Temperance Seven

  • Paul McDowell
  • Cephas Howard
  • Alan Swainston-Cooper
  • Philip Harrison
  • Frank Paverty
  • Will Hastie
  • Colin Bowles
  • Clifford Bevan
  • Brian Innes
  • John Grieves-Watson
  • John "R.T." Davies 
  • The Temperance Seven were formed at the Royal College of Art during 1957, although they were fictionally founded at the aptly named, but non-existent, Pasadena Cocoa Rooms in Balls Pond Road, London. The band usually had nine members (one over the eight!) and dressed in the style appropriate to the late 1920s jazz they played. The members shown above are typical of those in its chart topping hey-day.

    The members generally gave themselves fictitious titles. John R.T. Davies used the pseudonym Sheik Wadi El Yadounir and wore a fez. On the first hit numbers vocals were provided by 'Whispering' Paul McDowell who was replaced later by Allan Moody Mitchell. The band once appeared in Spike Milligan's 'The Bed Sitting Room' and spawned new interest in the styles of the 1920s. The band appeared at the London Palladium for a 2 week show (Sharing the top of bill with Shirley Bassey), played at a Royal Command Performance, and did a number of private parties for the late Princess Margaret. The original group fell apart towards the end of the 1960s, but new personnel- sometimes guested by original members- still play today. However, many members of the original band did re-unite- and play together- briefly for a BBC radio programme about themselves during 2003.

    A fan opened an antique shop in the Balls Pond Road and called it ‘The Pasadena Cocoa Rooms’. The band celebrated a 25th anniversary there with the entire band showing up to play, the owner having agreed to their use of the place if he could attend. Brian Innes has also written a book called ‘It’s a long way from Pasadena’

    The EP illustrated on the left (GEP 8840) clearly shows the 'seven' to be 'nine'. This disc appeared when the band were close to their peak of popularity. It contains their most memorable tracks:- "You're Driving Me Crazy"; "Charley My Boy"; "Pasadena"; "Sugar".

    It's interesting to note that the Temperance Seven harked back to a musical format of almost 40 years earlier, whereas it is now more than 40 years since this EP was on sale!


    Sadly, R.T. and Alan Cooper have now passed away, however most of the others are still in contact with each other.

     Thanks are due to Ralph Peters (the band's manager from 1961 until 1964) for additional, updated and corrected information.

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    Parlophone R4757 1961 You're Driving Me Crazy/ Charley My Boy #1
    Parlophone R4781 1961 Pasadena/ Sugar #4
    Parlophone R4823 1961 Hard Hearted Hannah/ Chili Bom Bom #28
    Parlophone R4851 1961 Charleston/ Black Bottom #22
    Parlophone R4893 1962 Sahara/ Everybody Loves My Baby  
    Parlophone R5022 1963 Ain't She Sweet/ Seven And Eleven  
    Parlophone R5048 1963 Thanks For The Melody/ Easy Money  
    Parlophone R5070 1963 From Russia With Love/ PCQ  
    Parlophone R5236 1964 Letkiss/ Tajkaed  

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