Ronnie Hilton

  • Real Name: Adrian Hill
  • Birth Date: 26th January 1926
  • Birth Place: Hull, Yorkshire
  • Ronnie Hilton seems to be almost forgotten by today's music industry but he was one of Britain's most popular singers of the 1950s. He started singing professionally under his adopted name during 1954 after leaving his safe job in a Leeds engineering factory. A true Yorkshireman, Ronnie Hilton always remained loyal to his roots- especially to Leeds United. He has composed, sung and recorded several anthems as tribute to the football club he loved.

    Ronnie's greatest hit was 'No Other Love' a song which he sang at the height of his successful recording career. It was an enormous smash in Britain, but he never had any luck in the United States. He will also be remembered well for his very last chart entry in 1965 which took him away from the romantic ballads of his earlier years- 'Windmill In Old Amsterdam'. This song has been a favourite with children of all ages for very many years.

    The EP on the left (HMV 7EG8270) was one of a series introduced during the late 1950s bearing titles which capitalised on Ronnie Hilton's reputation as a romantic balladeer. The sleeve notes claimed that his voice had a charm that 'floods teenage hearts with emotion'. Although that's probably putting things a bit too strongly, Ronnie Hilton certainly still held massive appeal for his slightly older female audiences at the time of this record's release.
    Towards the end of his career he made only infrequent UK television appearances, but he was often on BBC radio programmes as a DJ where his experience and encylopedic knowledge of the music and performers of the 1950s were put to great effect.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See lower list for 45rpm EP releases
    • Some Of Ronnie Hilton's Earliest Recordings were issued only on 78rpm and do not appear here.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    HMV 7M285 1955 A Blossom Fell/ A Prize Of Gold #10
    HMV 7M303 1955 My Loving Hands/ Just Say You Love Me  
    HMV 7M336 1956 He/ Bella Notte  
    HMV 7M358 1956 Young And Foolish/ Moments To Remember #17
    HMV 7M382 1956 The Last Frontier/ Here Comes My Love  
    HMV 7M390 1956 No Other Love/ It's All Been Done Before #1
    HMV 7M413 1956 Who Are We/ Give Me My Ranch #6
    HMV POP248 1956 A Woman In Love/ I Just Found Out About Love #30
    HMV POP274 1956 Two Different Worlds/ Constant And True #13
    HMV POP291 1957 The Wisdom Of A Fool/ Amore  
    HMV POP307 1957 For Your Love/ Once  
    HMV POP318 1957 Heart/ Penny Serenade  
    HMV POP338 1957 Around the World/ I'd Give You The World #4
    HMV POP364 1957 Wonderful Wonderful/ The Miracle Of Love #27
    HMV POP393 1957 Marching Along To The Blues/ She  
    HMV POP422 1957 Moonraker's Song/ That's Why I Was Born  
    HMV POP437 1958 I'll Buy You A Star/ You Should Belong To Me  
    HMV POP446 1958 Magic Moments/ One Blade Of Grass #22
    HMV POP468 1958 I May Never Pass This Way Again/ Love Walked In #27
    HMV POP479 1958 On The Street Where You Live/ I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face  
    HMV POP497 1958 Her Hair Was Yellow/ Let Me Stay With You  
    HMV POP556 1958 The Day The Rains Came/ Do I Love You  
    HMV POP559 1958 The World Outside/ As I Love You #18
    HMV POP560 1958 Gigi/ Keep Your Kisses  
    HMV POP638 1959 The Wonder Of You/ A Hundred Miles From Everywhere #22
    HMV POP684 1959 Happy Anniversary/ The Most Wonderful Thing In The World  
    HMV POP756 1960 The Girl I Used To Know/ 'The Unforgiven' theme  
    HMV POP770 1960 Mission Bell/ I'd Do Anything (With Mike Sammes Singers)  
    HMV POP865 1961 Little Do You Know/ Guilty (With Don Ridell Singers)  
    HMV POP936 1961 Hey Look Me Over/ It Can't Be Wrong  
    HMV POP984 1962 If This Is Love/ You And I  
    HMV POP1106 1962 The Gift/ Beautiful Bossa Nova  
    HMV POP1190 1963 They Can't Take That Away Fom Me/ Kisses Can Lie  
    HMV POP1235 1963 Best Girl In the World/ What Do I Do  
    HMV POP1291 1964 Don't Let The Rain Come Down/ Send For Me #21
    HMV POP1339 1964 Love You I Will/ The Joker  
    HMV POP1378 1965 Windmill In Old Amsterdam/ Dear Heart #23
    HMV POP1434 1965 Hole In My Shoe/ Summer Sounds  
    HMV POP1497 1965 Rocky Old Boat/ Boy Without A Girl  
    HMV POP1569 1966 The Impossible Dream/ When Will The Good Apples Fall  
    HMV POP1600 1967 If I Were A Rich Man/ Laughing Gnome  
    Columbia DB8380 1968 One Day Soon/ Happy Again  
    Columbia DB8506 1968 Glory Glory Leeds United/ We Shall Not Be Moved  
    Columbia DB8594 1969 Turn Back The Time/ Looking For Love  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For 45rpm Singles releases
    • Stereo releases shown in parentheses

    HMV 7EG8121 1956 "The Star Of Song"  
    Always/Stars Shine In Your Eyes/World Of Love/I Still Believe
    HMV 7EG8149 1956 "Hey There"  
    The Yellow Rose Of Texas/Hey There/My One Sin/Overnight
    HMV 7EG8198 1957 "For Those In Love"  
    Autumn Concerto/True Love/My Prayer/You'll Never Walk Alone
    HMV 7EG8202 1957 "For Those In Love No.2"  
    No Other Love/A Woman In Love/Constant And True/Who Are We?
    HMV 7EG8270 1958 "For Those In Love No.3"  
    Around The World/I'd Give You The World/The Miracle Of Love/Wonderful! Wonderful!
    HMV 7EG8352 1958 "Hits From 'My Fair Lady'" (also contains two tracks by Alma Cogan)  
    I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/On The Street Where You Live
    HMV 7EG8375 1959 "A Song For You" w.Frank Cordell Orch.  
    I May Never Pass This Way Again/That's Why I Was Born/Her Hair Was Yellow/I'll Buy You A Star
    HMV 7EG8446 1959 "Ronnie Hilton's Hit Parade"  
    The World Outside/The Day The Rains Came/Gigi/I Love You!
    HMV 7EG8502 (GES5775) 1959 "Christmas Greetings"  
    Mary's Boy Child/The Very First Christmas Of All/Silent Night/White Christmas

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