Petula Clark

  • Real Name: Sally Clark
  • Birth Date: 15th November 1932
  • Birth Place: Epsom Surrey
  • Petula Clark began as a singing child prodigy. Promoted and tutored by an enthusiastic father, she had started singing professionally at the age of seven and she became a familiar singing voice on wartime radio. By the end of the 1940s she was an established singing artist and she also appeared as an actress in several films of the era.

    She was still a youthful artist when she made her first hit record, 'The Little Shoemaker' in 1954. A series of UK chart hits followed. This was matched by her popularity in France where she made many concert appearances and recorded in French. By the end of the 1950s she had made a decision to live and work mainly in France because she still suffered from her pre-pubescent image in the UK. She was soon to marry Frenchman, Claude Wolff an executive at the Vogue record company.

    Petula Clark has had a large number of EPs releases both in the UK and in France. The one shown on the left (NEP24280) is one from the late 1960s and contains some of the best work she produced in conjuction with Tony Hatch.

    Her series of successful singles continued into the 1960s, though her record sales were still largely in the UK and France. However, in 1964 she teamed up with songwriter Tony Hatch to produce the international smash hit 'Downtown'. This partnership would sustain her record making career for several years during which she developed a new, younger, UK audience who were totally unaware of her precocious beginnings.

    By the end of the 1970s her production rate of singles had slowed down and the hits had finally ceased. At this point she resumed her acting career, but remained a popular singing star who can look back on an astonishingly successful and lengthy career.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only; Note that many of Pye's early singles were available only on 78 rpm.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Pye 7N15096 1957 With All My Heart/ Gonna Find Me A Bluebird #4
    Pye 7N15112 1957 Alone/ Long Before I Knew You #8
    Pye 7N15126 1958 Baby Lover/ The Little Blue Man #12
    Pye 7N15135 1958 Love Me Again/ In A Little Moment  
    Pye 7N15152 1958 St. Tropez (Sur La Plage)/ Devotion  
    Pye 7N15168 1958 I Wish I Knew/ Fibbin'  
    Pye 7N15182 1959 Ever Been In Love/ Lucky Day  
    Pye 7N15191 1959 Watch Your Heart/ Suddenly  
    Pye 7N15208 1959 Where Do I Go From Here  
    Pye 7N15220 1959 Adonis/ If I Had My Way  
    Pye 7N15230 1959 Dear Daddy/ through The Livelong Day  
    Pye 7N15244 1959 I Love A Violin/ Guitare Et Tambourin  
    Pye 7N15281 1960 Cinderella Jones/ All Over Now  
    Pye 7N15324 1961 Sailor/ My Heart #1
    Pye 7N15337 1961 Something Missing/ Isn't This A Lovely Day #44
    Pye 7N15355 1961 Welcome Home/ Les Gens Diront  
    Pye 7N15361 1961 Romeo/ You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me #3
    Pye 7N15389 1961 My Friend The Sea/ With All My Love #7
    Pye 7N15407 1962 I'm Counting On You/ Some Other World #41
    Pye 7N15437 1962 Whistlin' For The Moon/ Tender Love  
    Pye 7N15448 1962 Ya Ya Twist/ Si C'est Oui #14
    Pye 7N15456 1962 Jumble Sale/ Too Late  
    Pye 7N15478 1962 The Road/ No Love No Nothin'  
    Pye 7N15495 1963 I Will Follow Him/ Darling Cheri  
    Pye 7N15517 1963 Valentino/ Imagination  
    Pye 7N15522 1963 Chariot/ Casanova #39
    Pye 7N15551 1963 Let Me Tell You/ Be Good To Me  
    Pye 7N15573 1963 Baby It's Me/ This Is Goodbye  
    Pye 7N15606 1964 Thank You/ Crying Through A Sleepless Night  
    Pye 7N15639 1964 In Love/ Forgetting You  
    Pye 7N15668 1964 True Love Never Runs Smooth/ Saturday Sunshine  
    Pye 7N15722 1965 Downtown/ You'd Better Love Me #2
    Pye 7N15772  1965 I Know A Place/ Jack And John #17
    Pye 7N15864 1965 You'd Better Come Home/ My Heart #44
    Pye 7N15945 1965 Round Every Corner/ Two Rivers #43
    Pye 7N15991 1965 You're the One/ Gotta Tell The World #23
    Pye 7N17038 1966 My Love/ Where I'm Going #4
    Pye 7N17071 1966 A Sign Of The Times/ Time For Love #49
    Pye 7N17133 1966 I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/ Your Way Of Life #6 
    Pye 7N17187 1966 Who Am I/ Love Is A Long Journey  
    Pye 7N17218 1966 Colour My World/ I'm Begging You  
    Pye 7N17258 1967 This Is My Song/ The Show Is Ours #1
    Pye 7N17325 1967 Don't Sleep In The Subway/ Here Comes The Morning #12
    Pye 7N17377 1967 The Cat In The Window/ Fancy Dancin' Man  
    Pye 7N17416 1967 The Other Man's Grass/ At the Crossroads #20
    Pye 7N17466 1968 Kiss Me Goodbye/ I've Got Love Going For Me #50
    Pye 7N17580 1968 Don't Give Up/ Everytime I See A Rainbow  
    Pye 7N17646 1968 I Want To Sing With Your Band/ Look to The Sky  
    Pye 7N17733 1969 Happy Heart/ Love Is The Only Thing  
    Pye 7N17779 1969 Look At Mine/ You And I  
    Pye 7N17840 1969 No One Better Than You/ Things Bright And Beautiful  

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