The King Brothers

  • Real Name: Denis King
  • Birth Date: 25th July 1939
  • Birth Place: Essex
  • Michael King
  • 25th April 1935
  • Essex
  • Anthony King
  • 31st January 1937
  • Essex
  • The King Brothers first appearance on British TV was during the early 1950s in a children's programme called 'All Your Own', in which talented youngsters were invited to perform live in the studio. In this amateur guise, they were interviewed by the weekly show's host, Huw Weldon who later became head of the BBC. This young trio, who grew up in the Hornchurch area of Essex, originally called themselves the 'King Three' and at an early stage it became clear that their charismatic pianist, the youngest of them all- Denis, was the group's natural leader.

    The EP shown on the left (Parlophone GEP8638) was their first release on that format. It featured four songs from the group's first releases including the uncharted "Marianne". The uncredited sleeve notes give a few brief details about the brothers' musical background. It explains that Denis had taught himself the banjo at the age of six, but that his father- a 'semi-pro musician' had subsequently taught him the piano.

    It also makes it clear how important the BBC had been in getting the boys started as professionals explaining how an audition led to an engagement on the TV programme "Shop Window".

    They rapidly became a popular singing act, and despite their youth became favourites with older listeners and viewers. They were even voted as Britain's top vocal group of 1957 by readers of the 'New Musical Express'. Although they had some minor success with cover versions of softer rock and roll songs, their style became increasingly anachronistic and their choice of recorded material reflects this. Consequently, as the 1960s progressed, demand for the group waned dramatically and they disbanded before the decade was out.

    The trio's last hits included covers of songs taken from Musical shows. Perhaps because of this the talented Denis carved out a very successful career as a writer of themes for the stage, TV and films. His best work includes the TV themes for 'Black Beauty' and 'Lovejoy'.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • Some of the King Brothers earliest recordings were available only on 78rpm.

    Parlophone R4288 1957 Marianne/ Little By Little  
    Parlophone R4310 1957 A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)/ Minne Minnehaha! #6
    Parlophone R4338 1957 In The Middle Of An Island/ Rockin' Shoes #19
    Parlophone R4367 1957 Wake Up Little Susie/ Winter Wonderland #22
    Parlophone R4389 1958 Put A Light In The Window/ Miss Otis Regrets #25
    Parlophone R4410 1958 Hand Me Down My Walking Cane/ Six-5 Jive  
    Parlophone R4438 1958 Moonlight And Roses/ Torero  
    Parlophone R4469 1958 Sitting In A Tree House/ Father Time  
    Parlophone R4513 1959 Leaning On A Lamp-post/ Thank Heaven For Little Girls  
    Parlophone R4554 1959 Hop, Skip And Jump/ Civilization  
    Parlophone R4577 1959 Makin' Love/ Carribean  
    Parlophone R4639 1960 Standing On The Corner/ The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid #4
    Parlophone R4672 1960 Mais Oui/ Gotta Feeling #16
    Parlophone R4715 1960 Doll House/ Si Si Si #21
    Parlophone R4737 1960 Seventy-Six Trombones/ I Like Everybody #19
    Parlophone R4778 1961 Goodbye Little Darling/ Tuxedo Junction  
    Parlophone R4825 1961 The Next Train Out Of Town/ Sabre Dance  
    Parlophone R4861 1961 The Language Of Love/ Go Tell Her For Me  
    Parlophone R4887 1962 King Size Twist/ Oh! What A Fool I've Been  
    Parlophone R4926 1962 Everybody Back To Our Place/ Don't Fly Away Flamingo  
    Parlophone R4947 1962 Nicola/ Way Down The Mountain  
    Pye 7N15540 1963 One Boy Too Late/ I've Got That Feeling Once Again  
    Pye 7N15589 1963 Anyone Else/ The Rainbow's End  
    Oriole CB1978 1964 Real Live Girl/ Every Time It Rains  
    CBS 201801 1965 Mister Sandman/ I Want To Know  
    CBS 202227 1966 Jo Jo/ Peculiar  
    CBS 202030 1966 Remember When/ Everytime I See You  
    Page One POF009 1966 Symphony For Susan/ My Time  
    Page One POF033 1967 My Mammy/ Some Of These Days  
    Page One POF047 1967 My Mother's Eyes/ I'm Old Fashioned  

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