Rolf Harris

  • Real Name: Rolf Harris
  • Birth Date: 30th March 1930
  • Birth Place: Perth, Australia

    Rolf Harris arrived in England from Australia during 1952 full of artistic ambitions, and soon began training at a London art school. It was there that he met his future wife, Alwen- a fellow artist- which doubtless gave him an additional reason to settle in the UK. He had already developed most of his entertainment abilities while still in his hometown, Perth, though his efforts there were mostly on an amateur or semi-professional basis.

    Although his early ambitions were in painting, the draw of the entertainment world was too strong for Rolf and he found himself hosting a show on children's TV, from which he soon widened his audience. He was such a good all round entertainer that he might not have been noticed for anything in particular. He was a skilled comedian, musician and cartoonist. He managed to combine the comedy with music on his records and added these to his artistic abilities in his TV shows to become one of Britain's most revered broadcasters, and until his fall from grace in 2014 even a national institution.. Despite the fact that Rolf has been resident in the UK for almost 50 years, he has always kept strong links with his first home, Australia.  

    Rolf exploited his Australian background to good effect and his early 1960s singles all had an exaggeratedly strong Australian flavour. Most of his material he wrote himself including his hit with the novelty; 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down'. He has also exploited unusual musical instruments to make all his work very distinctive. These included the 'wobble board', which he invented himself, and the digeridoo.

    By the late 1960s it looked as though Rolf's hit making days were probably behind him. However he managed to produce the last UK #1 of the decade with the sentimental 'Two Little Boys' which marked a considerable deviation from his previous Australian oriented output. It's now a long time since he produced singles, but he remained a familiar and popular figure on UK television, and even made regular appearances at Glastonbury to demonstrate that he had lost none of his musical abilities. 

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    Columbia DB4483 1960 Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport/ Nick Teen And Al K. Hall #9
    Columbia DB4556 1960 Tame Eagle/ Uncomfortable Yogi  
    Columbia DB4740 1961 Six White Boomers  
    Columbia DB4888 1962 Sun Arise/ Someone's Pinched Me Winkles #3
    Columbia DB4979 1963 Johnny Day/ In The Wet #44
    Columbia DB7064 1963 I Know A Man/ Living It Up  
    Columbia DB7166 1963 I've Lost My Mummy/ Six White Boomers  
    Columbia DB7349 1964 Ringo For President/ Head Hunter  
    Columbia DB7450 1965 The Court Of King Caractacus/ The Five Young Apprentices  
    Columbia DB7554 1965 Iko Iko/ Sydney  
    Columbia DB7669 1965 War Canoe/ Linda  
    Columbia DB7803 1966 Jake The Peg/ Big Dog  
    Columbia DB8014 1966 Hev Yew Gotta Loight Boy/ Animals Pop Party  
    Columbia DB8168 1967 Fijian Girl/ You Got What It Takes  
    Columbia DB8191 1967 If I Were A Rich Man/ Fijian Girl  
    Columbia DB8285 1967 I've Never Seen Anything Like It/ Willy Willy  
    Columbia DB8314 1967 Pukka Chicken/ Here Come The Bees  
    Columbia DB8349 1968 Hurry Home/ Paris With You  
    Columbia DB8475 1968 Have A Beer/ The Bloke Who Invented beer  
    Columbia DB8553  1969 Bluer Than Blue/ The Monster #30 
    Columbia DB8630 1969 Two Little Boys/ I Love My Love #1

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