The Searchers

  • Real Name: John McNally
  • Birth Date: 30th August 1941
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  • Mike Pender
  • 3rd March 1942
  • Liverpool
  • Real Name: Anthony Paul Jackson
  • Birth Date: 16th July 1940
  • Birth Place: Liverpool
  •  Chris Crummey (Curtis)
  • 16th August
  • Oldham
  • The Searchers were arguably the greatest of the 'other' Liverpool groups. They produced a string of singles which compared in quality to the Beatles but possibly lacked the scale of originality and inventiveness peculiar to their famous rivals. They too had been a popular act in Hamburg and the Cavern and became famous on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Like many of the groups that were part of the 1960s 'beat boom', the group began by playing skiffle and are alleged to have taken their name from the same John Ford movie that had inspired Buddy Holly to write 'That'll Be The Day'. They spent much of their early life as a fivepiece and had Johnny Sandon as their vocalist. The original Searchers quartet was formed when Sandon left to join the Remo Four- another of Liverpool's burgeoning collection of groups. It was this line up, under the guidance of Tony Hatch, that produced the first hits. Most of their material came by reworking American songs, but 'Sugar and Spice' was an original written by Tony Hatch.

    The sleeve shown on the right is from a record that is far and away the easiest of the Searchers' 45s to be found on the Extended Play format. Nevertheless, it's a great one to own because it contains four of the group's songs that are not heard as often as their hits. It includes their splendid interpretation of 'Love Potion Number 9' which is one the webmaster's personal favourites.

    Vocalist Tony Jackson left the group in 1964 and was replaced by Frank Allan, previously with Cliff Bennett's Rebel Rousers. Jackson went on to form a new group- the Vibrations, which managed just one minor hit; "Bye Bye Baby". The Searcher's chart fortunes also began to wane during the late 1960s and the rate of personnel changes increased. By the end of the decade their star had faded and they found themselves among the founder members of the 'oldies' cabaret circuit.

    Sadly, Tony Jackson died on 18th August 2003.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower list for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Pye 7N15533 1963 Sweets For My Sweet/ It's All Been A Dream #1
    Philips BF1274 1963 Sweet Nuthin's/ What'd I Say #48
    Pye 7N15566 1963 Sugar And Spice/ Saints And Searchers #2
    Pye 7N15594 1964 Needles And Pins/ Saturday Night Out #1
    Pye 7N15630 1964 Don't Throw Your Love Away/ I Pretend I'm With You #1
    Pye 7N15670 1964 Someday We're Gonna Love Again/ No One Else Could Love You #11
    Pye 7N15694 1964 When You Walk In The Room/ I'll Be Missing You #3
    Pye 7N15739 1964 What Have They Done To The Rain/ This Feeling Inside #13
    Pye 7N15794 1965 Goodbye My Love/ Till I Met You #4
    Pye 7N15878 1965 He's Got No Love/ So Far Away #12
    Pye 7N15950 1965 When I Get Home/ I'm Never Coming Back #35
    Pye 7N15992 1965 Take Me For What I'm Worth/ Too Many Miles #20
    Pye 7N17094 1966 Take It Or Leave It/ Don't Hide It Away #31
    Pye 7N17170 1966 Have You Ever Loved Somebody/ It's Just The Way #48
    Pye 7N17225 1967 Popcorn, Double Feature/ Lovers  
    Pye 7N17308  1967 Western Union/ I'll Cry Tomorrow  
    Pye 7N17424 1967 Secondhand Dealer/ Crazy Dreams  
    Liberty LBF15159 1968 Umbrella Man/ Over The Weekend  
    Liberty LBF15340 1969 Kinky Kathy Abernathy/ Suzanna  

    EP Discography

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    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Pye NEP24177 1963 "Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya" #1
    Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya/Love Potion No.9/Alright/Farmer John
    Pye NEP24183 1963 "Sweets For My Sweet" #5
    Sweets For My Sweet/It's All Been A Dream/Since You Broke My Heart/Money
    Pye NEP24184 1964 "Hungry For Love" #4
    Hungry For Love/Oh My Lover/Ain't That Just Like Me/Don't Cha Know
    Pye NEP24201 1964 "The Searchers Play The System" #4
    The System/This Empty Place/Sea Of Heartbreak/Can't Help Forgiving You
    Pye NEP24204 1964 "When You Walk In The Room" #12
    When You Walk In The Room/(I'll Be) Missing You/Some Day We're Gonna Love Again/No One Else Could Love Me
    Pye NEP24218 1965 "Bumble Bee"  #1
    Bumble Bee/Everything You Do/Magic Potion/If I Could Find Someone
    Pye NEP24222 1965 "Searchers '65" #15
    What Have They Done To The Rain/This Feeling Inside/Goodbye My Love/Till I Met You
    Pye NEP24228 1965 "Four By Four"  
    Till You Say You'll Be Mine/I Don't Want To Go On Without You/Everybody Come Clap Your Hands/You Wanna Make Her Happy
    Pye NEP24263 1966 "Take Me For What I'm Worth"  
    Take Me For What I'm Worth/Too Many Miles/Take It Or Leave It/Don't Hide It Away

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