Clodagh Rodgers

  • Real Name: Clodagh Rodgers
  • Birth Date: March 5th 1947
  • Birth Place: Ballymena, N.I.
  • Clodagh Rodgers is now best remembered for her big 1971 hit, 'Jack In The Box' which was the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry for that year. The song didn't win, but it became a massively popular recording despite that. Clodagh's singing career started about a decade before and her first recordings (as Cloda Rogers- see below) were made during the early 1960s.

    The same green eyed lady but two different names:-

    Clodagh's first record releases did not sell well enough to chart though she gradually became familiar to British audiences through her Film and TV work. However, the change of decade saw her at the peak of her singing career and her singles were selling as well as any other British female vocalist. She would have three more chart hits during the 1970s including her splendid smash- 'Jack In The Box'. She continued to be a popular performer with regular TV appearances, but her singles began to fade as the new decade progressed and her later recorded work is now best represented by albums. Clodagh ultimately withdrew from the show business scene- presumably because of family commitments. She has now returned to both acting and singing and continues to perform regularly though at a more relaxed pace than in 1970.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Decca F11534 1962 Believe Me I'm No Fool/ End Of The Line  
    Decca F11607 1963 Sometime Kind Of Love/ I See More Of Him  
    Decca F11667 1963 To Give My Love To You/ I Only Live To Love You  
    Decca F11812 1964 Mister Heartache/ Time  
    Columbia DB7468 1965 Wanting You/ Johnny Come Home  
    Columbia DB7926 1966 Every Day Is Just The Same/ You'll Come A Running  
    Columbia DB8038 1966 Stormy Weather/ Lonely Room  
    RCA RCA 1684 1968 Room Full Of Roses/ Play The Drama To The End  
    RCA RCA1748 1968 Rhythm Of Love/ River Of Tears  
    RCA RCA1792 1969 Come Back And Shake Me/ I Am A Fantasy #3
    RCA RCA1852 1969 Goodnight Midnight/ Together #4
    RCA RCA1891 1969 Biljo/ Spider #22

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