Joe Loss

  • Real Name: Joshua Alexander Loss
  • Birth Date: June 22nd 1909
  • Birth Place: Bishopsgate, London
  • The long list and wide range of 45s presented on this page is testimony to the popularity and versatility of what was one of the UKs most important light orchestras. The Joe Loss Orchestra would turn anything that was a good tune into something in their own style. The music had no boundaries, it could be jazz, blues, light classic or rock and roll- if you could dance to it, then Joe's orchestra would play it.

    Joe Loss was the youngest son of a Russian immigrant furniture maker. Despite the fact that his family weren't very musical, Joe learned to play the violin at the Hackney Academy of Music. Joe's skills with the instrument were good enough for him to win a scholarship and he went on to study at Trinity College of Music and the London School of Music. He developed a passion for dance music and while still in his teens he formed 'The Magnetic Dance Band'. Despite this, Joe's first professional engagements were at the local cinema where he would accompany the silent movies of the day.

    Joe went on to play with various dance orchestras at that time, and by 1930 he had formed his first professional band- a seven piece that played at the Astoria Ballroom in London. This moved on after a short time to the Kit-Cat Club in Haymarket, and in 1933 its reputation had grown to the point where it was called upon to make its first radio broadcast. The band was extremely successful before the outbreak of war though its style was always 'straight' dance music and could not be classified properly as jazz. Joe managed to keep the band together despite the war and even played to the British Expeditionary Force in France during 1940.

    The popularity of the Joe Loss orchestra withstood the rapid changes that took place after the war, and unashamedly pandered to the fashions of the time. As the dance halls gave way to television so did the band. By playing whatever was proving popular at the time the band never became anachronistic and outlasted all its rivals- playing up until the end of the 1980s.

