• Bob Evans
  • Jimmy McManus
  • Dave Cooper (Mush)
  • Chris Huston
  • Brian Jones (Boots)
  • Geoff Nugent
  • Bugs Pemberton
  • Jackie Lomax (Max)
  • The Undertakers were one of Liverpool's leading rock and roll groups at the time the Merseyside led 'beat boom' started. They grew from the 'Vegas Five', a combo led by drummer Bob Evans who left shortly afterwards. The list above shows the members of the band during the most important part of its life, but there were several personnel changes- they normally operated as a six piece. The Undertaker's best known member was guitarist/ vocalist Jackie Lomax who later had a significant solo career but never quite managed to break through into the big time. The group had a bigger sound than most because of the excellent saxophone of Brian 'Boots' Jones, and they played extensively throughout the north west of England, as well as touring similar German venues to those covered by their arch rivals 'The Beatles'. They were renowned for their black humour, dressing in black and walking on stage in as funerial manner as they were able. During their early days they would begin their act with the Death March and made their debut on British TV bearing a coffin. They even used a hearse as a means of transport between gigs. Sadly, the choice of material for their singles was probably unsuitable and their chart success does not accurately indicate their popularity on stage.

    Following their modest success on record, they were encouraged to drop the 'death' image and abbreviate their name to the 'Takers. Alas, this did nothing to improve their record sales and after a short spell trying to make it in the USA, the band broke up. Most of the group's members seem to have enjoyed some success as professional musicians since then, and Geoff Nugent revived the group's spirit many years later as 'Geoff Nugent's Undertakers'.

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    Pye 7N15543 1963 Everybody Loves A Lover/ Mashed Potatoes  
    Pye 7N15562 1963 What About Us/ Money  
    Pye 7N15607 1964 Just A Little Bit/ Stupidity #49

    Pye 7N15690 1964 If You Don't Come Back/ Think  

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