Eddie Calvert

  • Real Name: Albert Edward Calvert
  • Birth Date: 15th March 1922
  • Birth Place: Preston, Lancashire
  • Eddie grew up within a family to whom the music of his local brass band featured highly. He was soon able to play a variety of instruments though he was most accomplished on the trumpet. After the war, he graduated from playing as an amateur in brass bands to professional engagements with popular dance orchestras of the day including that of Geraldo, and he soon became renowned for the virtuosity of his performances. Following his exposure on TV with the Stanley Black orchestra, an enthusiastic announcer introduced him as the 'Man With The Golden Trumpet' - an apt description that remained with him for the remainder of his musical career.

    Eddie's style was unusually individualistic and he became a familiar musician on BBC radio and TV during the 1950s. His popularity can be assessed from the success of his records which included two number ones, 'Oh Mein Papa' followed more than a year later by 'Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White'. The magnificent 'Oh Mein Papa', which also sold well in the USA, topped the UK chart for no less than nine weeks and was successful enough to provide him with the first ever 'gold disc' awarded for an instrumental. Further chart entries were secured with 'John And Julie' taken from the soundtrack of the movie and 'Mandy'- Eddie's last major hit.

    As the music scene entered the less innocent age of the 1960s, Eddie's beautiful musical renditions became less appreciated by record buyers. By 1968 Eddie had become a little disillusioned by his dwindling fortunes and left Britain making South Africa his home. Sadly, in 1978 aged only 56, Eddie passed away and the golden trumpet was silenced.


    Eddie Calvert was at his peak of success at a time when EPs were also popular. Despite the fact that they must have sold reasonably well, all Eddie's EPs seem to have become quite difficult to find.

    The EP illustrated here was published during 1958 and has Eddie playing some well known ballads rather than his most famous hits which had been a few years earlier. The record finds him in the company of Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra- the resident musicians for Columbia.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Listing normally incude UK 45s only though some 78s are shown in Green
    • See lower list for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia DB3303 1953 Bells Of Home (with Issy Bonn) / Nocturne For Trumpet  
    Columbia DB3337 1953 Oh Mein Papa/ Mystery St. #1
    Columbia SCM5002 1953 My Yiddishe Momme/ Hora Staccato  
    Columbia SCM5004 1953 Ave Maria/ Just Wearyin' For You  
    Columbia DB3409 1954 Montparnasse/ Tenderly  
    Columbia SCM5129 1954 My Son, My Son/ Sherpa Song  
    Columbia SCM5195 1955 A Million Helping Hands/ Fair Sets The Wind For Love (with Gerry Brereton)  
    Columbia SCM5168 1955 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/ Roses Of Picardy #1
    Columbia DB3594 1955 Stranger In Paradise #14
    Columbia DB3624 1955 John And Julie #6
    Columbia DB3674 1955 Oh My Beloved Daddy/ The Holy City  
    Columbia DB3747 1956 Zambesi/ Trumpet Tango #13
    Columbia SCM5237 1956 The Man With The Golden Arm/ Memories Of You  
    Columbia SCM5277 1956 Moonglow & Theme From 'Picnic'/ If I Loved You  
    Columbia DB3812 1956 They Didn't Believe Me/ Goodnight Mother Goodnight  
    Columbia DB3837 1956 Beyond Mombassa/ Jungle Moon  
    Columbia DB3902 1957 Let The Rest Of The World Go By/ Trees (with Gerry Brereton)  
    Columbia DB3917 1957 Almost Paradise/ Song Of Corsica  
    Columbia DB3956 1957 Mandy (The Pansy)/ Never Say Goodbye #9
    Columbia DB3975 1957 Forgotten Dreams/ Our Concerto  
    Columbia DB3997 1957 Esther/ September Symphony  
    Columbia DB4034 1957 Tipsy Tune/ The Rumty Tumty Melody  
    Columbia DB4059 1958 Free And Easy/ Holiday Night  
    Columbia DB4105 1958 Little Serenade/ Fanfare Tango #28
    Columbia DB4139 1958 Little Pixie/ Turkish Patrol  
    Columbia DB4187 1958 Americano/ The Common Touch  
    Columbia DB4221 1958 Trumpet Cha Cha Cha/ Cha Cha In The Rain  
    Columbia DB4252 1959 Angelina/ Let The Great Big World Keep Turning  
    Columbia DB4310 1959 Julia/ Song Of Venice  
    Columbia DB4342 1959 Morgen/ Gillie  
    Columbia DB4393 1960 Jealousy/ Malta G.C.  
    Columbia DB4473 1960 Farewell My Love/ Gabbie  
    Columbia DB4518 1960 Dark At The Top Of The Stairs (Theme)/ Love Me Or Leave Me  
    Columbia DB4561 1960 Wonderland By Night/ Till We Meet Again  
    Columbia DB4594 1961 I Need You/ Penny Points Polka  
    Columbia DB4677 1961 Lucy's Theme/ Patatina  
    Columbia DB4704 1961 The Greek Flower Song/ Sailor's Lullabye  
    Columbia DB4765 1962 My True Love/ Berlin Melody  
    Columbia DB4830  1962 Majority Of One (Theme)/ Trumpet Twist  
    Columbia DB4853 1962 Quando Quando Quando/ Al Di La  
    Columbia DB4920 1962 Celia/ As Long As I Have You  
    Columbia DB4982 1963 Erica/ Uhuru  
    Columbia DB7054 1963 Emergency Ward 10 (Theme)/ First Love  
    Columbia DB7107 1963 Velda (Theme from The Girl Hunters)/ Girls Are. (From The Girl Hunters)  
    Columbia DB7157 1963 The Crying Trumpet/ I Fantastico  
    Columbia DB7206 1964 Shangri La/ Deguello  
    Columbia DB7506 1965 Gabrielle/ Ho Capito Che Ti Amo  
    Columbia DB7646 1965 Il Silenzio/ The Beggars Of Rome  
    Columbia DB7796 1965 Letkiss Jenka/ Flamenco Jenka  
    Columbia DB7880 1966 Round The Horne (Theme)/ All I Need  

