Cliff Bennett

(& The Rebel Rousers)

  • Real Name: Cliff Bennett
  • Birth Date: June 4th 1940
  • Birth Place: Slough
  •  For some more info:

    Cliff Bennett was one of the most under-rated R&B singers of his generation. His group, the Rebel Rousers, evolved during 1958 and 1959 taking their name from a Duane Eddy hit of the time. The band spent their first year or two as amateurs and the original, fully professional, line-up consisted of Bennett, Mick King, Frank Allen, Sid Phillips and Ricky Winters. Their first opportunity to record was in 1961 at Joe Meek's famous Holloway Road Studio. Although their records deserved a better fate, they remained uncharted and now have the status of collector's items. With no sign of a hit in sight, Frank Allen took the opportunity to join the Searchers who needed a replacement for Tony Jackson. However, Allen's place was soon filled by Bobby Thompson who abandoned his Liverpool group 'The Dominoes' shortly after their break from their lead singer 'King Size Taylor'.

    The band had to remain content with an arduous touring schedule which took full advantage of the German clubs in the Hamburg area. Their lack of hits went on until they secured the management of Brian Epstein and a little of the Beatles magic touch came their way. 'One Way Love', at last brought some of the atmosphere of their successful stage act to vinyl, but none of its immediate follow-ups did much at all. However, their final hit was the magnificent 'Got To Get You Into My Life' which was produced by Paul McCartney. No further chart entries followed, but the band kept trying, even changing its name to the more contemporary, 'Cliff Bennett Band'. By this time several of the original members had fallen away and the group then included Mick Green and Frank Farley who had previously been members of the late Johnny Kidd's 'Pirates'.

    The EP illustrated on the right is a great copy to find because it contains tracks not found on any of Cliff's singles releases. Fortunately- although still not that easy to find, it is probably the most common of Cliff's few 45rpm EP releases.

    Cliff pressed on into the 1970s with new ideas, initially with the group, 'Toe Fat'. Sadly, Cliff was not able to find his way back to chart success and finally went into retirement. However, he has occasionally taken time out from his proper job to entertain us again on 1960s revivalist and nostalgia concerts.

    If you'd like to know more about Cliff and the early days of the Rebel Rousers, then just click here and be prepared for some very special photos!

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper List includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower List for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Parlophone R4793 1961 You've Got What I Like/ I'm In Love With You  
    Parlophone R4836 1961 That's What I Said/ When I Get Paid  
    Parlophone R4895 1962 Poor Joe/ Hurtin' Inside  
    Parlophone R5046 1963 Everybody Loves A Lover/ My Old Stand-By  
    Parlophone R5080 1963 You Really Got A Hold On Me/ Alright (sic)  
    Parlophone R5119 1964 Got My Mojo Working/ Beautiful Dreamer  
    Parlophone R5173 1964 One Way Love/ Slow Down #9 
    Parlophone R5229 1965 I'll Take You Home/ Do You Love Him #42 
    Parlophone R5259 1965 Three Rooms Of Running Water/ If Only You'd Reply  
    Parlophone R5317 1965 I Have Cried My Last Tear/ As Long As She Looks Like You  
    Parlophone R5406 1966 You Can't Love 'Em All/ Need Your Loving Tonight  
    Parlophone R5466 1966 Eyes For You/ Hold On I'm Coming  
    Parlophone R5489 1966 Got To Get You Into My Life/ Baby Each Day #6 
    Parlophone R5534 1966 Never Knew Lovin' Could Be So Doggone Good/ Don't Help Me Out  
    Parlophone R5565 1967 I'm Sorry/ I'll Take Good Care Of You  
    Parlophone R5598 1967 I'll Be There/ Use Me  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Parlophone GEP8923 1965 Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers  
    She Said 'Yeh'/Doctor Feelgood/You Make Me Happy/Stupidity
    Parlophone GEP8936 1965 Try It Baby  
    I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby/Shoes/Try It Baby/Do It Right
    Parlophone GEP8955 1966 We're Gonna Make It  
    My Sweet Woman/Whole Lotta Women/We're Gonna Make It/Waiting At The Station

    Cliff Bennett Band (Singles)
    Parlophone R5666 1968 Take Your Time/ House Of A Thousand Dolls  
    Parlophone R5691 1968 You're Breaking Me Up (And I'm Wasting Away)/ I Hear Her Voice  
    Parlophone R5711 1968 Lonely Weekends/ Good Times  
    Parlophone R5728 1968 One More Heartache/ Nobody Runs Forever  
    Parlophone R5749 1968 Back In The USSR/ This Man  

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