Georgie Fame

  • Real Name: Clive Powell
  • Birth Date: 26th June 1943
  • Birth Place: Leigh Lancashire
  • Clive Powell was 16 years old when he signed to rock and roll impresario Larry Parnes. Parnes gave all his artists new names- Marty Wilde, Billy Fury etc. After a false start- the original suggestion of 'Lance Fortune' was adopted by another singer before Clive could sieze it- Larry suggested 'Georgie Fame' and despite Powell's doubts the name stuck. At this time Georgie Fame was already pianist with the 'Blue Flames', the group that backed Billy Fury. His style was chiefly based on that of Jerry Lee Lewis- hardly the bluesy stuff he would become famous for later. Billy Fury split with this high quality rock and roll band because his own style became increasingly dependent on ballads. However, the Blue Flames went from strength to strength with Georgie becoming the regular on vocals as well as keyboards.The band's musical style also broadened becoming a jazzier blend of rock and roll with modern blues.
    The title of the EP shown here on the left (SEG 8382) leaves us in no doubt as to Georgie's main musical allegiance. It is actually a live recording made at the Flamingo Club in London.
    The band became so popular that Georgie actually charted with an LP a couple of month's before he did with a single. However, that single was such a smash hit that it finally fulfilled the prophecy set by his surname. Georgie Fame had a dozen UK hits including three #1s, one of which was the 'Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde' a record that also sold well in the USA. However by this time Georgie had started to steer his music away from its R&B roots towards jazzier middle-of-the-road material that would sustain his popularity on the cabaret circuit for many years. However, if you are lucky then you might hear Georgie singing the R&B material he started out with and still loves best. Keep an eye open for when he goes on tour as one of the 'Rhythm Kings' in the company of his friend, bassist Bill Wyman.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper List includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower List for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia DB7193 1964 Do The Dog/ Shop Around  
    Columbia DB7255 1964 Green Onions/ Do-Re-Mi  
    Columbia DB7328 1964 Bend A Little/ I'm In Love With You  
    Columbia DB7428 1964 Yeh Yeh/ Preach And Teach #1
    Columbia DB7494 1965 In The Meantime/ Telegram #22
    Columbia DB7633 1965 Like We Used To Be/ It Ain't Right #33
    Columbia DB7727 1965 Something/ Outrage #23
    Columbia DB7946 1966 Getaway/ El Bandido #1
    Columbia DB8015 1966 Sunny/ Don't Make Promises #13
    Columbia DB8096 1966 Sitting In The Park/ Many Happy Returns #12
    CBS 202587 1967 Because I Love You/ Bidin' My Time #15
    CBS 2945 1967 Try My World/ No Thanks #37
    CBS 3124 1967 The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/ Beware Of The Dog #1
    CBS 4295 1969 Peaceful/ Hideaway #16
    CBS 4659 1969 Seventh Son/ Fully Booked #25

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Columbia SEG8334 1964 "Rhythm And Bluebeat"  
    Madness/Tom Hark Goes Blue Beat/Humpty Dumpty/One Whole Year, Baby
    Columbia SEG8382 1964 "Rhythm And Blues At The Flamingo" #8
    Introduction Night Train/Parchman Farm/Work Song/Baby Please Don't Go
    Columbia SEG8393 1964 "Fame At Last"  
    Get On The Right Track, Baby/Point Of No Return/I Love The Life I Live/Gimme That Wine
    Columbia SEG8406 1965 "Fats For Fame" #15
    No No/Blue Monday/So Long/Sick And Tired
    Columbia SEG8454 1965 "Move It On Over"  
    Move It On Over/Walking The Dog/Hi Heel Sneakers/Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogiw Woogie Flu
    Columbia SEG8518 1966 "Getaway" #7
    Getaway/See-Saw/Ride Your Pony/Sitting In The Park
    CBS EP6363 1967 "Georgie Fame" (Knock On Wood) #2
    Knock On Wood/All I'm Asking/Didn't I Want To Have To Do It/Close The Door

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