Adam Faith

  • Real Name: Terry Nelhams
  • Birth Date: 23rd June 1940
  • Birth Place: Acton, West London
  • Adam Faith grew up in Acton Vale, West London. Like many of his generation he began playing skiffle with some friends and managed to get a regular booking at the Two I's coffee bar where Tommy Steele had started his singing career. From there Adam managed to secure an appearance on Jack Good's 'Oh Boy!' rock and roll TV show. However, despite this and two singles released on the HMV label there was insufficient reaction to start a show business career and Adam found work as a film editor for a movie company in west London. His ambition at that time was to become a movie star- a 'British James Dean'.

    However John Barry, who knew Adam through their association on TV (The John Barry Seven were a resident band on 'Oh Boy!') was looking for a suitable singer for a song that he'd acquired from Johnny Worth entitled 'What Do You Want?'. John Barry's superb backing and Adam's original vocalisation of the piece proved a winning combination and the record went to the UK number 1 spot at the end of 1959. A long string of hit records ensued and by changing his style to suit the new 'group' sound in 1963 he maintained his chart career until 1967.

    The EP shown on the right was issued in 1962 as the third volume in a series that began in 1960, with his first EP release "Adam's Hit Parade"

    Despite previous film appearances Adam was no thespian and it was with astonishment in some quarters that Adam switched his career to acting. Adam learned his trade the hard way, on the road with a repertory company. The roles that he played were usually minor ones until in 1971 he landed the lead in the television series 'Budgie'. The series was highly successful and re-established Adam in the public eye again.

    During the 1970s Adam became increasingly involved with the management of other performers, particularly his association with singer Leo Sayer. However, although his career gradually moved away from acting Adam's focus moved towards the world of finance, not entertainment. Despite occasional setbacks- some very serious- Adam had been an intelligent investor and he became a popular source of financial advice in newspaper and television. He continued to function in this role despite undergoing major heart surgery during the 1980s.

    Adam Faith returned to acting during the 1990s and most recently became a familiar figure on TV again in the series 'Love Hurts'.

    Sadly, to the shock of his many fans and friends, Adam Faith died during the early hours of 8th March, 2003 in a Stoke-on-Trent hotel. He had appeared in a play at a local theatre the previous evening. At the time of writing, additional information about the death of this great entertainer and undoubted workaholic can be found at the BBC's web site- available by clicking the following link: It has also been brought to my notice by BBC Radio Stoke that Adam gave them an interview on the 4th March. The following link will take you to a page from which you may listen to what is probably Adam's last recording of all:-

    1950s & 1960s 45rpm UK Discography

    • Upper List includes UK 45 singles releases only
    • See Lower List for EP releases.
    • Collector's Items are shown In Red

