Jimmy Young

  • Real Name: Leslie Young
  • Birth Date: 21st September, 1921(?)
  • Birth Place: Cinderford near Gloucester, England
  • Jimmy Young was possibly born in 1923, but most sources including Jimmy Young's autobiography claim 1921. The confusion is probably because Leslie Young, as he then was, exaggerated his age in order to enlist in the armed services.

    To most listeners of today's BBC radio Jimmy Young is an ageing Disc Jockey. Only those of us well into our late 50s or beyond are likely to remember his days as a heart-throb crooner. Yet he was indeed once one of Britain's greatest popular singers and he has an enviable chart history to prove it.

    Jimmy Young, the singer, first came to the attention of the British public with his version of the song 'Too Young' in 1951, more than a year before a meaningful chart showing relative record sales began. This record received a lot of BBC air-play and helped him establish himself as, arguably, the UK's top crooner. However it was during 1955 with his versions of 'Unchained Melody' and 'The Man From Laramie' that he became the first British artist ever to achieve the coveted #1 chart position with consecutive releases.

    The EP illustrated on the left, Decca DFE6404 is a particularly nice item to find. In addition to a great picture of the singer himself and some of his best recordings, it is backed by interesting biographical notes. In particular, it tells us that Jimmy's first experience as a singer came as a member of the church choir in Gloucester Cathedral. He was a bright lad who went to the local Grammar School but took jobs as a baker and electrician to help the family budget while he was still only 15. It also mentions his exceptional sporting abilities and the fact that he was even offered a contract to take up a professional rugby career with Wigan.

    Jimmy Young's relaxed vocal delivery had a lot of appeal to housewives during an era in which record buying was beginning to become dominated by teenagers. It was of no surprise that he was asked to do a stint as guest DJ on the evergreen BBC radio programme 'Housewive's Choice'. This short introduction to another side of popular music would help set the seal on a new career that he developed as the 1960s progressed. By the 1970s he had given up singing to become a full time broadcaster, a role for which his personality and background have made him ideally suited.

    Sadly, some of Jimmy Young's earliest recordings are available only on 78rpm and are not featured here. Most of his records prior to 1957 were sold on the 78rpm format and these are hard to find now as 45s. However there are still a few 45s, particularly those from his later singing years, that can be found without too much trouble.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • Note many of Jimmy Young's discs were on 78s and do not appear here.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Decca F10444 1955 Don't Go To Strangers/ These Are The Things We Share  
    Decca F10483 1955 The Sand And The Sea/ If Anyone Finds This I Love You  
    Decca F10502 1955 Unchained Melody/ Help Me Forget #1
    Decca F10597 1955 The Man From Laramie/ No Arms Can Ever Hold You #1
    Decca F10640 1955 Someone On Your Mind/ I Look At You #13
    Decca F10694 1956 Chain Gang/ Capri In May #9
    Decca F10736 1956 The Wayward Wind/ Rich Man Poor Man #25
    Decca F10774 1956 More/ I'm Gonna Steal You Away #4
    Decca F10842 1957 Lovin' Baby/ My Faith My Hope My Love  
    Decca F10875 1957 Walkin' After Midnight/ Round And Round #30
    Decca F10925 1957 Man On Fire/ Love In The Afternoon  
    Decca F10948 1957 Deep Blue Sea/ Harbour Of Love  
    Columbia DB4100 1958 A Very Precious Love/ Love Me Again  
    Columbia DB4147 1958 Her Hair Was Yellow/ The State Of Happiness  
    Columbia DB4176 1958 Volare/ Beats There A Heart So True  
    Columbia DB4211 1958 There I've Said It Again/ I Could Be A Mountain  
    Columbia DB4268 1959 Golden Girl/(Honeymoon Song?)  
    Columbia DB4366 1959 You're Wonderful And You're Mine/ Soon I'll Wed  
    Columbia DB4438 1960 If Only You'd Be Mine/ Just A Little More  
    Columbia DB4570 1961 Angel On My Shoulder/ Music  
    Columbia DB4655 1962 It's Not Forever/ Warm And Willing  
    Columbia DB7119 1963 Miss You/ Take Care Of Yourself #15
    Columbia DB7234 1964 Unchained Melody (Re-Issue) #43
    Columbia DB7369 1964 I'm Yours/ Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams  
    Columbia DB7511 1965 Too Young/ Wanted  
    Columbia DB7714 1965 Someone To Turn To/ Let Me Love You  
    Columbia DB7930 1966 Only You/ It's A Strange World  
    Columbia DB8053 1966 Yours/ Half A World Away  
    Columbia DB8234 1967 Because Of You/ It's Such A Pretty World Today  
    MGM MGM1392 1968 My Dream Of Love/ Silver And Blue  
    Polydor 56347 1969 You, No One But You/ (?)  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Pye NEP24004 1955 "Jimmy Young Sings"  
    Too Young/Because Of You/Kiss Of Fire/Green Glens Of Antrim
    Decca DFE6277 1956 "Presenting Jimmy Young"  
    Unchained Melody/Moon Above Malaya/Eternally/I'm Walking Behind You
    Decca DFE6404  1957 "Jimmy Young"  
    More/Unchained Melody/The Man From Laramie/Round And Round


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