Lorne Greene

  Lorne Greene b. February 12th, 1915 in Ottawa, Canada.

Lorne Greene had a varied career in entertainment and broadcasting. He started out as a newscaster with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and his rich tones became familiar to listeners as the 'Voice Of Canada'. However, he grew determined to become an actor and managed to secure roles in radio and the theatre before moving on to TV.

Lorne Greene had several minor parts in American TV movies before gaining the part of Ben Cartwright in the seminal western series 'Bonanza'. He portrayed a benevolent, if somewhat unlucky, patriarch who had been widowed no less than three times; each wife leaving him with a son. The role suited Greene well and

became exceptionally popular both in the USA and in Britain.

Lorne Greene was not a great singer, although the flip side of this disc 'Ringo' did manage to achieve the UK #22 placing. However, I think the side shown- it is simply the 'Bonanza' theme with the addition of an appropriate lyric- is now the more interesting.

'Bonanza' came to an end during 1967, but has been repeated almost without break on a TV channel somewhere ever since. Although Lorne Greene appeared on our screens on many subsequent occasions- most notably for 'Commander Adama'; the leader in 'Battlestar Galactica'- but he will forever now be Ben Cartwright of the Ponderosa ranch.

Lorne Greene died from pneumonia on September 11th, 1987.

That Was The Week That Was


Millicent Martin (with David Frost)

45-R4998 1963
  Millicent Martin born June 8th, 1934 in Romford, Essex

Anybody who lived through the sixties and watched television will remember this number even though the disc didn't reach the charts.

It was the song used to open the groundbreaking series 'That Was The Week That Was' hosted by, the then young, David Frost. The lyrics of this song would vary each week in order to incorporate some topical item, particularly something political that the team could lampoon the establishment with.

Red-headed Millicent Martin went on to star in several TV-series of her own.

She moved away from television during her later career, concentrating efforts on the stage in both Britain and the United States. Her appearances include 42nd Street, Follies and Side By Side by Sondheim.

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore


The Dudley Moore Trio

GEP 8940 1965 {Extended Play GEP8940}
Peter Cook born November 17th, 1937 in Torquay, Devon
Dudley Moore born April 19th, 1935 in Dagenham, Essex

Although Dudley Moore had once starred in his own one-off programme, it was through the series with Peter Cook- 'Not Only....But Also,' that the pair became favourites.

With brilliantly funny scripts penned by Cook and musical interludes, frequently comic, provided by Moore the programme was a hugely popular success.

This E.P. gives us a flavour of their work, containing Cook in his

famous 'Sitting On The Bench' persona backed by a little jazz from Dudley's own trio. The recordings actually come from their earlier work from the revue "Beyond The Fringe" which they did in the company of Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett.

The pair made several movies together before Dudley Moore finally made the break to go into movies on his own in the USA. He was to find greater financial success in Hollywood, but never again quite reached the heights of comedy he had achieved with Cook.

Peter Cook went on to host the ITV pop show Revolver for several years, and made very many further TV appearances in his own right. He also wrote several books and had a long association with the satirical magazine 'Private Eye'

A Gnu


Michael Flanders & Donald Swann

45-R 4354 1957
Michael Flanders born 1st March, 1922 in London
Donald Swann born 30th September, 1923 in Llanelli, Wales

Michael Flanders and Donald Swann grew to fame from a show they created together called 'At the Drop of a Hat'. It is from that show that this record was taken.

The show originally started in a small theatre, but proved so popular that it had to move to the Fortune Theatre in London's West End. Although the duo were never destined to have great success with singles, their music proved very popular.

It was Flanders, confined to a wheelchair, that wrote the lyrics and the effervescent Swann that produced the melodies.

The humour of Flanders and Swann lay not only in their music, but also in their stage act. For this reason, they made frequent and successful television appearances during the late 1950s and early 1960s. They successfully toured the United States and Canada and returned to the UK in 1963 where they launched a second show 'At the Drop of Another Hat'

Although they worked apart- Swann had collaborated with others on several occasions- they never enjoyed great success outside of the partnership. Michael Flanders died during 1975, but wasn't followed by his old friend until 1994.

Yakety Sax


Boots Randolph & His Combo

45-HLU9685 1963
  Benny Hill born January 21st, 1925 in Southampton.

By the mid 1960s, Benny Hill was Britain's most popular TV comedian. His style of comedy truly had international appeal and the programmes could be watched all over the world.

One important feature of each episode was a chase, generally involving scantily clad girls. This was always performed in conjunction with what became Benny's signature tune 'Yakety Sax', featured here.

The same tune was also recorded by guitarist Chet Atkins, though

with the modified title of 'Yakety Axe'. Guitar playing so accomplished that it has to be heard to be believed.

Benny Hill started in show business as an assistant stage manager at the East Ham palace in 1940. He started in comedy after the war as stooge to Reg Varney (later to become a star in 'On The Buses'). He decided to go solo in 1949 and he finally got his own BBC TV show in 1955. The TV show continued with unabated popularity, surviving a transfer to ITV in 1969. Unfortunately, it fell foul of the era of political correctness and was axed in 1989 for its 'sexist' sketches.

Dr. Finlay


Andy Stewart

POP 1454 1965
Andrew Cruickshank born December 25th 1907 in Aberdeen
Bill Simpson born September 11th 1931 in Danure, Ayrshire

Andy Stewart's Scottish ballads became familiar to British record buyers during the early 1960s. He provided a curious blend of comic and patriotic ballads including 'Donald Where's Your Troosers' and 'A Scottish Soldier'

This record was a brief return to comedy based on the enormous popularity of the TV Series 'Dr. Finlays Casebook'.

Although set in the 1920s the show became a virtual 'soap' opera , but was brilliantly acted by a very appropriate cast.

Andrew Cruickshank played the senior partner; slightly old fashioned and yet a highly competent and well loved G.P. Dr. Cameron, in the fictional village of Tannochbrae.

Cameron's junior partner was Bill Simpson who played the much younger, and often headstrong Dr. Finlay. Both doctors were served well by their faithful housekeeper, 'Janet' played by Barbara Mullen.

Swinging In The Rain


Norman Vaughan

7N.15438 1962
  Norman Vaughan born April 10th, 1927 in Liverpool.

Norman Vaughan's popularity grew from his role as host of ITV's showpiece variety programme 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium'. He took over the programme from Bruce Forsyth who had also become famous from this popular show.

This recording was an early spin off from Norman's success and is actually based on one of his many popular 'catch phrases'. He was particularly known for referring to things as either 'Swinging' or 'Dodgy'.

Although his stint on the show lasted only three years, it was to

sustain his TV popularity for very many years. This would even include a long running series of advertisements for chocolates.

Norman Vaughan handed over as host to 'Sunday Night at the London Palladium' to Jimmy Tarbuck in 1965. As the popularity of variety waned the Palladium show was finally axed, leaving Sunday Nights never quite the same.

The Trapeze Waltz


Geoff Love Orchestra

DB 7082 1963
  Geoff Love born September 4th, 1917 in Todmorden, Yorks.

Geoff Love was one of the most popular and well known TV musicians. He had a long association with TV, providing theme, incidental and signature tunes to many programmes. Probably, his best known appearances were with Max Bygraves.

This record was of the signature tune to Granada TV's drama series 'Stories of Guy De Maupassant'. However, he was better known in the recorded medium in the guise of 'Manuel and His Music of the Mountains'. As Manuel he had several minor hit singles 'Theme from Honeymoon', 'Never On Sunday' and 'Somewhere My Love'. However, his greatest success did not

come until 1973 when he reached #3 with 'Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto De Arajuez'.

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