    Joe Loss died during 1990.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listings include UK 45 singles releases only
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    HMV 7M329 1955 Have You Ever Been Lonely/ Remember  
    HMV 7M330 1955 Button Up Your Overcoat/ Wake The Town And Tell The People  
    HMV 7M341 1956 Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing/ I'll Come When You Call  
    HMV 7M342 1956 Malaguena/ Autumn Leaves  
    HMV 7M355 1956 Babette/ Moments To Remember  
    HMV 7M356 1956 Suddenly There's A Valley/ Blue Room  
    HMV 7M377 1956 You're The Cream In My Coffee/ Young And Foolish  
    HMV 7M378 1956 The Tender Trap/ April In Paris  
    HMV 7M386 1956 Zambesi/ The Rose Tattoo  
    HMV 7M387 1956 Memories Are Made Of This/ Who's Sorry Now  
    HMV 7M398 1956 Fortune Teller/ If You Knew Susie  
    HMV 7M399 1956 The Great Pretender/ Dear Love My Love  
    HMV 7M408 1956 No Other Love/ People Will Say We're In Love  
    HMV 7M409 1956 A Tear Fell/ It's D'Lovely  
    HMV 7M425 1956 Laura/ Moonglow And Theme From 'Picnic'  
    HMV POP275 1956 Mountain Greenery/ If You Don't Love Me  
    HMV POP247 1956 Hello Young Lovers/ When My Dreamboat Comes Home  
    HMV POP256 1956 Rich In Love/ Room With A View  
    HMV POP276 1956 Rosalie/ The Eleventh Hour Melody  
    HMV POP293 1957 True Love/ Jeepers Creepers  
    HMV POP294 1957 Ramona/ Madrid  
    HMV POP297 1957 Amore/ I'll Get By  
    HMV POP298 1957 Friendly Persuasion/ You Were Meant For Me  
    HMV POP312 1957 The Banana Boat Song/ My Wonderful One  
    HMV POP313 1957 Knee Deep In The Blues/ Everybody Loves My Baby  
    HMV POP326 1957 Whatever Lola Wants/ Heart  
    HMV POP332 1957 Sentimental/ Cinco Robles  
    HMV POP344 1957 Chicago/ It Happened In Monterey  
    HMV POP356 1957 Around The World/ When I Fall In Love  
    HMV POP368 1957 Love Letters In The Sand/ Dark Moon  
    HMV POP387 1957 White Silver Sands/ Tammy  
    HMV POP388 1957 Stardust/ Mandolin Serenade  
    HMV POP397 1957 There's A Goldmine In The Sky/ All At Once You Love Her  
    HMV POP398 1957 Let Me Be Loved/ I Never Knew  
    HMV POP412 1957 Just In Time/ I'm In A Dancing Mood  
    HMV POP413 1957 Melodie D'amour/ Elizabeth  
    HMV POP420 1957 Ca C'est L'amour/ Blue Moon  
    HMV POP430 1958 I'll Buy You A Star/ At Last  
    HMV POP431 1958 Parlez Moi D'amour/ My Darling My Darling  
    HMV POP447 1958 I Could Write A Book/ Diane  
    HMV POP448 1958 Wish I Knew/ S'wonderful  
    HMV POP457 1958 Sugartime/ Marie  
    HMV POP458 1958 The Seven Hills Of Rome/ After You've Gone  
    HMV POP469 1958 Come Dancing/ Nicolasa  
    HMV POP470 1958 Love Me Again/ Sail Along Silvery Moon  
    HMV POP477 1958 On The Street Where You Live/ The Rain In Spain  
    HMV POP478 1958 I Could Have Danced All Night/ Wouldn't It Be Loverly  
    HMV POP494 1958 Stairway Of Love/ Memories Of Love  
    HMV POP495 1958 Summer Is A Coming In/ Exactly Like You  
    HMV POP507 1958 Charmaine/ Miss You  
    HMV POP508 1958 Twilight Time/ Lovely Lady  
    HMV POP523 1958 Volare/ Me And My Shadow  
    HMV POP524 1958 Everybody Loves A Lover/ Carolina Moon  
    HMV POP535 1958 Girl Of My Dreams/ More Than Dreams  
    HMV POP536 1958 Dance Everybody Dance/ Together  
    HMV POP544 1958 Love Love Love/ When I Grow Too Old To Dream  
    HMV POP545 1958 It Must Be Magic/ Chez Moi  
    HMV POP561 1958 Do I Love You/ Under Paris Skies  
    HMV POP562 1958 Cha Cha Cha/ My Heart In Portugal  
    HMV POP570 1959 Gigi/ Bye Bye Blues  
    HMV POP571 1959 Call Me/ Rico Vasilon  
    HMV POP588 1959 Last Night On The Back Porch/ Stars In Your Eyes  
    HMV POP589 1959 Willingly/ Frenesi  
    HMV POP601 1959 Wait For Me/ If I Should Fall In Love Again  
    HMV POP602 1959 My Happiness/ Smoke Gets In Your Eyes  
    HMV POP605 1959 Venus/ I'll See You In My Dreams  
    HMV POP606 1959 Dream Lover/ If I Didn't Care  
    HMV POP617 1959 Twelfth Street Rag/ Paradise  
    HMV POP618 1959 I'm In Love For The Very First Time/ Shadow Waltz  
    HMV POP631 1959 The Anniversary Waltz/ I'm A Dreamer Aren't We Well  
    HMV POP632 1959 Wyoming Lullaby/ In The Still Of The Night  
    HMV POP641 1959 So In Love/ The Ske Boat Song  
    HMV POP653 1959 You've Done Something To My Heart/ September Song  
    HMV POP660 1959 Linger Awhile/ Crazy Rhythm  
    HMV POP667  1959 Blue Skies/ You Are My Lucky Star  
    HMV POP668 1959 Tip Toe Through The Tulips/ Ain't We Got Fun  
    HMV POP680 1959 All the Things You Are/ Baby Face  
    HMV POP681 1959 I Adore You/ I Am Loved  
    HMV POP693 1960 Always/ With A Song In My Heart  
    HMV POP694 1960 The Very Thought Of You/ You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To  
    HMV POP708 1960 Falling In Love/ I Get A Kick Out Of You  
    HMV POP709 1960 Alice Blue Gown/ Alexander's Ragtime Band  
    HMV POP716 1960 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/ Who's Taking You Home Tonight  
    HMV POP717 1960 La Mer/ Will You Remember  
    HMV POP729 1960 Spanish Gypsy Dance/ I've Got My Eyes On You  
    HMV POP730 1960 Dream/ Stay As Sweet As You Are  
    HMV POP743 1960 Standing On The Corner/ You Are Beautiful  
    HMV POP744 1960 Liza/ You're The Top  
    HMV POP761 1960 Quickstep Medley 1  
    HMV POP762 1960 Waltz Medley 1  
    HMV POP783 1960 Quickstep Medley 2  
    HMV POP784 1960 Quickstep Medley 3  
    HMV POP796 1960 Quickstep Medley 4  
    HMV POP797 1960 Waltz Medley 2  
    HMV POP811 1960 Somebody Loves Me/ Soimeday I'll Find You  
    HMV POP812 1960 I Won't Dance/ The Song From The Moulin Rouge  
    HMV POP880 1961 Wheels/ Latino #21
    HMV POP937 1961 Sucu Sucu/ Give Me My Ranch #48
    HMV POP959 1961 Twistin' The Mood/ Everybody Twist  
    HMV POP995 1962 Theme From 'Maigret'/ Along The Boulevard #20
    HMV POP1059 1962 Quando/ Al Di Li  
    HMV POP1075 1962 Must Be Madison/ Miss Madison #20
    HMV POP1146 1962 Really Madison/ Sleigh Ride  
    HMV POP1192 1963 Theme From Steptoe And Son/ Phase Four  
    HMV POP1231 1963 Everybody Zizzle/ Loddy Lo  
    HMV POP1351 1964 March Of The Mods/ Tango '65 #31
    HMV POP1389 1964 Shot In The Dark/ Drum Diddley  
    HMV POP1470 1965 Let's Kick/ Just For Kicks  
    HMV POP1500 1966 Theme From Thunderbirds/ The Avengers Theme  
    HMV POP1517 1966 World Cup March/ Auld Lang Syne (March)  
    HMV POP1610 1967 Elizabeth I and II/ Little Pepito  

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