You Loving Me At All #31
    Decca F11823 1964 Candy Man/ I Wish I Could Dance #6
    Decca F11893 1964 Someone, Someone/ Till The End Of Time #2
    Decca F11951 1964 Twelve Steps To Love/ Don't Cry #32
    Decca F12037 1964 Three Bells/ Tell Me How To Care #17
    Decca F12124 1965 After A While/ You Know  
    Decca F12197 1965 I Want Candy/ Love Me Baby #25
    Decca F12274 1965 Good Lovin'/ Could It Be You  

    Brian Poole solo singles discography
    Decca F12402 1966 Hey Girl/Please Be Mine  
    CBS202349 1963 Everything I Touch Turns To Tears/I Need Her Tonight  
    CBS202661 1967 That Reminds Me Baby/Tomorrow Never Comes  
    CBS3005 1963 Just How Loud/The Other Side Of The Sky  
    President PT239 1969 Send Her To Me/Pretty The City  
    President PT264 1969 What Do Women Most Desire/Treat Her Like A Woman  

    Note: The abovePresident singles are credited to Brian Poole & Seychelles
    See also The Tremeloes.

    EP Discography

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    Decca DFE8566 1964 "Brian Poole And The Tremeloes"  
    Swinging On A Star/Twenty Miles/Yakety Yak/Come On In
    Decca DFE8610 1965 "Brian Poole And The Tremeloes"  
    Time Is On My Side/Sho' Miss You, Baby/It's All Right/You Don't Own Me

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