Barron Knights

  • Real Name: Richard Palmer (Duke D'Mond)
  • Birth Date: February 25th 1945
  • Birth Place: Dunstable
  • Peter Langford (Peanut Langford)
  • April 10th 1943
  • Durham
  • Anthony Osmond (Barron Anthony)
  • June 15th 1934
  • Abingdon, Berks
  • Leslie Baker (Butch)
  • July 16th, 1941
  • Amersham
  • David Ballinger
  • January 17th 1941
  • Slough

    The Barron Knights began in Leighton Buzzard as a fairly typical rock and roll group of the early 1960s. Unlike many of their contemporaries they have remained one of the most stable groups of personnel in the history of pop music and it is very easy to identify what I call the 'classic' line-up. However, the group did not remain a conventional beat group for long. After spending time as a support act- often accompanying groups with less musical talent than their own- they gradually drifted into comedy. They became pastmasters of imitiation producing believable impersonations of the most popular groups of the time and this rapidly became the thrust of their entire stage act. Consequently they broke away from their rock and roll beginnings and became regarded as all-round family entertainment.

    Although the Barron Knights undoubtedly had their own style and produced regular 'beat group' recordings in their own right, it was their production of humorous parodies that brought them the greatest success. In fact, their catalogue of recordings- although impressive- does not reflect their success as stage entertainers. By adapting their act to each new wave of emerging performers they were able to survive longer than their more conventional contemporaries, and even today can still be regularly found in cabaret or performing a seaside summer season.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

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    Fontana H368 1962 Let's Face It/ Never Miss Chris  
    Columbia DB7108 1963 Jo-Anne/ That's My Girl  
    Columbia DB7188 1964 Comin' Home Baby/ Peanut Butter  
    Columbia DB7317 1964 Call Up The Groups Pt.1/ Pt.2 #3
    Columbia DB7375 1964 Come To The Dance/ Choose Me Tonight #42
    Columbia DB7427 1964 The House Of Johan Strauss/ She's The One  
    Columbia DB7525 1965 Pop Goes The Workers Pt.1/ Pt.2 #5
    Columbia DB7698 1965 It Was A Very Good Year/ Worry And Wonder  
    Columbia DB7780 1965 Merry Gentle Pops Pt.1/ Pt.2 #9
    Columbia DB7884 1966 Round The World Rhythm Amd Blues Pt.1/ Pt.2  
    Columbia DB7933 1966 Doing What She's Not Supposed To Do/ Every Night  
    Columbia DB8071 1966 Under New Management Pt.1/ Pt.2 #15
    Columbia DB8161 1966 Lazy Fat People/ In The Night  
    Columbia DB8280 1967 Here Come The Bees/ It's A Sin  
    Columbia DB8423 1968 I Never Will Marry/ Cold In My Nose  
    Columbia DB8485 1968 An Olympic Record Pt.1/ Pt.2 #35
    Columbia DB8612 1969 Love And The World Loves With You/ Along Comes Those Summer Days  
    Columbia DB8679 1969 Traces/ Awake  

    EP Discography

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    Columbia SEG8424 1964 "Guying The Top Pops"  
    Medley: (Little Red Rooster; Baby Love; I Wouldn't Trade You For The World;)/Medley (Girl Don't Come; Walk Tall; Love Me Do)/Medley (Needles And Pins; You Were Made For Me; I Wanna Be Your Man; Diane; Bits And Pieces; Twist And Shout)
    Columbia SEG8526 1966 "Those Versatile Barron Knights"  
    Under New Management Pt1./Under New Management Pt2./Round The World Rhythm And Blues/The House Of Johan Strauss

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