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Neville Dickie



  Neville Dickie born in County Durham on January 1st 1937

As the 1960s drew to a close, popular music- as always- was undergoing change. However, none of the decades that followed would show such musical eclecticism. One of the last records to chart during 1969, this catchy piano instrumental managed the lower reaches of the UK chart despite competition from newly emerging heavy metal and Motown artists.

Neville Dickie, an accomplished jazz pianist, made his most significant recordings as LPs during the 1970s. These were, like this first single, produced by recording guru Norman Newell.

Neville Dickie has managed to sustain his long term musical career and is still demonstrating his jazzy piano style to world-wide audiences.

Born To Be Wild



SS 8017 1969


  John Kay; Goldy McJohn; Jerry Edmonton; Rushton Moreve; Michael Monarch

'Born To Be Wild' was one of the first Heavy Metal records to achieve chart success in the UK. The single had been around for almost a year before it charted. Its popularity grew from the fact that it was featured in the film 'Easy Rider' and it came to be regarded as a biker's anthem.

Although this single was the only one that Steppenwolf had success with in the UK (they had four more hits in the USA before the decade was out), it pointed the direction for a lot of bands as the sixties drew to a close.



Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus


Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg

Je Taime 1969
  Jane Birkin born in England; Serge Gainsbourg born in France

'Je T'aime' was the most controversial record to appear in the UK chart during 1969- if not during the entire 1960s. It was basically a simple vocal duet with heavy breathing from Jane Birkin accompanied by a light orchestral backing.

The powerful sexual inferences stemming from the vocal made the record instantly popular and it sold well. However, it did so despite a considerable degree of consternation in some quarters. For some reason, perhaps the growing notoriety, Fontana decided to transfer the rights to another record company- Major Minor.

However, by this time the record had reached the #2 position in the UK charts. The record dropped its place, but then went to the #1 position under its new ownership. Consequently the disc, as far as I am aware, holds the unique distinction of actually changing labels while still high in the sales listings. (Move the mouse pointer over the label to see the alternate version).

The record remained popular despite the controversy, and even gave rise to a spoof version more than a year later by Frankie Howerd with June Whitfield.

Actress Jane Birkin lived with Gainsgourg throughout the 1970s during which the Frenchman continued to produce material to outrage as well as entertain. However, none of this received the attention in the UK that "Je t'aime" had done. After a lifetime of excess, Serge Gainsbourg died in Paris during 1991 at the age of 62.

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