The Shadows

  • Real Name: Brian Robson Rankin (Hank B. Marvin)
  • Birth Date: 28th October 1941
  • Birth Place: Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Bruce Welch
  • 2nd November 1941
  • Bognor Regis, Sussex
  • Real Name: Terence Harris (Jet Harris)
  • Birth Date: 6th July 1939
  • Birth Place: Kingsbury, London
  • Daniel Meehan (Tony Meehan)
  • 2nd March 1943
  • Hampstead, London
  • The Shadows evolved from a group called the 'Five Chesternuts' which went under the stewardship of Pete Chester, son of broadcaster and comedian Charlie Chester. The line up of the new group was soon to look like that shown above and became Cliff Richard's backing group 'The Drifters'. Although the original bass player had been Ian Samwell, he was soon replaced by the more skilled guitarist, 'Jet Harris'. 'Sammy' then concentrated his efforts on songwriting and was responsible for some of the finest examples of British rock and roll which would become several of Cliff Richard's hits- including the now legendary 'Move It!'.

    The group were signed to the same EMI, Columbia.label as Cliff Richard although Norrie Paramor used session musicians on Cliff Richard's earliest recordings. The 'Drifters' as they still called themselves cut two unsuccessful singles under this name before renaming themselves the 'Shadows' to avoid confusion with the US group who were gaining UK popularity at the time. Despite Cliff's immediate record success, none of the group's first three releases were successful including those which included their own vocals.

    However, 1960 brought them 'Apache' written by singer/ songwriter Jerry Lordan. Despite also being recorded by the popular British guitarist Bert Weedon, the Shadows' version became the smash hit. The number was so strong that it provided the template for the many Shadows hits that followed and gave inspiration to a myriad of other British guitar groups.

    The Shadows have a large number of EPs credited to them, but the one shown on the left (SEG8094) is one of very few to show the original line up. Interestingly, the sleeve notes written by James Wynn of the New Muscal Express lead us to believe that bassist, Jet Harris was the leader of the group at this time.

    Despite the group's seemingly endless string of successful hits, both Meehan and Harris announced their departure from the group and they were quickly replaced by Brian Bennett (b. 9th February 1940, London) and Brian Locking respectively. However, Locking was soon replaced again by John Rostill (b. 16th June, Birmingham). Despite now being in competition with former group members Harris and Meehan, the new line up restarted along the same series of successful hits as the original group. By the mid-1960s competition from the 'beat boom' had grown and their chart placings were not generally as high as they had been but they sustained regular chart appearances until 1967.

    The early 1970s were troubled times for the group which had ceased to play regularly in 1969. Worst of all was the loss of John Rostill in 1973 who was electrocuted by his electric guitar. Nevertheless by 1975 they had reformed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest with 'Let Me Be The One' which also gave them their first chart entry of the decade. They went on to a new series of hits including 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' and 'Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina)' , both of which reached the top ten. The Shadows remain the most popular UK Instrumental group of all time.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See lower list for EP releases.

    Columbia DB4263 1959 Feelin' Fine/ Don't Be A Fool (As The Drifters)  
    Columbia DB4325 1959 Driftin'/ Jet Black (As The Drifters)  
    Columbia DB4387 1959 Saturday Dance/ Lonesome Fella  
    Columbia DB4484 1960 Apache/ Quartermaster's Stores #1 
    Columbia DB4530 1960 Man Of Mystery/ The Stranger #5
    Columbia DB4580 1961 F.B.I./ Midnight #6
    Columbia DB4637 1961 The Frightened City/ Back Home #3
    Columbia DB4698 1961 Kon-Tiki/ 36-24-36 #1
    Columbia DB4726 1961 The Savage/ Peace Pipe #10
    Columbia DB4790 1962 Wonderful Land/ Stars Fell On Stockton #1
    Columbia DB4870 1962 Guitar Tango/ What A Lovely Tune #4
    Columbia DB4948 1962 Dance On/ All Day #1
    Columbia DB4984 1963 Foot Tapper/ The Breeze And I #1
    Columbia DB7047 1963 Atlantis/ I Want You To Want Me #2
    Columbia DB7106 1963 Shindig/ It's Been A Blue Day #6
    Columbia DB7163 1963 Geronimo/ Shazam #11
    Columbia DB7231 1964 Theme For Young Lovers/ This Hammer #12
    Columbia DB7261 1964 The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt/ It's A Man's World #5
    Columbia DB7342 1964 Rhythm 'n' Greens/ The Miracle #22
    Columbia DB7416 1964 Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/ Little Princess #17
    Columbia DB7476 1965 Mary Anne/ Chu-Chi #17
    Columbia DB7588 1965 Stingray/ Alice In Sunderland #19
    Columbia DB7650 1965 Don't Make My Baby Blue/ My Grandfather's Clock #10
    Columbia DB7769 1965 War Lord/ I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur #18
    Columbia DB7853 1966 I Met A Girl/ Late Night Set #22
    Columbia DB7952 1966 A Place In The Sun/ Will You Be There #24
    Columbia DB8034 1966 The Dreams I Dream/ Scotch On The Socks #42 
    Columbia DB8170 1967 Maroc 7/ Bombay Duck #24
    Columbia DB8264 1967 Tomorrow's Cancelled/ Somewhere  
    Columbia DB8326 1968 Running Out Of World/ London's Not Too Far  
    Columbia DB8372 1968 Dear Old Mrs Bell/ Trying To Forget The One You Love  
    Columbia DB8628 1969 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/ Midnight Cowboy  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases
    • Stereo Versions are indicated by parentheses

