Zoot Money (And The Big Roll Band)

  • Real Name: George Bruno Money
  • Birth Date: July 17th 1942
  • Birth Place: Bournemouth, Dorset
  • Andy Summers
  • December 31st 1942
  • Blackpool, Lancs
  • Paul Williams
  • Nick Newell
  • Johnny Almond
  • Colin Allen
  • Zoot Money's musical career began in his home town where he rapidly became a popular local attraction. It was there that he formed his first line up of the Big Roll Band during 1961. However, Zoot decided to try his luck with Alexis Korner in London and spent a period with Blues Incorporated before moving on again and producing a new line up of Big Rollers during 1964. These included the impressive guitarist Andy Somers (who had changed his name from Summers at about this time).

    Although the band had a reputation for producing excellent R&B, it was probably their crazy stage antics that generated most of their popularity and they were sought after live performers. Sadly, Zoot never quite managed to capture the same sense of fun on his recordings and none of their excellent singles made any impression except the wonderful 'Big Time Operator'.

    Zoot split the band again during 1967 and resurfaced with Somers and Allen as 'Dantalian's Chariot', hoping to carve out a new niche in psychedelia. When this didn't work out- perhaps Zoot's image stood in the way of him being taken seriously- Zoot and Andy decided to join Eric Burdon's 'New Animals' which looked set for success in the US. Andy Somers subsequently established himself with the 'Police' (the band, not the constabulary!) and the eccentric Zoot has contributed to a great many bands both as a member and in sessions over the decades since.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F11954 1964 The Uncle Willie/ Zoot's Suit  
    Columbia DB7518 1965 Good/ Bring It Home To Me  
    Columbia DB7600 1965 Please Stay/ You Know You'll Cry  
    Columbia DB7697 1965 Something Is Worrying Me/ Stubborn Kind Of Fellow  
    Columbia DB7768 1965 The Many Faces Of Love/ Jump Back  
    Columbia DB7876 1966 Let's Run For Cover/ Self Discipline  
    Columbia DB7975 1966 Big Time Operator/ Zoot's Sermon #25
    Columbia DB8090 1966 The Star Of The Show/ The Mound Moves  
    Columbia DB8172 1967 Nick Nack/ I Really Learnt How To Cry  

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