• Real Name: Alan Caddy
  • Birth Date: February 2nd 1940
  • Birth Place: London
  • George Bellamy
  • October 8th 1941
  • Sunderland
  • Heinz Burt
  • July 24th 1942
  • Germany
  • Roger Jackson (Lavern)
  • November 11th 1938
  • Kidderminster
  • Clem Cattini
  • August 28th 1939
  • London
  • While many critics and biographers claim that the Tornados success was entirely due to the recording skills of Joe Meek, it is beyond doubt that the Tornados were an unusually competent group of young musicians. This quality combo had been used as backing musicians, most notably for Billy Fury, before Joe Meek turned them into one of the UK's most famous instrumental outfits. They will be remembered by most people- even Margaret Thatcher brought them to mind when asked about her favourite Pop tune- for 'Telstar'. This was a tune composed by Meek with help from his songwriting partner Geoff Goddard, and produced by Meek at his now famous studio in Holloway Road, London. It was an amazing piece of work at the time and its unique ethereal quality sent it to #1 in the UK very quickly. On its subsequent release in the USA it became the first UK produced #1 on that side of the Atlantic.
    The EP illustrated here (DFE8510) was the Tornados' first release on that format and was put out at a time when the group were at the peak of their mastery. Unusually for the time, it contained none of their singles releases and is therefore a welcome addition to the 45rpm collections of fans wanting 'new' material. Their second EP release came just a few weeks later- with the inevitable title, "Telstar".

    Despite its popularity and the skill of the Tornados, Meek could not repeat this great success. Probably, because the sound was so distinct it was difficult to follow it with anything that sounded different. Nevertheless, Telstar was followed by a handful of useful if not earth shattering hits and the band managed to stay as one unit until 1966. The Tornados bass player 'Heinz' was picked out from the group by Meek who wanted to turn him into a UK soloist similar to Eddie Cochran. He managed one significant hit with 'Just Like Eddie'- however it wasn't sufficiently like Eddie to produce many more.

    The Tornados regrouped a few years after Meek's untimely death in 1966 and has done so on repeated occasions ever since to replay the everlasting Telstar.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Decca F11449 1962 Love And Fury/ Popeye Twist  
    Decca F11494 1962 Telstar/ Jungle Fever #1
    Decca F11562 1963 Globetrotter/ Locomotion With Me #5
    Decca F11606 1963 Robot/ Life On Venus #17
    Decca F11662 1963 The Ice Cream Man/ Theme From 'The Scales Of Justice' #18
    Decca F11745 1963 Dragonfly/ Hymn For Teenagers #41
    Decca F11838 1964 Joystick/ Hot Pot  
    Decca F11889 1964 Monte Carlo/ Blue Blue Beat  
    Decca F11946 1964 Exodus/ Blackpool Rock  
    Columbia DB7455 1965 Granada/ Ragunbone Man  
    Columbia DB7589 1965 Early Bird/ Stompin' Through The Rye  
    Columbia DB7687 1965 Stingray/ Aqua Marina  
    Columbia DB7856 1966 Pop-Art Goes Mozart/ Too Much In Love To Hear  
    Columbia DB7984 1966 Is That A Ship I Hear/ Do You Come Here Often  

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