Flowerpot Men

  • Tony Burrows
  • 14th April 1942
  • Neil Landon
  • 26th July 1941
  • Pete Nelson
  • 10th March 1945
    • Robin Shaw
    • 6th October 1945

    This fourpiece were really the brainchild of John Carter and Ken Lewis who then, along with Tony Burrows, had just abandoned their group 'The Ivy League'. However, on this occasion Carter and Lewis decided to restrict their participation to management and songwriting rather than having to go on the road again. In fact the group's road band also included Carlo Little, Pete Nelson, and Robin Shaw as their backing musicians. They were actually a very competent outfit despite the transient opportunism of their only significant single.

    Neil Landon went on from the Flowerpot Men to join 'Fat Mattress' and Tony Burrows to Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood Of Man and the Pipkins.

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    Deram DM142 1967 Let's Go To San Francisco Pt.1/ Pt.2 #4
    Deram DM160 1967 A Walk In The Sky/ Am I Losing You  
    Deram DM183 1968 A Man Without A Woman/ You Can Never Be Wrong  
    Deram DM248 1969 In A Moment Of Madness/ Young Birds Fly  

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