Anne Shelton

  • Real Name: Patricia Sibley
  • Birth Date: 10th November 1928
  • Birth Place: Dulwich, London
  • Anne Shelton's career blossomed during the latter part of the second world war. She started recording in 1943 and became one of the best loved singers to be heard on the radio at the time, especially by members of the armed forces.

    She had a sister who also became a successful singer, although Jo Shelton was always overshadowed by her much more famous sibling. Anne's singing skills came to the attention of the great bandleader Bert Ambrose during the war and her fame grew rapidly as singer with his orchestra. After the war Anne gained an invitation to sing with the Glenn Miller orchestra during the legendary band's tour of the UK. Her acceptance led to further opportunities, including her own tour of the USA which lasted almost a year. As a result of this she became a popular star in America and was one of the first British born singers to have significant record sales on that side of the Atlantic.

    Anne's chart successes during the late 1950s were really quite modest apart from her massive #1, 'Lay Down Your Arms', a song which seemed to marry well with her association with the armed forces. Although she never returned to the charts after 1961 she remained a popular and revered singer for many years, but never really escaped from her wartime image. She frequently gave up her time and energy in aid of various British Services charities up until her death during 1994.

    The EP shown on the left (Philips BBE 12169) is from 1957 and carries some interesting sleeve notes written by John Franz as well as a nice picture of the singer herself. Apparantly, Anne's stage career began at the age of 14 as an impressionist- not a singer! I presume that her repertoire included singers of the day, but Mr. Franz does not say. In any event, this side of her talents doesn't seem to have been exploited for very long because she began singing on BBC radio during 1942 in a series of her own entitled "Introducing Anne".

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper list includes UK 45 singles releases only (Note that Anne had many more releases on 78rpm).
    • See lower list for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    HMV 7M164 1953 Answer Me/ The Bridge Of Sighs  
    HMV 7M186 1954 The Book/ Why Does It Have To Be Me  
    HMV 7M197 1954 Cross over The Bridge/ I Get So Lonely  
    HMV 7M240 1954 Goodnight, Well It's Time To Golf  
    HMV 7M279 1954 My Gypsy Heart/ Teach Me Tonight  
    HMV POP146 1955 Arrividerci Darling #17
    Philips PB567  1956 Seven Days/ The Great Pretender #20
    Philips PB616 1956 Lay Down Your Arms/ Day Dreams #1
    Philips PB661 1957 Man On The March/ Give Her My Love  
    Philips PB679 1957 Absent Friends/ Seven Stages Of Man  
    Philips PB779 1958 Ha! Ha! Ha!/ Until They Sail  
    Philips PB852 1958 Volare/ Do You Love Me  
    Philips PB878 1958 Hurry Home/ I.T.A.L.Y (I Trust And Love You)  
    Philips PB920  1959 Just Love Me/ Could I Love You More  
    Philips PB956 1959 Now Hear This/ To Love And Be Loved  
    Philips PB969 1959 The Village Of St. Bernadette/ You're Not Living In Vain #27
    Philips PB994 1960 The Angel's Lullaby/ Where Can I Go  
    Philips PB1042 1960 Papa Loves Mama/ Come Back Again  
    Philips PB1096 1961 Sailor/ A Souvenir Of Ireland #10
    Philips PB1110 1961 Don't Forget/ I Will Light A Candle  
    Philips PB1165 1961 Don't Forget/ Aidios My Love  
    Philips PB1215 1961 Nein Nein Fraulein/ It's You  
    Philips 326530BF 1962 Rome/ I Understand  
    Philips 326558BF 1962 Tell Me Again In The Morning/ Come Back My Love  
    Philips 326571BF 1963 My Continental Love/ End Of The World  
    Philips BF1258 1963 Where Were You When I Needed You/ How Green Was My Valley  
    Philips BF1302 1964 Tonight's My Night/ Dancing With Tears In My Eyes  
    Philips BF1344 1964 I Cried For You/ I Don't Want To Walk Without You  
    Philips BF1374 1964 Danny Boy/ Softly Beat The Drum  
    Philips BF1464 1965 The Carnival Is Closed Today/ The Sound Of Summer  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    DeccaDFE6321 1956 "Four Standards"  
    My Wonderful One/Kiss Of Fire (w. Ted Heath Music)/And The Angels Sing/Kiss Of Fire (w. Stanley Black Orch.)
    Philips BBE12090 1956 "Anne Shelton"  
    Too Young To Go Steady/Lay Down Your Arms/Seven Days/The Madonna In Blue
    Philips BBE12169 1957 "The Shelton Sound"  
    My Heart Sings/I'll Never Smile Again, Until I Smile At You/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
    Philips BBE12205 1958 "The Italian Touch"  
    Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me?/Volare/Ha, Ha, Ha!/Souvenir d'Italie
    Philips BBE12218 1958 "Anne Shelton"  
    Taking A Chance On Love/September Song/Tangerine/I Remember You
    Philips BBE12292 1959 "Just Love Me"  
    Because You're Young/Could I Love You More?/Tread Softly (You're Stepping On My Heart)/Just Love Me
    Philips BBE12344 1960 "Songs Of Faith"  
    The Madonna In Blue/I'm Praying To Saint Christopher/You're Not Living In Vain/The Village Of St. Bernadette
    Philips BBE12347 (SBBE9003) 1960 "My Yiddishe Momma"  
    Where Can I Go/My Yiddishe Momme/The Angel's Lullaby/Eli Eli
    Philips BBE12430 1961 "Favourites" (w. Wally Stott Orch.)  
    Come Back Again/Papa Loves Mama/Souvenir Of Ireland/Sailor
    Philips 433.635BE 1963 "There's No Song Like An Irish Song"  
    There's No Song Like An Irish Song/(Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral) That's An Irish Lullaby/Danny Boy/Down By The Glenside
    Philips 433.636BE 1963 "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"  
    When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Galway Bay/The Mountains Of Mourne/The Rose Of Tralee

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