• Real Name: Eric Burdon
  • Birth Date: 11th May, 1941
  • Birth Place: Walker, Newcastle
  • Hilton Valentine
  • 22nd May, 1943
  • North Shields
  • Alan Price
  • 19th April, 1941
  • Fairfield
  • Bryan Chandler (Chas)
  • 18th December 1938
  • Heaton
  • John Steel
  • 4th February 1941
  • Gateshead
  • This Tyneside group were formed when Eric Burdon and Hilton Valentine teamed up with the Alan Price Trio. They were the greatest of the Tyneside bands although quite short lived in their original form. Burdon's musical background had been as a trombonist in an amateur jazz band. However, his confident, assertive style made him an exceptional R&B vocalist. The band rapidly established themselves in the Newcastle area with their blues based rock and roll. Burdon always held close to those musical roots and once paraded with a placard declaring 'Rock And Roll Lives!' during a TV appearance in the mid-1960s.
    The EP shown on the left was the group's second release on that format and carried a selection of numbers not released on any of their singles. Animals lovers everywhere will therefore find that it is a 45 that is well worth seeking out.
    The band became the most successful of those managed by former failed pop star Mickie Most, who became a better musical guide than he'd been a singer. After moving themselves to London, they hit the chart with their first record release. However it was their second release that would really set things alight for them. This was 'The House of the Rising Sun', but it was over four minutes long, and thus risked restricted airplay. It was a tribute to Most's judgement, as well as the band's musical skills, that the record became one of the greatest international hits of the 1960s.

    Alan Price split from the Animals in 1966 because his fear of flying prevented him from travelling with the rest of the group. The Animals' singles continued to be successful only until the end of 1966, but both Eric Burdon and Alan Price continued issuing chart climbing records under their own names.

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • This list includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See list below for EP releases
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    Columbia DB7247 1964 Baby Let Me Take You Home/ Gonna Send You Back To Walker #21
    Columbia DB7301 1964 The House Of The Rising Sun/ Talkin' 'bout You #1
    Columbia DB7354 1964 I'm Crying/ Take It Easy #8
    Columbia DB7445 1965 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/ Club-A-Go-Go #3
    Columbia DB7539 1965 Bring It On Home To Me/ For Miss Caulker #7
    Columbia DB7639 1965 We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place/ I Can'e Believe It #2
    Columbia DB7741 1965 It's My Life/ I'm Going To Change The World #7
    Decca F12332 1966 Inside Looking Out/ Outcast #12
    Decca F12407 1966 Don't Bring Me Down/ Cheating #6

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Columbia SEG8374 1964 "The Animals Is Here" #3
    House of the Rising Sun/Gonna Send You Back to Walker/I'm Crying/Baby Let Me Take You Home
    Columbia SEG8400 1965 "The Animals"  
    Boom Boom/Around And Around/Dimples/I've Been Around
    Columbia SEG8439 1965 "The Animals (No.2)"  
    I'm In Love Again/Bury My Body/I'm Mad Again/She Said Yeah
    Columbia SEG8452 1965 "The Animals Are Back" #8
    Bring It On Home To Me/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place/Club A Gogo
    Decca DFE8643 1965 "In The Beginning There Was Early Animals"  
    I Just Wanna Make Love To You/Boom Boom/Big Boss Man/Pretty Thing
    Columbia SEG8499 1966 "Animal Tracks"  #7
    How You've Changed/I Believe To My Soul/Let The Good Times Roll/Worried Life Blues

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