    HMV POP438 1958 (Got A) Heartsick Feeling/ Brother Heartache And Sister Tears  
    HMV POP557 1958 High School Confidential/ Country Music Holiday  
    Top Rank JAR126 1959 Ah, Poor Little Baby!/ Runk Bunk  
    Parlophone R4591 1959 What Do You Want?/ From Now Until Forever #1
    Parlophone R4623 1960 Poor Me/ The Reason #1
    Parlophone R4643 1960 Someone Else's Baby/ Big Time #2
    Parlophone R4665  1960 Johnny Comes Marching Home/ Made You #5
    Parlophone R4689 1960 How About That!/ With Open Arms #4
    Parlophone R4708 1960 Lonely Pup/ Greenfinger #4
    Parlophone R4735 1961 Who Am I?/ This Is It #5
    Parlophone R4766 1961 Easy Going Me/ Wonderin' #12
    Parlophone R4807 1961 Don't You Know It?/ My Last Wish #12
    Parlophone R4837 1961 The Time Has Come/ A Help-Each-Other Romance #4
    Parlophone R4864 1962 Lonesome/ Watch Your Step #12
    Parlophone R4896 1962 As You Like It/ Face To Face #5
    Parlophone R4930 1962 Don't That Beat All/ Mix Me A Person #8
    Parlophone R4964 1963 Baby Take A Bow/ Knocking On Wood #22
    Parlophone R4990 1963 What Now/ What Have I Got #31
    Parlophone R5039 1963 Walkin' Tall/ Just Mention My Name #23
    Parlophone R5061 1963 The First Time/ So Long Baby #5
    Parlophone R5091 1963 We Are In Love/ Made For Me #11
    Parlophone R5109 1964 If He Tells You/ Talk To Me #25
    Parlophone R5138 1964 I Love Being In Love With You/ It's Alright (sic) #33
    Parlophone R5174 1964 I Just Don't Know/ Only One Such As You  
    Parlophone R5201 1964 A Message To Martha/ It Sounds Good To Me #12
    Parlophone R5235 1965 Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself/ I've Gotta See My Baby #23
    Parlophone R5260 1965 Hand Me Down Things/ Talk About Love  
    Parlophone R5289 1965 Someone's Taken Maria Away/ I Can't Think Of Anyone Else #34
    Parlophone R5349 1965 I Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin'/ I'm Used To Losing You  
    Parlophone R5398 1966 Idle Gossip/ If You Ever Need Me  
    Parlophone R5412 1966 To Make A Big Man Cry/ Here's Another Day  
    Parlophone R5516 1966 Cheryl's Goin' Home/ Funny Kind Of Love #46
    Parlophone R5556 1967 What More Can Anyone Do/ You've Got A Way With Me  
    Parlophone R5635 1967 Cowman Milk Your Cow/ Daddy, What'll Happen To Me  
    Parlophone R5649 1967 To Hell With Love/ Close The Door  
    Parlophone R5673 1968 You Make My Life Worthwhile/ Hey Little Lovin' Girl  

    EP Discography

    • Collector's Items are shown In Red
    • See Upper List For Singles releases

    Parlophone GEP8811


    "Adam's Hit Parade"


    What Do You Want/Poor Me/Someone Else's Baby/When Johnny Comes Marching Home

    Parlophone GEP8824 (SEG2014) 1960



    Wonderful Time/Diamond Ring/Summertime/Greenfinger

    Parlophone GEP8826 (SEG2015) 1960

    "Adam No.2"

    Piper Of Love/A Girl Like You/Turn Me Loose/So Many Ways
    Parlophone GEP8831 (SEG2018)


    "Adam No.3"


    Singin' In The Rain/Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid/I'm A Man/Hit The Road To Dreamland

    Parlophone GEP8841


    "Adam's Hit Parade Vol.2"


    How About That/Easy Going Me/Who Am I/Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)

    Parlophone GEP8851


    "Adam Faith (No.1)"

    The Time Has Come/Watch Your Step/I've Just Fallen For Someone/I'm Coming Home

    Parlophone GEP8852


    "Adam Faith No.2"


    All These Things/It's All Over Now/Second Time/Come To Me/If I Had A Hammer (If I Had A Dollar)/I'm Gonna Love You Too

    Parlophone GEP8854


    "Adam Faith No.3"


    Sho' I Know A Lot About Love/Little Yellow Roses/As Long As You Keep Loving Me/You And Me And The Gang

    Parlophone (SEG8138) 1962

    "Beat Girl" (with John Barry Orchestra)

    I Did What You Told Me/Made You
    Parlophone GEP8862


    "Adam's Hit Parade Vol.3"


    Lonesome/As You Like It/Face To Face/Don't You Know It?

    Parlophone GEP8877


    "Adam's Latest Hits"


    What Now?/Baby Take A Bow/Don't That Beat All?/'Mix Me A Person' Title Number

    Parlophone GEP 8893 1963

    "Top Of The Pops" (with Roulettes)


    The First Time/So Long Baby/We Are In Love/Made For Me

    Parlophone GEP8904 1964 

    "For You- Adam"


    Forget Him/The Wanderer/Hello Mary Lou/Ginny Come Lately

    Parlophone GEP8929


    "A Message To Martha- From Adam"


    A Message To Martha/Don't You Know/I Could Fall In Love With You/Come Closer

    Parlophone GEP8939 1965

    "Songs And Things"


    Hand Me Down Things/I'll Stop At Nothing/It's Alright/Talk About Love

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