When You Lose The One You Love


David Whitfield

45-F 10627 1955
  David Whitfield, born February 2nd, 1926 in Hull

In 1955 record buying in the UK was almost exclusively on 78s and the charts weren't yet significantly influenced by the purchases of teenagers.

David Whitfield was still at the height of his career and his popularity among an admiring older generation would continue into the 1960s.

'When You Lose The One You Love' was typical of David Whitfield's output and reached #7 in the UK chart.

Few UK singers achieved success in the USA before the 1960s; the musical traffic was almost always in the other direction.

David Whitfield was one of the first British artists to reach the USA charts. He did so in 1954 with a number called 'Cara Mia', his most successful recording. This song was to be revived eleven years later by Jay & The Americans, but their 'beat' version of the powerful lyric, despite USA success, had no impact in the UK.

Under The Bridges Of Paris


Eartha Kitt

7M191 1955

  Eartha Kitt born January 26th, 1928 in South Carolina

American artists were frequently as popular in Europe as they were at home. Eartha Kitt achieved greater success with records in Europe than she did in the USA.

She was renowned for her sultry interpretations of songs that often had French overtones. Although more successful as a cabaret artist than on discs, she is strongly associated with songs like 'C`est si Bon' and 'Under The Bridges Of Paris'. The latter claimed her best ever UK chart placing at #7.

Despite her modest success with record sales, Eartha Kitt was a popular performer who became very familiar to British audiences with her regular TV appearances. Remarkably, 'Under the Bridges Of Paris' was to be her last UK chart success, until she returned there at the end of 1983 with 'Where Is My Man'

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