    EP Discography

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    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    SEG7591 1955 "Golden Melodies Of A Golden Trumpet"  
    Stranger In Paradise/Hora Stacato/Just A-Wearyin' For You/Ave Maria
    SEGC7 1956 "Trumpet Time"  
    Open Your Heart/John And Julie/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Roses Of Picardy
    SEG7627 1956 "Golden Trumpet, Golden Memories"  
    O My Beloved Daddy/The Holy City/Roses Of Picardy/John And Julie
    SEG7637 1956 "Golden Melodies Of A Golden Trumpet No.2"  
    Trumpet Tango/Zambezi/Serenade/Golden Melody
    SEG7667 1956    
    By The Fountains Of Rome/Summertime In Venice/Isle Of Capri/Come Back To Sorrento
    SEG7669 1957    
    Silent Night/Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You
    SEG7673 1957 "Trumpet Serenade"  
    They Didn't Believe Me/Beyond Mombassa/Open Your Heart/Jungle Moon
    SEG7710 1957 "Oh! My Papa!"  
    Oh My Papa!/Our Love Will Stay This Way/The Limit Is The Sky/My Pony Johnny
    SEG7731 1957 "Trumpet Serenade No.2"  
    Forgotten Dreams/Almost Paradise/Mandy/If I Loved You
    SEG7802 1957 "The Man With The Golden Trumpet"  
    Easy To Love/What Is This Thing Called Love?/|Dat Man/Taking A Chance On Love
    SEG7812 1958 "Calvert Cavalcade"  
    I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair/The Last Rose Of Summer/Silver Threads Among The Gold/Londonderry Air
    SEG7853 1959 "Eddie Plays Italy"  
    Volare/Dormi-dormi/Come Prima/Americano
    SEG7891 1960 "Eddie Calvert's Gay Melodies"  
    Angelina (Dalla strade alle stelle)/Little Pixie/Little Serenata/|The Rumty Tumty Melody
    SEG7994 (ESG7780) 1960 "My Horn Goes Round The World"  
    Around The World/I Love Paris/April In Portugal/Cossack Patrol

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