    Columbia SEG8061 (ESG7834) 1961 "The Shadows" #1
    Mustang/Theme From Shane/Shotgun/Theme From Giant
    Columbia SEG8094 1961 "The Shadows To The Fore" #1
    Apache/Man Of Mystery/The Stranger/F.B.I.
    Columbia SEG8135 1962 "Spotlight On The Shadows" #1
    The Frightened City/Kon Tiki/Peace Pipe/The Savage
    Columbia SEG8148 1962 "The Shadows No.2" #12
    Shadoogie/Nivram/Baby, My Heart/Se You In My Drums
    Columbia SEG8166 1962 "The Shadows No.3" #13
    All My Sorrows/Stand Up And Say That/
    Columbia SEG8171 1962 "Wonderful Land Of The Shadows" #6
    Wonderful Land/Midnight/Stars Fell On Stockton/36-24-36
    Columbia SEG8193 (ESG7881) 1962 "The Boys" #1
    The Girls/Sweet Dreams/The Boys/Theme from The Boys
    Columbia SEG8218 (ESG7883) 1963 "Out Of The Shadows" #3
    The Bandit/Cosy/1861/Perfidia
    Columbia SEG8233 1963 "Dance On With The Shadows" #16
    Dance On/All Day/Guitar Tango/What A Lovely Tune
    Columbia SEG8249  (ESG7895) 1963 "Out Of The Shadows No.2" #20
    The Rumble/Little'B'/Tales Of A Raggy Tramline/Kinda Cool
    Columbia SEG8268 1963 "Foot Tapping With The Shadows" #7
    Atlantis/I Want You To Want Me/Foot Tapper/Round And Round/Les Girls
    Columbia SEG8278 1963 "Los Shadows" #4
    Granada/Adios Muchachos/Valencia/Las Tre Carabelas 
    Columbia SEG8286 1963 "Shindig With The Shadows" (w. Norrie Paramor) #8
    Shindig/Sleepwalk/Theme From A Filleted Place/It's Been A Blue Day
    Columbia SEG8321 1964 "Those Brilliant Shadows" #6
    Theme For Young Lovers/This Hammer/Geronimo/Shazam
    Columbia SEG8342 1964 "Dance With The Shadows"  
    Chattanooga Choo-Choo/In The Mood/Temptation/Zambesi
    Columbia SEG8362 (ESG7904) 1964 "Rhythm And Greens" #8
    Rhythm And Greens/Ranka-Chank/Main Theme/The Drum Number/The Lute Number
    Columbia SEG8375 1964 "Dance With The Shadows No.2"  
    Shadoogie/Nivram/Baby, My Heart/See You In My Drums
    Columbia SEG8396 1965 "Themes From 'Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp'" #14
    Me, Oh My/Friends/Genie With The Light Brown Lamp/Little Princess
    Columbia SEG8408 1965 "Dance With The Shadows No.3" #16
    Tonight/Big 'B'/French Dressing/The High And The Mighty
    Columbia SEG8445 1965 "Alice In Sunderland"  
    Alice In Sunderland/Stingray/Dakotas/Don't It Make You Feel Good
    Columbia SEG8459 1965 "The Sound Of The Shadows"  
    Brazil/The Lost City/Deep Purple/The Wind Jammer
    Columbia SEG8473 1966 "The Sound Of The Shadows No.2"  
    Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me/Bossa Roo/Santa Ana/Cotton Pickin'
    Columbia SEG8594 1966 "The Sound Of The Shadows No.3"  
    Columbia SEG8500 1966 "Those Talented Shadows" #9
    A Place in the Sun/I Wish I Could Shimmy/The War Lord/My Grandfather's Clock.
    Columbia SEG8510 1966 "Thunderbirds Are Go!" (w. Cliff Richard) #6
    Shooting star/Lady Penelope/Thunderbirds Theme/Zero X Theme
    Columbia SEG8528 1967 "The Shadows On Stage And Screen"  

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